List of Coin Drinking Games

Some coins with a glass of beer(Photo from whatleydude)

A coin. Buckets of beer in the fridge. A boring Friday night. So what's man and his friends supposed to do at this time? Have fun, of course, with just a coin, beer and more beer! I see your now scratching you head as if asking how can this be possible? What's in those things that are supposed to create fun? Creative thinking is needed at times like this and that's what we will give you to change a boring night into a crazy and memorable one!

Coin drinking games is what we have in mind, of course! A dozen games can be created through the use of coins that involves drinking beer or any alcohol for that matter! Games can range from simpler ones to more challenging games that is sure to take the boredom away!

Guess The Coin

A Coin in the Hand(Photo from abbynormy)
  • Those aiming to take victory for the night should start with this game.
  • This simple game requires one person to be responsible for shuffling the coin in his hands while the other will be the one to guess which hand holds the coin.
  • If the guesser correctly points out the hand holding the coin, the shuffler of the coin gets his chance to drink and vice-versa if the situation turns the other way around.
  • To make things even crazier, it is a must to try using two coins, as however gets it wrong will have to drink twice than they are supposed to!


  • It is something for those who would like to prove their supremacy in coin drinking games or just drinking in general! It is a game played by spinning a coin and then taking 2 shot glasses of beer. The proving part comes in its catch - you must down both glasses before the coin stops spinning or else you get another round of gobbling up the shots of beer. It is a game ideal for friends wanting to know who amongst them is best drinker or who is least affected by alcohol. The fun part in this game is to see how strategies different of each friend in consuming the beers before the spinning stops.

9 Heads

If you got lots and lots of friends, this game is something definitely worth trying. A game that is sure to bring laughter, this game if perfect for a large group albeit also something for a smaller one.

  • In this game, a coin is passed through each member of the group and the person who gets the third head will be the one to create the concoction to be downed.
  • The person who gets the sixth head will be responsible for getting the drinks.
  • The unlucky, or lucky, person with the ninth head will get the privilege to down all what the previous two had prepared.

So why waste time being bored, when you have the power to make the night lively with simple things like a coin and some booze! If your mind is running overtime on being creative that night, heck you may even be able to devise coin drinking games that can make you and your friends happier while getting drunk.

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