Truth Dare and Five hot Girls

by Maria
(Kent, WA, USA)

(Photo from Endlisnis via Flickr)

At my friend, Nadia's 16th birthday party we decided to play truth or dare. There were five girls there, including myself, Nadia, Lauren, Kelly, and Amy. We decided that Nadia could choose whether she wanted to go first or last.

Since she was the birthday girl. She chose first and wanted her best friend Lauren to dare her. Lauren led a rather sheltered life, and so when she dared Nadia to run around the block in her bikini, she thought she made up a pretty good dare.

We all thought that she should be re-dared since that is a pretty easy dare, especially since Nadia is known for liking to show off her body! But, Nadia said No! that she had already been dared and that isn't fair.

After taking pretty much a good hour, to get ready for her trip around the block, she was off. We tried to follow her with a video camera, but she is on the track team and caught all the way back up to us before we even made it half way.

Up next was Amy's turn, and she wanted Nadia to dare her. Nadia's dare topped Lauren's big time, she dared Amy to go into Nadia's mom's underwear drawer and put on the panties that looked the most like granny-panties and put them over her jeans.

She was then supposed to go next door and ask for a cup of sugar. Amy picked out this old looking white underwear and put them on. We all hid in the bushes while Amy went up to the door, meanwhile the four of us were cracking up in the bushes.

After Amy came back it was Kelly's turn and she wanted to do truth, and she chose me to ask her. This was perfect! Kelly is very secretive and keeps a lot of her personal information to herself, and we were all wondering what really happened during the summer she went and stayed with her aunt.

So that is what I ask her and she says it is too broad of a question, and that I needed to be more specific. So I ask her instead, "Who all did you hook up with while you were there?" The answer blew us all away, she said: "No one."

I felt like I had wasted the question! Lastly, it was my turn, and I chose Nadia to dare me. I knew it was going to be good since I was the last one. She dared me to go take the keys to Nadia's mom's car and park it the other way to see if she would notice.

I was so scared I was going to get in trouble; I didn't even have my license yet! I snuck down anyway and took the keys from above the door. I did my dare and raced back inside the house, luckily her mom was already asleep and so she didn't notice.

Although in the morning she did come upstairs and asked us about it. Nadia being nonchalant said: "Mom, I think you parked that way last night because we came the back way, remember?"

Thankfully her mom bought it and I did not get into trouble! Man was that close though!

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Oct 31, 2011
dumb move
by: Anonymous

You're so dumb to mess with a car and have the potential of damaging it. You can't take risks like that... without thinking through. Dumb dumb dumb

Nov 19, 2011
not so bright...?
by: Anonymous

Well I'm surprised your mom didnt notice anything. When there is the littlest thing wrong with *my car* I would be sure as hell to notice it.

Dec 24, 2011
Let's Play!
by: Crown

I only play the game when there are some hot girls playing. I wish that I can play with the 5 of you. Totally hot!

Dec 31, 2011
Bad Question
by: Emily

The party sounds fun to me except that I really think that you are really bad at giving truth questions.

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