Drinking Games for Girls: it's time for the ladies!

sexy girls playing drinking games (Photo from 2Stef27 via flickr)

Whoever said that men are the only one entitled to make the most out of their drinking night must have been born centuries ago! At a time that gender, social class and cultures are no longer viewed as limitations.

Women are also getting crazy high with drinking games for girls that are perfect for any ladies' night out. Yes, the very same fun, or a higher notch, experienced by their opposite sex can be achieved by female drinkers through playing good drinking games made with them in mind. Still shocked and your jaw is still wide opened after hearing this? Let me introduce you to some game that is sure to make any girl brim with a huge smile!

Night with Booze

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
(Photo from jingdianmeinv1)

Girlfriends who wanted to enjoy a movie night with booze included is recommended to play the Mean Girls drinking game. Yes, it is that Lindsay Lohan movie that divided and explained the hierarchy of a typical high school. It is one of the movies that I am sure every girls and women alike would want to watch even if they were required to do it everyday. In this drinking game, the following rules are followed:

  • drink whenever something about Mathematics is said or referenced
  • when a jungle is portrayed by the school, all players must down a beer
  • gobble up a drink when the characters say something about the group Plastics
  • when the main characters do a conference call, it's time for a drink people
  • whenever Coach Carr makes an appearance, it guarantees a beer
  • take a drink whenever the burn book appears or is mentioned

Guess the Missing Ingredient

Ladies who are looking for something to do for a friend's bridal shower party can find comfort with these good drinking games for girls perfect for this occasion. The games varies in difficulty and some comes with wild mechanics that guarantees that the night would be the most memorable last night of being single for any bride-to-be. One of them is called "Guess the Missing Ingredient". This game is perfect for those showers where parents of both the bride and the groom are present or if the crowd is a bit conservative.

  • The fun starts by having each of the players guess what is the missing ingredient for a recipe, hence the game's name.
  • Anyone who guesses wrong will be required to drink while whoever pick the correct one will be asked to pick a member to face the consequence.

This way, you and the girls can still have a good time even when it is required for you to stay traditional! However, remember stay sober and not get drunk easily when conservative people are still in attendance!

Don't believe in anyone who claims that good drinking games are only for a certain type of people or gender or even age. That belief is so accepted, that is if you live in the 15th century. Things are very much different nowadays and each one of us are entitled to have fun according to the way we wanted it to go. So why not try these drinking games for girls to infuse more fun in your already highlight-of-the-week girl's night out!

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