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It was already early morning when I decided to hit the Internet and search for good places for us friends to spend the holidays. I came across thousands of places that fit exactly what we need and it comes in a very reasonable price. But, what caught my attention the most was the availability of free drinking games online. Sure, I do know one or two but my last experience of engaging in it was still in college. Who knows that as times change, the mechanics might have evolved or something.

Here are some games that I rekindled that night:

Beer Pong

One of the most frequent games we played back then was Beer pong. I remember that we used to my roommate's newly brought ping pong balls to play this game. It did made every drinking spree of ours a memorable one. The shear look of my friend's very serious face as they concentrate on getting that ball into that cup is a heaven for any college student back then.

This is because being serious is really something that was never part of their everyday vocabulary. Laughter would then explode when someone failed or triumph in getting a ball into a cup, as that would mean those serious faces will soon greet the taste of alcohol anytime.

Suck And Chug

The game suck and chug is another favorite among my group of friends back then. This one is played often when we would spend drinking nights with the sorority girls from the other dorm. 

You see this game is played by passing a card from one player to another. Seems simple, right? But, the twist, and our favorite part of it, was that it involved sucking the card and passing it to the next player using you lips. Now how's that for a game! F-U-N is truly redefined whenever we get to play this game! And I am very much amused that it never changed after verifying it on that night I checked out free drinking games online.

Answer This

Another game that we definitely like to play whenever we are with girl friends is called Answer This. This is a perfect guy-girl game as anyone can ask the other player any question even those hard-hidden personal ones.

From what I remember, the two players play this game face-to-face with a glass of any alcoholic drink in the table. The other player can then choose to answer that question or drink.

While it is a given that players would choose to drink rather than answer a question, this can get exciting when the one answering is already intoxicated.

Those free drinking games online did surely brought back memories! Those nights when alcohol is free flowing and you and your pals are partying the night away like it's the end of the word! It was nice rekindling those times again.

I guess that while some things change or mature as time pass, there are always those that stick with their original identity. Those things, especially those who brings in the most fun, are certainly appreciated to have stayed the same.

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