My thoughts about making money with Truth or Dare (Serious post for a change)

by Francis
(Inspired on a Saturday morning. I guess the booze yesterday just was not strong enough!)

Don't worry I have not gone nuts completely.

But recently, I came across this awesome blog post that gave some great tips about saving money with Truth or Dare. I've been thinking about is this idea, and here are my ideas of my own to make money or save money with Truth or Dare.

Let's say you are a little bit older and not into childish games like Truth or Dare anymore. Or at least what you think those childish games seem to be all about.

As you know, I am pretty excited about this game and I think the principle that stays behind Truth or Dare is more like challenging life itself. So I think no matter how old you are you can still make some great experiences with the idea of Truth or Dare.

Let's say you get together with your best friend and start talking about money. Normally, you would probably stay up all night and the next day will do absolutely nothing about your financial situation.

That is when Truth or Dare comes in.

The game has the annoying habit to challenge your ego. When dared to do something, it's a question of honour, of your pride or ultimatively of your very balls.

OK let’s get cracking everyone!

I totally double dog dare you unless you want to be the ultimative chicken everyone and his mom will make fun of, to...

  • Truth question: Get a pen and a paper and make a list of what financial goals you have. Stay up all night if you have to. You need to fill the complete page and you need to be as detailed as possible. How much money do you want to make next month next year or even in a decade?

  • Dare: Challenge yourself with one financial dare each week. Give your best friend you can trust the sum of money you consider to be big as a price for yourself. Let us say you give him a closed envelope with a $100 that he will get to keep if you fail. Challenge number one: pack yourself lunch for three days of the week. You are not allowed to buy any food on these days.

  • Double Dare: Call your mother or father and make a promise with them to save a specific amount of money in a specific amount of time. Insist that they are allowed to punish and tease you if you fail. Trust me; they will know how to do that.

So far for some financial self challenges to make more money with Truth or Dare.

What are your ideas to get out of the world rich by challenging yourself with some honest to god questions or you-have-to-do-it-or-it-will-be-the-end-of-the-world-dares?

I would love to read about them in the comments.

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Jun 05, 2012
challenges in everyday life
by: Kittycat

I found it very inspiring what you wrote here. You're totally right!! Truth or Dare doesn't only have to be a party game, it can also be a challenge in your everyday life. In fact this way boring or even hated things like "saving money" could become fun!

I like the "pack yourself lunch"- thing. You can save so much money by NOT buying something from the bakery EVERY DAY.
But on your own it can be hard to stop doing this!! Well then, you will I give the $100... =)

Or another idea would be to challenge each other to do sport, loose a certain amount of money... fact have ANYTHING done, you want to have done but need a little butt kicking for! ;)

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