Wife took my dare with my buddy

by Steve
(Dayton, Ohio)

After a sexy evening with my wife, I dared her to leave her little yellow sheer bikini panties on the kitchen table for my golfing buddy, Mark, to see the next morning when he came to pick me up, and to give him a kiss.
He couldn't help but notice them the next morning as he sat at the table while I made us coffee.
Then my wife came from the bedroom wearing a very short lace teddy split way up both sides, it did not quite cover her cheeks, and just barely fit her. She laughed and said, "Oh!, there they are!" I could not believe she'd taken the dare, as she slipped them on.

As she bent at the fridge a few times we both got a nice look at her trim little bottom. I also saw Mark staring at her pink nipple poking through the lace.
I whispered to her to not forget our goodbye kiss.
As we left she kissed me and wrapped her arms around Mark and planted a long slow open mouthed kiss on him, "Have fun you two!"

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May 27, 2019
Wife took dare with my buddy.
by: L. Miller

She sounds exciting and
Sexy. My wife loves being daring and it's something you should enjoy and savor.

May 18, 2019
by: Francis

Very steamy and hot story! Looks like your wife is quite the hot daredevil - and Mark really hit the jackpot there!

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Now that wife had taken one dare, she agreed to strip poker

by Steve
(Dayton, Ohio)

On my dare - My 30 yr old wife had let my buddy Mark see her in her sheer panties one morning before we left for golf.
A few weeks later we three were drinking and my wife showed Mark her set of panties that I'd given her as a present. I dared her to model one for us. She looked at Mark, and he said he wouldn't mind at all!
Down she came from the bed room wearing little blue lace bikini panties and a crop top.
After more drinks and dancing - Mark and I asked her to play strip poker. She pointed out how unfair that was to her - only wearing two items! We quickly stripped to our underwear and a shirt before she changed her mind!
I was naked first, then my wife lost a hand - stood up and pulled down her panties, and lay back on the couch on her stomach. The winner of the next hand got to remove the clothes from the loser. I made sure Mark won - she sat up as he removed her top. We asked her to dance for us...which she did, then, feeling embarrassed asked one of us to dance with her. Mark jumped up, removed his underwear, and they danced slowly for quite some time. Then she kissed him slowly and, feeling his erection poking her belly, she took him in her hand, raised her leg and placed him by her crotch and closed her legs on him. They 'danced' and necked this way slowly for quite some time.
Mark spent the night and we all had our first three-some in our bed. We all remained friends, but that was the end of our dares, at least with Mark!

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Jun 02, 2020
more about my wife dancing naked with Mark NEW
by: Anonymous

A few nights after our sexy evening with my friend Mark - I plied my wife for a few more details.
I explained that I could see her and Mark talking softly while they danced naked together - but because of the soft music playing I didn't know what they were saying.
My wife said, "well, when I put my arms around his neck, and pressed my breasts and hips against him - I could feel Mark starting to get hard. I smiled and asked him, "am I doing that to you?" He whispered, "Yes!" I told him not to be embarrassed, that it was OK, and actually very flattering!
This is really sexy,I told her, tell me more.
"Well, I was starting to get less nervous about dancing naked with my husband's best friend....and his penis was growing and bobbing against my tummy.
I put my tongue in his ear softly and asked him to kiss me. That was really nice. He was so nervous at first - but when I sucked on his tongue and moaned a little into his mouth - he really got into kissing me back. (That always worked well with you, too!, she said)
My wife has this move with her groin where she can push herself into your crotch and really get you turned on.
She did that with Mark.
She said, "His hard-on was so stiff and trapped between our bodies that I was afraid I was going to hurt him. (she was also lightly raking his back with her nails as they necked)
Without pulling her mouth away, she leaded back, took his hard-on in her hand, squatted a little and lifted her leg and placed his dick between her legs, and nestled his stiff penis into her fur, trapping him with her thighs.
They were both moaning, then grunting softly into each other's mouth - their hands went to each other's butts - where they grabbed deep into their cheeks and began a sex motion back and forth. With him sliding in and out against her pussy.
Frankly, from where I was sitting I thought she had put him into her vagina....and that they were f_cking while standing.
But, they slowly turned while doing this and I saw that the head of his penis was visible from time to time just below her cute little butt crack as he moved into her.
Now, I let my wife know something which she'd missed that night:
"You didn't know that after about 5 mins of this, that Mark shot a huge load of cum from between your legs onto the carpet behind you, did you?!"
She said, "THAT must have been when he grabbed and squeezed my butt so TIGHT! I thought he was her was such a gentleman until he did that. Felt like he was going to split my cheeks!" She laughed, "Poor guy - and poor ME. I missed that!"
Then she let me in on a little sercret - "I had to lick him to get him hard again - so I could ride him - while you were getting me that glass of wine. I thought he'd lost interest in me!"
"Lick him - just LICK him?" I asked.
"Well, remember when we were discussing our favorite places to kiss...?"
"Yeah" I said."You like to lick and kiss just under a man's balls."
"Well, I laid him on his back, got down between his legs and used my lips and tongue under his balls, while stroking his penis. It worked great - up he came!"
I was downstairs making coffee in the morning when I heard the bed banging hard upstairs.
"I last saw you under him, with your legs wrapped around his butt. You asked him to f_ck you HARD, so you could cum, didn't you? Really hard!"
She just nodded, smiled and stuck her tongue in my ear. "He stopped being shy just when I needed him to.... pound me!"
When she came down, leading Mark by the hand, smiling and wearing that see-through nighty which didn't cover her fresh pair of sheer panties - with a glow in her cheeks and hair sexily mussed...she told us, "You guys are so sweet. You guys gave my poor little missy quite a ravishing, and the best sex ever - but I'm not going to be able to wear my tight (crotch-cutter) jeans for a few days!"
She gave Mark a long open mouthed kiss goodbye - and then he asked a favor.
She went back to the bedroom and came back to hand him her very well used panties. He put them to his
nose, then slipped them into his pocket.
"Woah, he's not SO shy!" my wife said as she watched him get into his car.

