Truth or Dare to the MAX!!! - Part 1

by KingofDares
(Perth, WA, Australia)

I was at a sleepover at a friends house and it was around 9pm. My friend suggested a game of Truth or Dare, which I only accepted due to his parents being in bed already.

The game starts off very intense, with me having to hump the air in front of him without pants. Luckily I was prepared and was wearing underwear. The game goes on with him seeming to be winning. At one point, I found myself tied up on the ground, having to accept everything he does to me. If I talked he would put ice down my shirt and if I argued he would shoot me with a nerf gun. The game then gets a little less extreme until his next dare.

He dares me to do a dance in front of him for a minute in the nude. Of course I say no. So then my friend tells me as a punishment I need to do the original dare plus staying naked for the next three rounds.

Slowly, after making sure that no one will enter the room unexpectedly, I strip down to my birthday suit. I do the dance and then sit down covering myself with my blanket. My friend pulls the blanket off telling me that I can't cover myself up.

This has been the worst dare I've done to date but as the title suggests, there will be a part two were I get him back.

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Nov 17, 2016
Well, did they?
by: 11Jessie

So you did a lot on the dares. What all did they have to do? I hope you evened the playing field. It's only fair, right????

Nov 21, 2014
Get well soon for more dares!
by: Francis

I wish your friend a good recovery, King of Dares! Although I am excited about hearing how much crazier you can get, it should be fun for you.

So, take your time and enjoy the game(s). Then, come back here and share your part 2 with everyone here!

Nov 20, 2014
Part 2
by: KingofDares

Sorry the PART 2 is taking a while, my friend has been very sick and is now recovering. Part 2 will probably be up in the near holidays or earlier

Sep 17, 2014
I declare you as the King of Dares
by: Neo

A guy dancing in front of a guy sounds awkward and intense at some point. After all the dares you did,
I think that title suits you very well..

I would like to hear more of your revenge—I might take it as an advice :D

Are you sure that your friend is really a HE? you know..most of your dares are extremely daring :D

Sep 13, 2014
A new challenger appears!
by: Francis

Interesting, so you want to take the title of Dare King! Your story definitively shows you have the right attitude and some very embarrassing memories to share. Great start!

(And ouch to the nerf gun!)

Now, if you want to get back at your friend, or simply get to know a fellow dare master, be sure to check out Ben's collection of extremely embarrassing dares. Ben is another visitor just like you that enjoys pushing dares to the extreme.

I really enjoyed reading your story and am looking forward to your sweet revenge (I hope) dares you came up with. Be sure to show your friend your story, too!

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Truth or Dar to the MAX!!!:Part 2

by KingofDares

If you haven't read the first part I recommend you do.

This time I had invited my friend to sleepover at my house. For some reason I always feel more daring at my own house. Anyway. My parents were in bed and we were ready to start part two of our games. We decided that at 10pm, we would make a rule that one person needs to be naked for the rest of the game.

My first Dare is to strip naked for eight rounds and then my friend had to remove his shirt for a couple of rounds. It then went on to him being my slave. Yes! Here is my revenge.

First, I told him that his uniform was nothing, so he removed all clothing. Secondly, I tied him up and blindfolded him. Then I played moved my hands up his body and around his man parts. Finally, he had to give me a full body massage.

After that some thing happened which probably shouldn't be mentioned here.

The game went on and I found out that he had a crush on a girl from surf-club and was thinking about asking her to come over. He also was asked if he had played TorD with someone else. The answer was no which I knew was a lie. He was punished.

His punishment was to give me another body massage, but with a 'happy ending'. After this the game quieted down and eventually stopped. Finally I got him back!

In the morning we decided to play with more friends as it would be more fun. This is planned to happen in a week or two.

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Oct 07, 2014
Intimacy Dare
by: Neo

Oh. Jeez.. This would have been more fun if you were playing in a group—it’s when you’ll really see your revenge has been pulled off. But, by the way you were saying it, looks like you two were enjoying each other’s company :D

Sep 26, 2014
It's going to be so much more epic if you play it as a group!
by: Francis

KingofDares, another big thanks for sharing your sweet revenge. I am sure you both had your fun!

