Ring of Fire Drinking Game - Fun with Cards

If you are a big fan of the drinking game Kings, then you will be glad to know that this Ring of Fire drinking game is some way related to that game. Famous among college kids in every part of the world, it has even caught the attention of young professionals.

The excitement brought by finding out which card you will draw is what makes this one a favorite among drinkers. Cards, booze, cups and friends are all you need to have one heck of a night with this game!

Mechanics are somewhat similar to that of Kings, where you'll need a big cup in the middle of the table. Then, cards will be arranged in a way that it is forming a circle around the cup. 

a deck of playing cards with a glass in the center
(Photo from marcianneliese)

Players will then draw one by one from the circle and each of the cards comes with a corresponding consequence, which is basically like those in Kings but with some variation in some numbers.

For drinkers who have yet to know the corresponding consequence or have forgotten the rules to this Ring of Fire drinking game, here is the equivalent of each card:


You can pinpoint someone among the players to drink for you


You should drink


All the players will race to point to the floor, the last one to point will drink


All the men should drink


It's the girls turn to drink


This time everyone will race to point up and yes, the last one to point gets to drink


All the players must name a state included in the USA


The person who draws this card becomes the Thumbmaster, who has the power to ask all the players to put down their thumb on the table. The last person to do it gets to drink


If you were able to draw this, you will start a story that everyone in the group needs to complete


You are given the chance to make any rule


Everyone shares an experience they never had


You can ask any question/s to any member of the gang


The player who draws this card gets to start drinking and the player on his left must not put down his drink until the one to his right puts his down

I also know of other variations to this Ring of game and I think any will suit any drinking spree. The mechanics and rules you'll follow should be something that will make your group comfortable. After all, this night is supposed to be a relaxing one and is not to add more stress.

One reminder I do have though, I think it would be better to have the rules written down before starting the game. It's more of a precautionary measure if ever things get very serious in the middle of the game when everyone is already intoxicated. Trust me, I've seen drunk people get their game face on in the midst of this. With that in place, I am sure that this Ring of Fire drinking game will give you your dose of card drinking games!

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