Feb 20, 2020
Wife wears thong panties to public lake NEW
by: Steve

One day my wife & I were at the local reservoir sunning and swimming, when a very tanned and muscular 40 yr old fellow tossed down his towel next to us. My wife smiled, nudged me and pointed - as the man removed his jeans to reveal that he was wearing a thong bathing suit!
This is pretty rare in middle America!...and was actually our first thong suit, male or female!
As she watched him from behind her sunglasses - I could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying both sides of that thong, as he moved about on his towel. At home, in bed, she let me know just how much his body had excited her.
She wondered if that was not somehow against park rules - so she called the ranger station and learned that it was not, but "perhaps thongs should be limited to the adult end of the beach."
I asked her if she would dare to wear a thong bathing suit to this beach. She said, "well, I don't own a thong suit - but one of my thong panties might work, along with a bikini top."
I doubted she would wear panties, of any kind, on a public beach!
A few days later - off we went to the beach. She fortified her courage with 2 wine coolers in the car. Wearing a pair of really cute very short white cut-offs and a pink bikini top we set off for the beach.
We found a spot a few yards away from others for our towels. I didn't understand why she was hesitating until, feeling more than a little nervous at the thought of what she was about to do - she lay on her back, unzipped and wiggled out of her tiny shorts -- to reveal a cute little pair of powder blue thong panties that I knew well! She looked stunning - and darned near naked, in her panties!
There were quite a few people walking along the water, and parked nearby in boats.
I was nervous for her - and thrilled at her moxy!
I oiled her front, paying much attention to the edges of that little front triangle (she has a rather prominent mons), and slipped just a bit beneath it into her blond curls a time or two, by accident! She was responding well to my fingers.
Finally....she rolled over. I untied her top and began slowly applying sun lotion on her very creamy little pale butt...and back (eventually!). She spread her legs a little for my hands....and I had a great time messaging her trim (5'7", 130lb) body.
Thong panties really do not cover much girl between a woman's legs, I noticed! But every little bit was attended to!
A very sexy part of the day was when I returned from the concession stand to find 3 fellows standing just below her towel - pretending to chat about something. All 3 were enjoying the view up between her legs as she lay there. In the car she told me that by the time she realized they had stopped by her towel, and were probably staring up into her crotch - she was "too shy" to fully close her legs from their view. "They thought I was sleeping."
They gave me a wink and moved on as I returned.
I also saw men with cameras, and binoculars in the boats....which she laughed about.
We couldn't stay too long in the hot sun on a newly exposed butt - so we packed up in an hour or two. She had another wine cooler and bravely returned to our car wearing a T-shirt which did not cover her cute thong pantied bottom...much to the delight of many men - and frowns from a few ladies. (I think some of those women knew that those were panties, not a bathing suit.
We were both so turned-on in the car - that we petted and necked like crazy....until we got ourselves some release! She knows men well enough to know that some were probably enjoying reliving "her" later that night....which is a turn-on for both of us.

