Movie Drinking Games - Blockbuster or Beer-buster?

group of friends drinking while watching tv
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Movies, add a lot of alcoholic beverage, and some games and you are definitely going to have a heck of a night!

Who says that movie buffs don't know who to get crazy and drunk? I say maybe you have yet to experience the combination of movies, booze and one no-rules-night! So let's put some color to a boring and usual friends' movie night! Try the following movie drinking games this weekend... or make it tonight, if possible!

Jackass Inspired Drinking Game

If ever there is one movie that can make you instantly think of beer and getting all weird and all, it must be, or should be, MTV's Jackass. The craziness of the whole cast of the show is already a guarantee that you will be wasted and drunk even before the night ends. So how do you play this Jackass-inspired drinking game, you ask?

MTV Jackass Vol. 1
  • It's pretty simple actually, as you are to drink a certain number of shots every time a word is said or a certain prank was carried out.
  • An example of which is when someone says a curse, which will require you and your buddies to drink two shots, or if a prank was done that will require you to take in four shots.
  • As this is inspired by the crazy antics of the Jackass men, it is recommended not to follow rules and be as adventurous when playing the drinking game!

Die-Hard Governatah Fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sketch
(Photo from Bruno Biagioni Neto)
  • For those die-hard Governatah fans, you'll surely make Arnold Schwarzenegger proud if you get wasted while worshiping his "greatest" contribution to modern fail, I mean film, history.
  • This movie drinking game depends on the famous words dropped by the former California governor.
  • The whole group can agree on how much alcohol must be taken, but more is better of course!
  • Shots are to be taken whenever a line like "Who ahhh you?" or even when he says "AHHHHHH."
  • For a guaranteed memorable wasted night, you can also take shots every time Arnold takes a car or a chopper, a member of his family is kidnapped or killed or when he makes any reference to the state of California.
  • It is recommended that beer be used throughout the game, as it is sure to cause drunkenness way even before the movie credits go.
  • Just a disclaimer, this type of drinking game is mad

Big Lebowski Drinking Game

Maybe you're thinking this night can't get any better... man, you got that wrong! Here comes the movie drinking game created for the film "The Big Lebowski!" Fun, and or course getting drunk, is what this game promises.

  • It even comes with a simple rule; every time you and the gang hear the word "f**k" you get to drink. You might say, how am I supposed to get drunk with that? I suggest that you get started with game now and you'll find the answer to that question. (Hint: the word is said like every second in the Big Lebowski movie, just so you know!)

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