Friends Drinking Game - for true Friends Fans!

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I grow up believing that I am the seventh friend. Friends with whom? Who else but Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Monica.

Okay, I think me sharing too much information. But, serious business here who amongst fanatics or even regular viewer of this hit sitcom would not want to be part of this crazy New York gang?

With all of their crazy adventures, their undying friendship and the bond they have created over the years, you as a viewer was part of their every tears and laughter. So imagine my disbelief to find out that there is a Friends drinking game! I'll share another "too much information" moment here, I just died inside after I found this!!!

Yes, you did hear that right! There exists a Friends drinking game based on this already cult phenomenon of a television series. Will the drinking game be at par with the fun and the laughter brought by the series in every week that they do visit our homes via the television?

Is it worthy enough to be named after one of the most recognized sitcom in the US. While it was still on air? Let me tell you some important facts about the game and how it is played and you be the guess!

All the players must take a sip of their drinks once:

  • The word "Phoebism" or "Chandlerism" is said
  • An argument erupts between Monica and Chandler
  • Ross is taking his time to construct a sentence
  • The guest celebrity makes an appearance
  • An animal appears
  • The six characters were shown in their workplaces
  • a coffee or any coffee-related product is consumed or taken
  • Central Perk's or their apartment's facade is shown
  • Any of the characters hug
  • The episode guest stars the characters' parents
  • The apartment's hallway is shown
  • There is a fight between Rachel and Ross

All should gulp a drink once:

  • There a conflict between two of the main characters
  • A discussion on fossils or rocks was started by Ross
  • Phoebe's or Ross apartment is the setting
  • One of the friends kiss a potential boyfriend/girlfriend or any stranger
  • A furniture was purchased by Joey
  • The scene shows Joey doing an audition
  • The characters drink from a bottle
  • An old TV series is referenced
  • an unusual food is consumed
  • Phoebe is dating a weirdo

A glass/cup of drink must be chugged, once:

  • Joey was able to relate to an opposite sex
  • A love or life advice was given by Joey
  • A decent guy is dating Rachel
  • Janice's unique laughter explodes
  • Dr. Green treats Ross nicely
  • Any of the friends drink alcohol

This game is not only recommended for "Friends" fans out there, it actually a must play game for every night that you and the gang will spend the night doing a series marathon.

I am sure that this Friends drinking game will create a brand new experience for any die-hard fan of this really good and life-changing, okay it may be too much, sitcom!

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