Fun Drinking Games for smaller parties

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It's September once again and its the time of the year that you need to bid your small town goodbye to enter school once more. You and your girls would like to bond over before school officially starts.

A crazy, booze-filled night is what you all have in mind. However, you are looking for ways to make the night even more exciting - a perfect night to end the best summer of your friendship.

One thing that is sure to spice up the night is to add some fun drinking games! We all know that drinking itself is already guaranteed to provide great, quality time, however things can be level-up a notch.

There are a variety of it available in the Internet, if you already don't know one (but I'm sure you do know a couple or more, right?). To make things even easier for you and your friends, here are some examples of fun drinking games!


Click here to get more details about Taboo
  • It is something very different from the card game, is played by agreeing on some words that are to be labeled as Taboo for the night.
  • These words should be common and you can also opt to include common phrases and/or action.
  • Every time the word, phrase or action is dropped, the group gets to drink.
  • While it may be one of the simple fun drinking games to play, it sure to bring drunkenness I agreed on words your friends like to use whenever you're together!

Best Sucker Contest

For reminiscing your childhood memories, this is one game that is guaranteed to make you and your friends roll on the floor due to excessive laughing. Already curious on how this game is played?

  • For starters, you need to have a feeding bottle to get this started.
  • All of you start at the same time in this game and however finishes it last will have the unfortunate chance to drink again the same amount the group had gobble up.
  • The look of your friends sucking the feeding bottle is sure to create memorable memories and the best experience for your friendship!

Roll the Dice

Rolling the Dice and Holding the Drink
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A drinking game for friends who wanted simple entertainment, but is still something that can liven up the night. This fun drinking game's mechanics is actually self-explanatory.

  • A dice is rolled once by the player and in his succeeding roll, he should match the first one he got.
  • If ever he was not able to get it after three chances, he will have to take a drink.
  • The next member will have to match the last number got by whoever he follows or else suffer, or enjoy, the same consequence.

It's the night that you and your girls should have the best time of your life yet! Summer is ending and it is already a given that all of you will meet again after a year after. Drop those inhibitions, bring in some fun and forget about everything only for this night. Mix in some fun drinking games and you are sure to welcome the new school year with a bang!

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