Kings Cup Rules for the Popular Drinking Game

Beer and Playing cards for the game
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Drinking with your closest friends is one moment when you can get rid of all rules. As this time is mean to get rid you of all the worries and stress you have accumulated over a period of time, it is only understandable that this is your chance to act stupid without crossing any laws or regulations. Picture nights of flirting with girls in the bar, throwing up in the midst of a house party due to drunkenness and those moments when your shy self is left to take on every consequence presented to while getting drunk.

But there are times that rules can go another way, a road that adds more fun or excitement to whatever you are doing. Kings Cup rules is one of those things and I am sure that you will agree with me on this. The rules of this drinking game are really what makes it more an addicting game to be played. The idea of not knowing which card you'll draw mix it with the corresponding consequence available for each of the card and you get one heck of a game that promises only a fun-filled night.

Rules of the Game

The popularity of this game has enabled it to gather different ways to play it. College kids, young professional and even those yet-to-be-legal high school lads who sneaks their way to drink are to blame for its popularity. They may even be the cause of the varying ways this world-recognized game is carried out. One of the most popular variation of this goes through the following Kings Cup rules:

  • Place a cup/can of beer in the center of the table and place the cards around it.
  • Each player will get a chance to draw a card.
  • The following are corresponding consequences for each card:


All players race to touch their face first


You can choose who to drink


You get to drink


All girls get to drink


The gang races to point up


All the men gets to drink


A category is given and all must give something related to it


You and a mate get to drink


Each player must say a word that rhyme


You pick a category and everyone must give something related


All the players gets to drink and no one stops until one drops his beer


You get to ask anyone any question you like


The player who draws the last king card gets to drink the beer in the center of the table

Other Versions of the Game

Girl with playing cards
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The other versions of this game actually follows the same idea, some are just changing the consequences in a particular card but are leaving the others intact.

Another variety of Kings Cup rules, but this time a lot simpler than the others depends on the color of the card you draw. A black card means you get to choose someone to drink a specific amount of drink for you while a red card will end up facing the consequence agreed upon by the whole group.

The drinking game King's Cup is just one proof that following laws is not all boring and only meant for serious, no-fun-in-their-vocabulary people. The rules that comes with this game is one feature of it that makes it a hit for every drinker regardless of their age.

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