Where is this DareUpYourParty headed?

by Francis
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Greetings from the webmaster of this site!

Adult Birthday Party Games hot girl with piercing sucking on a banana

(Photo from jessica mullen)

Some time ago I started a poll about what you are interested in.

I wanted to write an ebook that interests you.

Now, the overwhelming majority voted for more "adult" truth or dare content.

I can totally relate to that. However, I need to keep the website itself "clean and safe for workplace" - at least a bit.

Now we have two choices:

  • Create a member area for adults

  • Create an ebook for sale with adult truth or dare content: stories, pics, dares...

You need to know that I take your wishes seriously. In the last newsletter, the video shared related to the wish of one of my readers.


If you haven't already, do subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and grab your free 123 truths and dares - each illustrated with Truth or Dare pictures

The whole team of DareUpYourParty is ready to start cranking out the most interesting and entertaining stuff ever!

If you want, leave us a note, on our facebook fan page or - everywhere on dare-up-your-party.com at the bottom!

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Swimming Pool Games - many fresh ideas! Archive

(Swimming Pool Games)

Check out the new section about Swimming Pool Games! Unless you want to get caught by that shark...!

Some really good submissions have reached us, and after we put some nice pictures into them, they are really a sight to see.

Click to read all the stories!

Adult pool party games adult playing pool pong
Playing Pool Pong
(Photo: joelogon)

Some ideas were really creative, namely

  • Pool Pong
  • Strip Pool Volleyball - I got to play this one the next time I get some cool friends together!
  • A lot of input on the Marco Polo Game - it seems to be really popular in the pools this season
  • As well as some nice variations of classics like Gutterball, Colors and the Shark you see above...

The season really doesn't matter. If it's winter, just get yourself a big hot tub!

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Got to get the kids busy so that you can enjoy your Friday evening?

by Francis
(Blog Archive)

Icebreaker Games for Kids Kids Macking Their Faces

(Photo Brianfit)

Sometimes you just want to have a good time and have a good drink with your buddies.


  • Your bratty little brother has a big party going on

  • All his little friends are scurrying all over the place.

  • It feels like herding cats!

  • They begin to fight and it gets really noisy...

Gotta relax them, right? Try out some of these games, they should entertain your little friends enough that they get tired before your friends arrive at midnight!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Try some wine for a change, and be classy!

by Francis
(Blog Archive)

It's the weekend soon, and you are planning your next party.

Mix it up for a change!

Try not to give in to the temptation to whip out the same old beer drinking games. Instead, be classy, and drink wine!

Setting up a wine tasting party is creative, new and all your friends will love you for making them feel classy!

And in case you want the party to end in a non-classy way, there is always an easy way out: it's called wine pong... ;)

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