Truth, Dare or Lie?

by Summer
(Minnesota )

Play Truth or Dare in a Hot Tub!

Play Truth or Dare in a Hot Tub!

There was this girl in Minnesota named "Summer" who went to a friend's birthday party one winter and there they played a game of truth or dare.

They were in a hot tub with an equal number of girls or guys who were all around the ages of 16 to 17... It was a little nerve-racking for me because I embarrassingly enough never had a boyfriend or had been kissed.

Not because I was ugly and manly and had no friends mostly just because everyone who wanted me, was in some ways not up to my standards. A few of my friends knew this and obviously one of them thought that it was time to call me out on it in front of all these people.

It was her birthday and she turned to me and asked me truth or dare? I had always been too scared to pick dare unless around people I completely trusted so I picked truth. She then asked me how far I had been with a guy not exactly knowing how to answer I said not very far?

Then she continued to ask and then said have you been kissed? It was silent for a second and I being a horrible liar decided to just tell the truth and say no. Everyone freaked out and I was made fun of for a while.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't care what other people think so it was easy for me to just let their taunts slide off, but from now on if I'm ever faced with something similar. I have decided that a little white lie isn't going to hurt anyone.

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