Drinking Card Games for Friends

If dogs are man's best friends then cards are drinkers' most dependable buddies. Drinking card games for friends are an awesome way to get relaxed with your buddies at the next drinking night out at your favorite bar.

If you're still somewhat hesitant about my claim, here are some drinking games that are played with cards.

Asshole - drinking card games for friends and enemies

The drinking card game for friends or enemies alike called "Asshole" may not be the most popular among drinkers, but those who are looking for a challenge while getting drunk, it is a game that should be tried.

  • A game that is made with a large group in mind, the game is played with the goal of getting rid of all your cards before everybody else.
  • The dealer starts by evenly distributing a deck of cards and the game starts with the player left of the dealer throwing the first card/s.
  • The next player should match or put down cards that are higher than what the former put down. For example, the first player thrown in two cards equivalent to 13 then the next player should put down something that is equal to or greater than 13 with just two cards.
  • The game continues until everybody gets rid of all their cards or all are already passing their turns.
  • So where does the drinking part comes in? It's when a player passes or puts down a card that is lower than the previous amount or uses the less or more cards to match the number.


So Asshole got the whole group drunk, but the night is too early to cap off. How about try how everyone is holding with their drunken state? The best way to test every body's sanity is through a game of Memory. This is actually the very same game that you might have played way back in your childhood.

  • Cards are all laid down with some face-up while others are face-down and the first player would need to pick a card that matches like 10 of hearts and a 10 of diamonds.
  • If he was able to correctly choose the matching cards, he will choose someone to drink.
  • Failure to correctly get matching cards will result in the player facing the consequence.
  • Beer is the recommended drink for this game due to the heavy drinking involved.

Throw Down

For nights when you are left drinking with only three friends, you can try playing drinking games with cards made with only a small group in mind like Throw Down.

  • A group of three or four is the ideal number to play this game.
  • The game starts with all the players receiving three cards.
  • In the first round, they will be required to put down the highest number among their cards and the two who have the lowest number among the group will proceed to the next round.
  • The two remaining players will have to battle out in round two by throwing down what they thing is a card that can outplay his competitor.
  • The one who puts down a card with the lowest one will face the consequence.
  • In the event that both players put down the same card, the players who won in round one will gobble up the drinks!

I think it would be best if you try out any of these drinking games with cards. You may or may not be a fan of drinking card games for friends, I am sure that when you try them out and see how your friends are when totally buzzed you will get a totally new outlook on them! So go ahead and explore every card game out there that is perfect for your drinking nights with friends!

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