A Walk in the Park - Part 2

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas USA )

If you see my earlier post A Walk in the park, you know I went naked at night in a city park with fall and winter not too far away.

John and I viewed this as a last chance to run around naked in the city. All the street lights are out and the park was very dark. Last time, I was out in the park for 4 hours.

This time, I am going to try for a full 8 hours. To get ready for this walk, John took me out into the country where he taught me to move around with little or no light. John has been an outdoors person all his life, hunting and fishing etc.

We pick a night with no moon. I would start at 9:00 PM and end at 5:00 AM. John has a new video camera with night vision. If anything went wrong, John would be ready to step in and take care of the issue. Also, John would have our police band scanner on. Just in case someone called the law.

If a red light came on in our window, I had to run home. At the start time, John went out and checked the area. All clear. I walk out of the front door of our house naked, walking around like I owned the place. I don't know what it is with me; I love being naked in public places.

For the first two hours, I saw nobody. Then I heard the sound of someone walking. It a man walking his dog. I got down behind a row of bushes. He was only about 25 feet from me. His dog started barking. He stopped and shined a flashlight my direction. He didn't see me.

After midnight, I started pushing it. I began walking down the sidewalk in front of the home. I even walked a block up a street away from the park. I was thinking about going to the back of the post office, but I turned around and went back to the park.

The rest of the night went by with no problems. Then it was time to call it a night. John had videotaped a large part of the night with his night vision camera.

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Nov 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

I can't believe some people are so bold to go out naked in public. I'd fear about getting caught, but kudos to them!!!!!

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