Feb 13, 2020
Wife swims in a body suit NEW
by: Steve

A sexy afternoon...
After a round of golf 3 male friends and I had a cook-out at a private lake. My wife came by after she got off of work.
It was a muggy Ohio day, so we all decided to swim in the lake.
My wife had not brought a swimming suit - but she was wearing a yellow body suit - (those shirts which snap in the crotch) and nice slacks.
While I was in the lake, the boys somehow talked my wife into swimming in her body suit. I don't imagine that it was too difficult - since my wife had had a few wine coolers and also had a bit of a crush on the one friend!
She used our van to remove her bra, and stepped out in her body suit which was cut very high on the hips.
This yellow cotton shirt was really not made to wear when wet - it constantly rode up between her cheeks, and the cool water made her hard nipples very apparent through the thin material.
We all used different tactics to get her to come in and out of the water - for the sexy rear view, and front views!
I happened to wander up to the grill as by wife was sitting cross legged on a towel, talking with my "cute" buddy. She saw where he was looking - and glanced down between her legs and said, "Oh, goodness. I didn't know these girls were showing!" and began tucking her curls back into the crotch of her shirt.
She told me on the ride home - that when she found out that my buddy, who really is rather full of himself, was moving to California, she told him, "well, who am I go to fantasize about after you're gone!" She really like to wind him up!
My wife is a bit of a flirt when sober - and can get really flirty after a bit of wine.
It was a long muggy afternoon - but with a really cute girl's nips and wedgie to enjoy!

Nov 25, 2019
Wife responded to kissing dare NEW
by: Anonymous

My wife related this story to me one night while we were being intimate.
A few weeks earlier that month, she was at her girl friend's house sharing a bottle of wine and talking with her friend's brother.
At some point the brother announced to the girls that women in this state just do not know how to kiss.
My wife and his sister angrily replied that that was a bunch of BS!
He dared them to prove he was wrong!
The sister said, "well I'm not going to kiss my idiot brother!, and she told my wife to show him how wrong he was.
My wife led him by the hand into the living room, while her friend sat and watched.
She told me she pushed him against the wall, wrapped her arms around his neck and began slowly kissing him. Soon she kissed him more deeply, pressing her breast and hips against him.
She told me that when she could feel him getting hard against her she knew she was making a good impression for all the women in this state!
She said she started "tongue sexing" him by quickly sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth suggestively and moaning into his mouth.
When he ran one hand down into the back of her short shorts, while squeezing her braless breast through her cropped-top - she knew she had made her point....took his lower lip between her teeth and gave him a little bite....as she pulled away. She dislodged his hands from her panties and breasts and told her girl friend, "that should shut him up!"
He went off angrily with a nice case of blue b_lls according to his sister!
Of course, in relating this story to me, my wife got very hot - then did her best to make it up to me for her flirting!

May 21, 2019
details of that night... NEW
by: Steve

Some sexy parts of the evening above: when she agreed to model for us in those tiny panties and crop top. (Mark had seen her in panties 3 or 4 times - but always just peeking below a top of some kind)
Watching them dance while Mark explained the movie Deep Throat to her. She then shared her favorite positions, "Remember the yellow panties forgotten on the kitchen table, hmm?!" etc.
That she agreed to play strip poker while wearing just those 2 items made me very curious. Which would be first to go? I still recall the vision of her standing and peeling down her panties - which caught slightly in her crotch before coming down!
After dancing naked with Mark, holding him between her legs, tongueing his mouth....she and I retired to our bedroom where we discussed the next step, "Are you OK with this?" we asked each other. Mark is a gentle good guy - but they have been flirting for a few years and she was ready to make love with him for the night.
She went downstairs and necking with him on the couch she assured him this time wasn't just another tease.
On our bed she mounted and finished me, then reached over to Mark and said, "Oh, you're not sleepy!" We took turns until...
I showered and came back to find her heels firmly locked around Mark's hips as they slowly moved into each other.
Downstairs making coffee I heard the bed springs banging very hard - which I knew to be her favorite way to finish herself!
The sun was coming up when she came down in a nighty, leading Mark, a big flushed smile on her face. Laughing, "You guys are so sweet - but I'm not going to be able to wear tight jeans for a couple of days! Wow!"
That night was the culmination for 4 or 5 years of flirting between those two.
Mark told me later that after an evening a few weeks before, when she sat indian style playing hearts with us in her panties and a short T-shirt - that this evening was bound to happen....especially the way she'd kissed him goodnight with her tongue!
She'd pretended that sitting like that in front of good friend Mark for 2 hours was no big deal - but I knew better - she was very, very hot after he'd gone home!

May 18, 2019
Hot ending
by: Francis

I could already read the sexual tension out of your previous story, Steve.
Sounds like you went all the way with your dares!

Treasure this adventure as a kinky experience. I think it's a good thing to establish some limits though.

I really liked reading your stories, feel free to share again if you feel adventurous again.

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