How My First Nude Dare Made Me A Centerfold

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas USA )

First of all, I wish to thank everyone for their nice remarks about my posting of my nude walk to the court house. And my post about walking around naked at the shopping mall. I began dating my boyfriend while we were in high school. He was 2 years ahead of me.

After my boyfriend got out of high school, he got a very good job at a local power plant. When I got out of high school I began college at a local Jr. College. I was working to become a RN. I got about 6 months to go.

The first nude dare my boyfriend dared me to do was to send a nude photo of myself to a men's magazine that publishes photos of your everyday woman next door type. At that time I was only 17. So we had to wait about 6 months before I could send any photos in. At that time, I had tan lines that could be seen from outer space.

I told my boyfriend that I wanted to get an all over sun tan before we took any photos. Where we live, I have no way of sun tanning nude. But my dad owned a lot of land out in the country. I knew of an area where I can drive out to the county, park my car, walk about a 1/4 of a mile. There was a small clearing where I could lay out sun tanning myself in the nude.

One time my dad saw my car parked and asked what I was doing. There a creek back in there, I told him I was swimming in the old swimming pool. I would go and lay out 2 to 3 times a week. Then winter set in, and I could not lie out. There were days I lay out when the temperature was in 50's and 60's. Then I had my 18th birthday. My boyfriend took some nudes of me around the house. They did not come out very well.

Around late March to early April it began to warm up and the trees and grass became a very dark green. My boyfriend went to the location where I did my sun tanning. He took a lot of nude photos of me that day. Then we drove to a second location. The road went straight for 2 and a 1/2 miles.

My boyfriend took some photos of me standing on the side of the road, with nothing on other than my high heels. With my thumb out like I was trying to hitch a ride.

The sun was setting and those photos came out great.

We next went north to the Red River. My boyfriend was friends with a land owner, who let us cross his land. We took photos down by the water, me lying on the bank, and with some farm equipment left parked out in an open field. Our last photo shoot for this dare was done a Lake Texoma. We rented a power boat for the day. As soon as we were out where no one could see us, I stripped off my swimsuit and let my boyfriend shoot away. We even found some small beaches that can only be reached by boat.

The magazine wanted 3 photos sent in with the model release. So my boyfriend and I looked over 300 hundred photos we had downloaded onto our computer.

I cut the model release out. It had to be signed before a notary. This is a small town. I drove to a notary about 30 miles where they did not know me.
We have a joke in this town: Everybody knows what everyone doing. We only read the paper to see if they got caught doing it. Nobody knew what my boyfriend and I were doing. I didn’t want any one find out.

We sent off the photos and paper work to their office in New York City, NY. About 3 months later I get more paper work back. They sent a second model release and a form about what I like to do. I told them that I like be nude, flashing, showing off my body every now and then. I did use a false name.

Then about 60 days later, I got a letter from the magazine. They wanted me to be their girl of the month. In other words, their centerfold! First, I called my boyfriend at work and told him. I then called the number and talked with the photo editor’s office.

The next day I received a phone call from the photo editor's office. They told me I would receive a plane ticked by mail. They would put me up in a very nice hotel. Two weeks later I was on my way to LA.

They had a car waiting for me that took me to a very nice hotel. The next day, I met with the photo editor, photographer, and makeup staff. The first day we shot in a studio. With hair and makeup I did not know myself.
The second day we had to leave at 4 am. The photographer wanted to shoot first sunlight. Also this location was a public beach. We got in and out before anybody showed up. They took photos of me walking out of the water. God, that was some cold water. That afternoon we went out on a very nice 80 foot boat. I bet that would have cost some money.

Out on the boat they shot a lot of nudes of me. Topless, and in swimsuits. I did enjoy the shoot. The next day we worked a home in Beverly Hills. Yes, it did belong to a very well know actor. He/she rented it out. I can't tell you who He/She is.

The next day I flew home. About a month later I received a letter that told me I would be publish in the July issue. When my photos were published, nobody knew it was me with my hair and professional makeup.

Also, they did not use my real name or home town. But, there was one person who did know, it was my MOM, and she was not happy. When she came by the house, someone saw the photos and mailed them to my mother.

My boyfriend and I did show her the other photos. Thank god she did not tell dad. I hope he doesn't see this post.

My boyfriend did take some nudes of my mom. She sent them in. She did not make girl of the month. But she did get published.

I did get some modeling jobs after that. I now make some extra money modeling.

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May 06, 2015
by: Susan

I will not use the name of the magizine. But, they have the: Girl Next Door. Photo contest.

May 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

WOW! Great story. What magazine were you in. We would love to check you out... How did you get your mom to let him take pics of her? Was she nude? Tell us more. We want to here more....

May 05, 2015
Wow this is a great story!
by: Francis

Susan, thanks again for sharing a great and interesting story! I was pretty blown away by the twist of events at the end of the story though. Surprizing that your Mom played along for a nude photo shoot after she was not so amused by your secret.

Really tells a lot about your boyfriend, I bet he is talented with his photos. Now I am really, really curious and would love to see the photo-shoot results. :-) But I think it’s better if I stay curious and your Dad not informed about what you are doing!

This was a great idea to turn a dare into a set of really creative dates (that’s what it looked like in your story) and into a modeling career. Way to combine looks, talent and a creative mind!

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