Drinking Game Rules for the next Pub Crawl

A Teenage Group of College friends drinking beer
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Rules isn't exactly what you'll first think when you're in college.

It is the time when you first tasted freedom and the chance of spending the day together with your friends without your parents ever screaming on you after coming home late.

However, drinking game rules are an exemption of the non-existence on college life. These rules are designed to give you and your friends' drinking spree even more fun!

Bouncing Ball

One of example of a game filled with rules is bouncing ball. In this game, the players:

  • Are expected to say the words - whiz, bounce and boing.
  • When someone says whiz, that player must pass the ball to the person next to him/her.
  • Saying the word bounce means that you will pass the ball to the second person after you.
  • When one says boing, it means that ball must be passed on a different direction.
  • Failure to properly pass the ball is a guaranteed ticket to drink the agreed upon amount of drink.
  • Like all heavily ruled drinking games, this one will be a fun game when all of the players are already drunk and can't remember which way the ball should go.

Whales' Tales

At first, this game might come to you as a complicated one but as you the play progresses you can easily grasp the game play. This is called whales' tales. It requires the full attention of the player, as being slow to respond will have to face the consequence.

  • The game starts by saying the line "whales tales, Prince of Wales calls on (tales), on a court of (say the number of players), on (pick one member of the playing group)."
  • The tales here is the pattern to be followed when calling for your co-players.
  • An example of which is regular (1,2,3,4...), Greek (alpha, beta...) or any foreign language the player likes. To make things clearer, it is played like this - "whales tales, Prince of Wales calls on Greek, on a court of delta, on alpha" then the chosen played will have to repeat it until someone in the group failed to respond.

Name Game

Britney Spears
Britney Spears
(Photo from Radar - Bbspears)
  • The rule is actually to instantly drop a name that starts on the same letter of the surname given by the player before you.
  • This game's drinking game rules may come easy, but the real exciting part here is how fast each of your drunken friends will be able to come up with a correct name.
  • An example of this game is if one player said Britney Spears, the next player should say a name that starts with the letter "S" like Salma Hayek or Sean Connery.
  • If ever you can't come up with a name, the group will require you to think about it while chugging on a drink until you can come up with a correct answer.

Sure there are rules that are meant to limit one's happiness. But, that idea is non-existent in the world of drinkers. Instead of creating drinking game rules that curb something, it is the other way around. Rules in this community are seen as an additional spice that can make any drinking spree a drunken night to remember!

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