And I am really excited for you if you plan on playing this game as a group. From personal experience, I can tell you that some whacky and crazy memories are to be made if you do it right.

Don't rush things, you will have to check if your friends are also as outgoing as you. If they are, fine. If not, try some lighter games to break the ice (for example, passing an ice cube or shisha smoke from mouth to mouth, as well as a few drinking games). Never Ever is a great game to introduce Truth or Dare, because it mixes "Truth" with drinking alcohol.

After some time, switching over to dares comes naturally ;)

Anyways, I am burning to read about your experience. Did you share your posted story with your revenge "victim", too? Perhaps he can tell us his perspective of this dare night. :)

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Truth or Dare to the MAX!!! Part 3

by KingofDares
(Perth, Australia)

I know, it's been two years. What a ride it's been. Anyway. My friend has recovered and this story (I hope) lives up to the hype. Warning, this story may get a bit sexual.

When my friend got better we both mutually agreed to do another game of truth or dare. It had been ages since we last played. He came to my house this time. In my room, we waited for my parents to go to bed. Then it began.

This time we spiced things up by adding an ultimate dare that one of us would have to do so at the end of the game. The dare was that the person who got the dare had to give the other guy a bj. To get the dare you'd have to lose some sort of game. More of this later.

I go first. We start slower this time, building up to my grand finale. Dares such as "stand outside with your shirt off" and "lick my toe" are thrown around. But then he hits me with "give me a hand job". It's then that I decide that it's time to get my revenge.

I start by doing a double dare (one that includes both of us) to play a game. The game is very simple, roll a die. Whoever has the bigger number must stay naked for those number of rounds. I was putting myself at risk here but it paid off. He got a six. The game goes on for another round or two when he suddenly says that he needs to pee. It's my turn to give him a dare. I dare him to pee outside. He accepts the dare and goes to put his pajamas on but he's only on round 3 of his nude dare. I tell him that he has to go out naked. He refuses. As a punishment, he must do the dare but I then get another dare as well that he cannot refuse. He leaves to pee in the backyard.

My room has a window that looks right out into the backyard so I can check to see that he's doing the dare right. Whilst he's taking care of business I think of a good enough dare to get back at him with. I get it.

He walks back in and asks what the next dare is and I happily tell him that we're going back out. I don't tell him what we're doing until we get outside. He's on round 5 now so he still has to be naked. We get to the backyard but I keep walking. We're going to the front. At the front yard, I tell him he has to do a nude dance like I had to do for him. Knowing he doesn't have much of a choice he does it. Satisfied we go back to my room.

We play a couple more rounds, pretty normal. My friend also gets to put his Pjs on again. At this point, we're almost ready to go to sleep so we decide to do the ultimate dare. The game we play is rock, paper, scissors. My heart is pounding, I don't want to have to suck him off. I throw paper, he throws rock. A wave of relief washes over me.

After that, I get some head and we went to bed, me happier than him after finally getting my revenge.

There won't be a part 3 to this as there isn't anything else that could continue the story. I do still play truth or dare with him and others too though so if something interesting happens, I'll be sure to post it. Thank you for being so patient, hope it was worth the wait.

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by Mandy

Get a length of chain (heavier the better) and a padlock.

Run the chain down the pants of your victim and lock both ends of the chain around a stationary object such as a steel fence or bicycle rack.

The victim is trapped until they remove their pants, which are chained to the stationary object.

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The girls saw everything

by Greg

I was about 11 or 12 and my friend and I were diving in his pool and laughing about how far our suits came down. Eventually, we left them off.

His 2 older sisters came home and we didn't hear them or see them because of the privacy screen. They called the girls next door and they came over and watched us running around TOTALLY NAKED!

One girl was our age but the other was a little younger and had never seen a boy naked, let alone 2 boys outside completely naked.

She let out a scream and blew their cover and we ran toward our suits. It was too late. They were right by the door and the girls scooped them up while they all shrieked with delight.

They closed the door on us but were able to push it open and run to his room for clothes. Their eyes were locked on everything they wanted to see and their mouths were wide open as they cheered the two of us streaking right past them. What a day for the girls!

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