The Spice of Life? The Cinnamon Challenge

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A few years ago my friends and I developed a somewhat cruel dare that we would use on any unsuspecting newcomer or friend to our group. We used this on parents, youth leaders, pastors, siblings, neighbors and just about anyone and everyone that we could find that was willing to accept this dare.

The premise sounds simple enough and you don't expect it to be as brutal as it truly is, which is why it was so easy to gain acceptors to our mischief. The dare starts with the darers gathering a spoon, a glass of water (to be hidden for only after the initial shock of the dare subsides) and a decent amount of ground cinnamon.

The Cinnamon Challenge

The darers must dare the dare-ees that they can't eat a spoonful of cinnamon in a minute or less. Sounds easy right? This is why so many are ready to accept the challenge. Prepare the spoonful of cinnamon and present the unsuspecting "victim" with the spoon. They will take it and attempt to eat the spoonful.

Upon putting the spoonful of cinnamon in their mouth they will soon realize that this is one of the most painful and disgusting tasks they have ever attempted. It doesn't necessarily inflict physical pain, but the dryness of the cinnamon is almost unbearable and impossible to swallow.

Your entire mouth becomes nothing but a dried out mess! It is always funny to see them struggle to swallow the cinnamon with repeated attempts at swallowing only to have it get worse and worse. While this is a funny prank and a great dare for Truth or Dare. I don't recommend trying it on someone whose feelings would be easily hurt as with any dare or prank.

I have only done this with people I know will be able to laugh about the situation later. Then don't forget to give them the glass of water for afterwards!

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Solution: Mix the cinnamon in water and take it like a shot... Yeah, it's gross, but it won't be as dry or yucky. On the upside, you all probably had fresh breath.

Dec 26, 2011
that's the point
by: Anonymous

It's the whole point to take the cinnamon in a powder form. Funny as hell to watch people cough up clouds of powder ;)

Dec 31, 2011
Cruel Prank
by: Emily

Wow, that’s definitely a very cruel dare! I would normally spit out a cinnamon when I bite one in my food. A spoonful would be really terrifying. It’ll numb your tongue and throat.

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Blonde Girl Does Cinnamon Challenge on Video

I am talking about the cinnamon challenge quite a lot and I realized that I did not feature one video showing how it is done. So this is it! Take a few seconds to see how tough it can be to swallow a whole spoon of cinnamon.

Looks easy peasy, Right?

Well, it’s harder than you think.

Why don’t you try it out yourself? You can film yourself or just have your friends watch. It’s always fun to do the cinnamon challenge and you have everything you need right in your kitchen.

Do you think this girl did well? Post it in comments!

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Cinnamon Challenge – The Most Epic Fail I Have Ever Seen!

You know the cinnamon challenge, Right?

That’s what where eat a teaspoon of cinnamon and swallow it in 60 seconds.

Well, from the all the fails I have ever seen of people doing this dare on video, this one is by far, the most hilarious. Check it out:

Have you ever tried replacing one teaspoon of cinnamon by a ladle?

I mean that’s at least 10 times more cinnamon.

It’s like a huge mountain of cinnamon to eat.

Well, you have seen the explosive extreme reaction to all that cinnamon.

My Dare To You:

I bet all of you to imitate her!

After doing that every meal you eat will taste like gingerbread. So if you are a huge Christmas fans, perhaps you should try it.

I am only kidding, Please don’t try that at home.

I know you guys, you won’t hear my advice anyways. Go ahead, if I can't stop you. Just try doing anything as extreme as that dare...!

I will love to read your comments on it. How was it?

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