Blindfolded 7 Minutes in Heaven

(New Brunswick, NJ)

(Photo from mahalie)

I was very young the first time I played "Seven minutes in heaven"; in fact, I was 15 years old. (a "very" mature 15 year old, I'm sooo sure!) Everyone was around the same age at my friend, Lisa's party at her house in New Brunswick, NJ, where I'm from. We were in the basement and her parents were upstairs.

Their basement was finished and had a pool table, couches, closets, and a large rug on the floor. At the party, there was me, Leslie, Lisa, my best friend Jody, and three other girls whose name I can't remember. There were six really cute boys there too, I remember Barry (what a crush I had on him!!), Jeff, Steven Ricky, and two other boys whose names also escape me.

There was a stereo and we were playing records, giggling and trying to act really "cool". There were some snacks, but we all too shy to eat anything. We'd already played "Spin the bottle," but managed only "pecks" and that game left too much to chance. So, one of the girls dared me to play "Seven minutes in heaven" with Barry. I blushed twenty shades of red, but off course, I had to accept the challenge.

But here was the twist; they blindfolded us both and spun us around and then shoved us in the closet and shut the door! Blam! I jumped and stumbled right into Barry! I mumbled "uh, sorry"! He put his hands on my face to try to find my mouth to give me a little kiss. I put my arms around his waist, but when he leaned into to try to kiss me, he inadvertently put his mouth over my entire nose!!

I shrieked, he jumped and mumbled he was sorry at the same time my friends quickly opened the door because they were worried when I shrieked. We took off the blindfolds and we couldn't look at anyone, no less each other! Everyone kept asking me what happened, but I didn't want to embarrass Barry so I said something lame like "Barry tickled me" and giggled.

We then dared other couples to have their turn in the closet blindfolded! There as lots of giggling and bumping sounds as each couple took their turns in the closet. No one would tell much about what happened in the closet, but at the end of the party, Barry said to Lisa "Hey why don't we have another party next week and play Seven minutes in heaven again"?

We all agreed that it would be fun, but it never came to pass. We did talk about that party a lot between us girls, with lots of giggles and blushing! That said, I'm not really sure I wanted someone sucking on my nose again!

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Old Enough
by: Emily

I think 15 years old is old enough for that kind of kissing game. I’ve read the other stories and they were kissing at the age of 9. That’s a little too early for me to accept. Barry sounds really interested in you.

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7 minutes in heaven turned out bad

by Emma

I first got drunk when I was… way underage.

My best friend had this birthday party and there were both boys and girls there. I had a huge crush on this one boy at that time. There was no chance I was missing this opportunity!

First, the party was a lot of fun. Then, we all decided to play “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, which got me really pumped up! Since my crush was looking at me really often during the party I could not wait to get closer to him. As another pair was in the locker for seven minutes, he came over to me and asked me if I wanted something to drink.

I did not know that he brought a bottle of vodka with him. He mixed a fairly high amount into my punch, but I did not recognize it at that time because the punch was really sweet. I just thought it tasted funny but did not care.

Before I knew what was happening to me I had finished my sixth cup already! As I was feeling really dizzy it was my turn to go 7 minutes in heaven. Of course they picked me and my crush from that time.

As we were in the closet we made out and I really did not care or think as he was feeling me up everywhere. The door went open as we were both half naked and really getting it on. I did not notice my friend screaming because I had to puke...

The next years I could not take the shame of what happened. Of course everyone knew. Although it was not really my fault I ended up doing things I would never have wanted to do at that age. Needless to say my parents were not happy at all about it.
I have learned my lesson the hard way and don’t take drinks from other people anymore. Even after several years I don’t get drunk anymore and do not do anything too crazy.

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by: Emily

What happen to the guy? Did you guys still talk to each other? I think he’s not a good guy either. He could choose to kiss you innocently but he ended up getting you half naked in front of other people.

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Helpful French Kissing Techniques

Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect!

(Photo: Malinki)

I remember my teenage years vividly! I was a shy boy with no self-esteem. Girls never talked to me and if they did, I ran. Sure, I liked girls, but I didn't know how to communicate with them. Fortunately for me I have an older sister named Debra.

Without Debra, I might have never kissed a girl until I was in my twenties.

I came to Debra with my girl troubles. I asked Debra for help. She told me that I have to be dominant and speak what is on my mind? I told her I couldn't do that because I get all choked up inside every time I get around a girl that I like.

One girl that I liked was my sister's friend, Lisa, and my sister knew I liked her. Debra used my crush on Lisa against me to help me talk to girls. Debra told me the first thing I need to know is that if I like a girl, then I should give her a kiss. I didn't know at that time, but Debra convinced Lisa to give me some French kissing techniques.

I assumed that Lisa was just going to tell me how to be a good kisser, I was wrong. Friday finally came and Debra had Lisa coming to our house for a sleep over. When bedtime came around my sister came into my room and took me to her room.

Debra and Lisa had set up a game where Lisa and I were the players and the object was to become a master French kisser by the end of the game. I felt like I was a puppet in their crazy game, but I was eager to learn! Lisa asked me to put my arm around her. I was shaking spontaneously! I could feel the warmth of Lisa's body on mine.

Lisa told me that she was going to show me some French kissing techniques that I will never forget! Lisa told me to open my mouth and place my lips on hers. When I did, I felt Lisa's tongue enter my mouth. I was confused and excited at the same time. Lisa pulled away from me and asked me why I wasn't doing anything.

I told her that I didn't know I was supposed to do anything. Lisa instructed me to

  • swirl my tongue around in a circular fashion
  • and nibble on her lips from time to time.
Needless to say, from there on girls were chasing me! Since then I have never had any complaints about French kissing techniques and I have never forgotten Lisa!

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Truth or Dare or Incurable Disease

by Darren
(United States, Nebraska, Omaha )

I remember one night, a group of friends and I had gotten together to watch movies, eat dinner, and generally spend time together.

As the hours went on and we all started getting tired, it was decided that our evening was going to turn in to a sleepover.

As the blankets, sheets and pillows were dragged into the living room, we gathered together and decided to play a game. Truth or Dare was never something I had played often before, but it was all in good fun and I figured:

"What could the harm be? It's not as if it's a hazard to my health."

If only I had known.

As we play, the typical truths come out, about who kissed whom and what crushed we each had, and the typical dares were given, where people sent crude text messages to their significant others or siblings, and, of course, people kissed.

Kissing, I knew, was essentially the bread-and-butter of Truth or Dare, and I had been prepared for this possibility from the outset.

Being a young guy, I had realized that the girls there were looking pretty nice, and none of the guys there would have ruined their reputation by spreading the word if we were forced to go for it, so I knew I was safe, at least. Or so I thought, until they issued The Dare.

The Dare was to kiss Leslie. Now, this was a female Leslie, so that presented no problems. It was also the female Leslie, however, that had recently recovered from Mono, also known as the Kissing Disease.

I've heard that you can only get Mono once, but she always swore she had gotten it twice. I was doomed.

I can't say that the kiss was bad, and luckily I didn't get Mono, but that brush with certain doom was enough to convince me not to play too many rounds of Truth or Dare ever again.

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