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News, rants and comments from the webmaster can be grabbed here, on the Truth or Dare Blog Journals pages!

Or, you can just get yourself a seat in front of the fire place and light a shisha, and enjoy the Truth or Dare Newspaper:

All new items of Dare-Up-Your-Party appear on the Truth or Dare Blog site.

So feel free to follow this website however fits you right! To keep the content as focused as possible, you will still find the games, videos and stories where they belong, on dedicated pages.

Sometimes, when I feel lazy - hey, I am human, too! - I will just post some funny or interesting blurbs right here. They may be short or downright crazy, but hey, it's my blog, right?

Don't worry though, you can join in the craziness and comment wherever you like - just find the opportunity to comment on the bottom of the pages.

All ranting will be done here, but the journal pages can give you a little insight in how this website is run.

Perhaps it motivates you to do your own page here - which will turn into a little website on your own, with other people rating and commenting it - or you just know the perfect other website to pair up with this one!

My team and me are all open for suggestions on how to make this website the best it can be - I dare you to kick us in the arse if we don't do an awesome job at that!!

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My Rants, comments and archived blog post...

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