Power Hour Drinking Game

Your buddies challenge you into a power hour drinking game. You, as a newbie drinker, may fear that they will make you do stupid things.

A group of girls having alcohol drinks at a party
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Even if you have never played it before, don't make a fool out of yourself.

You are now researching of the possible things that they might challenge you with during at that time.

However, you are soon-to-be out of your sanity due to the overflow of information available in the Internet. Who the heck could help you in this kind of thing?

Well, it's a good thing you stumbled upon us. Get ready for the power hour!

Power Hour Drinking Game Rules

  • For an hour, you will be drinking a shot every minute.

That's it.

Power hour is a 60-minute drinking game with the only goal to stay standing after an hour of taking shots and drinking bottles and bottles of beer or any alcoholic beverages. This will gauge your tolerance to alcohol. It's great for small groups and to "warm up" before hitting the bar.

Taking a shot in the game
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Just compare the prices of booze at the local pub with the cost of a power hour drinking game, and you'll see it's a no-brainer.

Perhaps that is also the reason it is so popular with college students.

If you are able to get through and be victorious after an hour, you'll surely be promoted from being drinking trainee to a beer Jedi master!

However, due to the simplicity of the game, your friends might ask you to perform additional challenges to prove that you're an inborn drinker.

Most of the challenges they will come up with will center on your tolerance against alcohol. These additional challenges are like a ritual of passage for you to become a member of their drinking club.

Did that get you scared? I know you're not, but its better to get you prepared. So here are even more drinking games you might want to try out.


Girls drinking beer
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Snatch is similar to the power hour drinking game. It also tests your ability to stand against the strength of alcohol.

In this game, the group takes a shot every time an agreed word is said.

A classical example is to watch a match of football and decide on a player each. Every time the name of the player comes up in TV, you have to drink!

Depending on group, you could all get easily drunk. This can be a more hard-core game compared to the power hour game, which only requires you to drink every minute.

Dead Man Walk

Balancing himself on a railway track
(Photo from aforero)

This game challenges you to take a long walk, only that you have to take a shot of beer at every step. This one will really take out your drunk self's balancing capabilities!

Despite all the nerves bursting out and the butterflies flying on your stomach now, one important thing to prepare yourself tonight is to have fun with your friends. Sure, it may be nice to "win" every power hour drinking game they prepared for you. But sometimes, when you get dead drunk together, that is where real new friendships can be born.

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