Story: Truth or Dare in a Hot Tub

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This is the tale of a night that John, Tammy, Bob, and Sarah decided to party it up in a hot tub. One cold winter night about five months ago my wife and I decided to drive to Columbus, NE to spend the evening with a couple that we knew in town.

Having met them on an adult swinger site, we knew we were in for a fun night. We drove through a blinding blizzard and finally arrived, complete with eight inches of snow on the ground. Upon arrival, we loaded up a cooler and headed to the hot tub in their backyard.

We have hung out with Bob and Sarah a bunch of times, but this was our first hot tub party. Living the lifestyle we had, swimsuits were completely absent of course. During our hot tub foursome party, we decided to play truth or dare.

The game was pretty tame until it was my turn. I chose dare and it was deemed my task to make a naked snow angel. Having copious amounts of liquid courage in my system, I grabbed a cowboy hat and jumped out of the hot tub.

I dove into the snow and put the hat over my face to remain anonymous for the inevitable picture that was to be taken. Unfortunately Bob forgot to put the flash on, which we discovered once I re-entered the hot tub.

So, since we had to get it on camera, I dove back out into the snow, this time with Tammy manning the camera. It was the coldest I have ever felt! I think I might have gotten frostbite on my nether regions. I jumped back into the hot tub and tried to warm up, shivering and laughing at the same time.

Not to be outdone, Tammy and Sarah each chose dare on their next turns. Bob and I decided that a lap around the house (completely naked) was in order. The girls both got out of the warm comfort of the hot tub and ran around the entire house naked, yelling and laughing the whole time.

It definitely was a sight to see. The game continued for a bit longer and then we then left the hot tub to go inside, but that is for another story at another time.

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