Being Capable Of Breaking the Rules

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When you live in a small town in Tennessee, there is little one can do to entertain oneself. Diane knew this and so did her friend Donna. Donna worked at your typical department store where the customers where always right.

Even when one was clearly caught shoplifting, they were always right. Donna had the misfortune of being completely flabbergasted at the rule of her place of employment that one should let shoplifters just freely take as they pleased.

Wasn't there a sense of right and wrong in the world she asked? Diane had the complete fortune of being Donna's friend and confidante. Diane also happened to be everybody's go-to girl for those highly unappealing uncomfortable moments when one needed to shake things up to get things accomplished. That being said, it wasn't long before Donna approached Diane with a most interesting dare of playing a bit of a hoax on the messed up corporation she was employed at.

The rules were quickly laid. Diane would approach the branch manager on his day at work and "pretend" to be a customer that had seen someone shoplifts. And after working out a few details the stage was set. It was 5pm in the afternoon. Diane, grabbed her cart at the shopping center strolled along without a care and approached Mr. Uptight manger. "What is WRONG with you people?" she asked.

Startled, Mr. Uptight inquired about what she was referring? Diane responded, "I just witnessed someone shoplifting and reported it and NO ONE cared!" "What is wrong with you people?!" Of course around the corner perched was Donna smiling with gleam as Mr. Uptight looked clearly astonished at the irate customer seeking justice. It wasn't much, but it was just enough to put a ray of sunshine into her dreary afternoon.

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