Naked in hotel hallway

by Susan
(Bonhomie, Texas USA )

I going to put 3 dares in to one story. John and I we're staying at a very nice hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas. This hotel has a swimming pool on the roof. The pool is open 24 hours a day. Johns first dare, at 2:00 AM. For me to put on my micro swimsuit. It covers only about 6 square inches of skin. I am sure if I was to wear it to a public beach, I would end up in jail.

Dare 1:

John wanted me to walk down the hallway with nothing on but that swimsuit. John has his video camera recording then we go up to the pool. There no one there. I walking around the pool acting all sexy for John. I then take off my top and then the bottom. Then I take a skinny dipping. When I get out of the pool John gives m a towel to dry off. John won't give me back my swimsuit.

"That the way you're going back to the room."

We started back John with his video camera taking this all in. With me in my naked glory. We get back to our floor, no one has seen up. I am walking down the hall way thinking will one of these doors open then I caught. Our room was a the far end of the hallway. I don't think any one has seen me.

Dare 2 the next night:

Across the street from the hotel was a parking garage. The next night John and I at midnight walked across the street to the parking garage. I wore a black halter dress with nothing on under it. The wind was blowing and I had to make sure it didn't blow up and show me up to the hold city.

We went to the top floor, made sure no one was around. I took off the dress walked around and let John take video. And photos. Then John ask me if he could handcuff me to a pipe and do some public bondage photo. I told John ok.

We went back down to the ground floor. John handcuffed me with my hand behind my back to a pipe in the corner. And put my red ball gag in my mouth. For over a hour John shot video and photos of me naked and helpless.

I could hear people walking by and cars driving by. If some one looks at the right time they would have seen me.

Dare 3:

On the back side of the parking area was a street that was dark. John asks me to walk naked down the street to the lamppost about a block away and walk back. If the street lights had been working I would have told him no was. But, I did and I love it.

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Aug 17, 2019
Cfnm NEW
by: Anonymous

I worked at a hotel in the bar. Mt ex was a waitress, We remained on good terms. I didn't know that she told the other girls about my Cfnm fetish. One night we closed, 5 girls doing their cash out like any other night. I was stocking beer in the walk in cooler when my ex came in and was all over me. Here I think I'm going to fuck her, She gets me naked and fucks off with my clothes. She goes down the hall and tells me I have to get my clothes back in the bar. I'm terrified, I pleaded but she just left. I grab a beer case cardboard, thinking they will get a laugh but not see my dick. I look down and see my dick is shrivelled, must be the nerves. I'm just under average by the way. Into sph as well, my ex helped me with that with fear own sister. Another story haha. I go into the bar scared, embarased. The 5 of them standing at the pool table with their cameras out. I ask for my clothes, their laughing and my ex said not until we see the little guy. I froze and just couldn't do it. My ex comes up to me and turns us around, the other girls laugh and make comments about my ass. She looks at me and says give me this pulling on the cardboard. I'm making your fantasies come true. I let go of the cardboard, she looks down and says " you're not turned on" laughs and said " that's good". She turns me around, I'm covering my dick with both hands. From behind she grabs my wrists and put my hands behind my back. The girls are laughing, telling me how tiny I am. They take pictures. This goes on for about 5 minutes. My ex tells them that it gets bigger, he's just got to get hard. She starts fondelling my dick and whispering in my ear about how the girls know, and they have pics to prove it. This was common foreplay when we were together. I get hard and the girls are cheering and laughing. Now she tells me that if I do what she says, I can personally get their phones and delete all the pics. If you don't, who knows what they will do with them. I ask her what she wants me to do, she gives me her grin and says my clothes are at the front desk, go get them. I consider the night desk women a friend, we worked together for 2 years. We talked a lot, I always considered her a cool older women. She was 48, a little chunky but pretty. I'm thinking I can't let her see me walking to the desk with my unimpressive boner. I literally begged my ex to not make me do that. She gave me that grin and told me she's expecting me. Hands behind you back and start walking. 3 of the girls go ahead of me my ex and one more behind. The 3 girls are telling the front desk women, here he comes. I'm shocked when she says, let's see the little guy. That seemed out of character. I walk up and behind the desk. She looks me over and says "well there you are" and grins, stairing at my dick, pre come and all. She walks around me tells me my ass is tight. Tells the girls" to be fair, I've had smaller. And bigger". They laugh and couple of them agree. I ask for my clothes, my ex said they've been in the bar the whole time. She then tells them that I have a big load for the size of it. They all want to see it. I'm led back to the bar, dick in my exes hand, front desk women says she can't, but wants vid of it. No problem one of them shout. I'm jerking spread Eagle on the pool table, while they laugh, holler and take vids and pics. I shoot my load, they cheer. Throw my clothes at me.i go to the bar, grab napkins and clean myself up. I got the phones deleted them but saw they sent them to my ex. She said that she was keeping them, besides she the owed the front desk women a vid. Plus her sister missed my shows. Honestly I didn't mind, it turned me on. We locked up, I gave the front desk women the keys, she smiled and said I had nothing to be embarrassed about and that she was looking forward to the video. I said enjoy. After that i fucked 2 of the girls, the one my ex vid taped me eating her ass out. The front desk women sent me a pic of her tits, saying it wasonly fair. Many comments during work hours. Eventually everyone moved to other bars. My ex got married, assured me the pics and vid were deleted, I believe her. Haven't seen any of them for two years now. I told my current girl about it, she laughed. She's not the type to do something like that, so atleast it happened for me. She did surprise me when she admitted that she told her cousin that I wasn't huge, but got her off, and I licked a mean ass and pussy. Her causin told her she was lucky. Anyway, that's the best experience I've ever had.

Nov 16, 2016
Great Stories!
by: Jack

Great stories, I love the way you describe your experiences!

I have much experience with NIP dares, both as a participant and helping guide other people (men and women) to explore their boundaries. If you were interested I'd be very keen to work with you by e-mail to set you additional dares - please message here if so!

Feb 07, 2016
Pool Dare
by: Lynn

We didn't do all that daring naked in the hotel like you. I dared my wife to let me enter her in a public pool with about 50 or more people around us. I put her against the wall in about 5 feet of water and she put her legs around me. We started and within about 10 seconds a couple of young men caught on and came up right next to watch. Before we new it there were at least 10 men and 5 women watching us. We could now really turn loose because there were so many around us that no one else could see. My wife was so turned on she exploded twice. When I finally did we got a big cheer. It was really exciting.

Oct 15, 2015
Exciting... and hot!!
by: Francis

Really love the dares, they make your heart pound. You're lucky to have each other to do exciting stuff like that!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share these 3 naked dares with all the readers and me!

If you ever top these dares - without getting caught! - or do other dares together, please come back here and share the stories again :)

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