Truth or Dare with Hot Teen Girls

(Photo from Fitsum Belay/iLLIMETER)

Shana and I had been best friends since we were 5 years old. And I had lived on the same block as Jen all my life.

So the summer when we got our pool installed, it was only natural that my first pool party would include them.

Since we weren't planning anything crazy, Shana brought her twin brother, Shane and Jen brought along Andrew who sort of seemed like an older sister if you catch my drift.

At the last minute my parents made us invite the new neighbors, since their parents worked with my dad. There was Liam, who was 17 and very cute, then Louis who was not as cute but really smart (Which Shana said was the New hot) and Lucy who was quiet and not very pretty. She was 15, just like me and Shana.

We started out with just the bunch of us swimming around. Shana had the smallest bikini I had ever seen and the guys were practically drooling over her (Except Andrew and of course Shane.)

I had a blue one piece. It was not very daring, but it fit like a second skin. So my slim stomach was in full display, which I was really glad to show off after I worked so hard at the gym for a perfect silhouette.

Lucy was there almost an hour before she was comfortable enough with us to pull off her long summer dress and show us her bathing suit.

It was surprising to see her in a bikini. Not as small as Shana's, but she was much prettier than I had thought. Her skin was perfectly even and I kind of envied her perfectly shaped legs.

The guys all looked fabulous of course especially Liam who had toned every single muscle.

At first we just swam about and got used to the water. Then we had a high energy splash fight and after the sunset what could only be called the craziest game of Marco Polo in the history of water sports.

We belong in the hall of fame. After that we took a break for pizza and sat with our legs in the water waiting that mandatory 30 minutes to swim. Jen was the one who brought up truth and dare.

Shane and Shana were asked for 5 rounds if they were really twins. (Originally it was a joke by Andrew, but Liam and Louis kept asking out of surprise.)

We dared Shana to French kiss Liam, who turns out to be a really good kisser. Andrew admitted he had a huge crush on Jen, which surprised all of us.

The game ended with me calling out Dare and Liam immediately insisting I pull off my top. Not one to back down, I immediately complied. Andrew Shane and Louis all looked away like gentlemen, but Liam stared.

Suddenly I heard Andrew laugh from behind me as he yelled the 30 minutes were up and pushed me into the cold water.

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Truth or Dare - Last Game Night

The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan

(Photo from trawin)

It wasn't the wildest party in the world. When you're a member of the university gaming club your parties are never over the top.

A bunch of nerds sitting around an old two story off campus hunched around a 20 sided die or squabbling over which zombie to attack on their Last Night On Earth isn't exactly what anyone would call a crazy college house party. On this fateful night in late September, 2010, all that would change.

This little gaming group was never being the same. It started as the typical game night. One group had a worn out copy of Settler of Catan in the living room while another group was talking strategy over a couple of armies of War Machine figures in the kitchen. People who weren't playing either game were milling back and forth from table to table, chit-chatting with the players and trying to keep them entertained.

This was how it always went with this group. Tonight, however, there was a new factor. One of the nerds had a cousin from out of town that was staying with him for the weekend. His cousin was 5'9", platinum blonde, and decidedly female. She was completely disinterested in the games. The geeks, however, were very interested in her.

Truth or Dare Stories A Beautiful Girl
A Beautiful Girl at Party (Photo from ontwerpplus via flickr)
Instead of milling between the games, Sasha (we'll call her Sasha) was parked in the corner with her iphone completely ignoring any and all the party's festivities. She couldn't know that across the room at the Catan camp a plot was brewing. Two of the players of this game, we'll call them Ginger and Ed, were notorious for their failed attempts with the ladies. They were, however, not ashamed of their tales of conquest, each more exaggerated and untrue than the last.

Much to the chagrin of the rest of the settlers, Ginger and Ed were not paying attention to the game at hand, instead scheming a way to win the attentions of Sasha Platinum in the corner. "I declare a new game!" Ed announced, quite loudly, lifting his bear out from his chest and standing from his station on the couch. "I declare a truce between Settler and War Jack.

I declare we will come together for a game that this gathering has not dared to play in the past!" As if by cue Ginger stood from his seat. "What our dear Ed is trying to say is... We would like to challenge the entire club to a game of Truth or Dare!" Everyone groaned. The War-Machine factions in the kitchen ignore him. The Settlers of Catan tried to figure out how to continue their game down two.

Ed and Ginger would not be thwarted so easily. Lucky for them there were still five or six people milling about between games. It took some convincing, but eventually the "millers" agreed to go along. They were all a little tipsy and there really was nothing better to do. Gamers gathered, Ed and Ginger placed the group pointedly right in the line of sight of Miss Sasha, assuming she ever looked up from her phone, that is.

The boys made a point to make the game as loud and attention drawing as possible and the dares as outlandish as they could. It wasn't long before the Settlers gave up on their camp and joined in and a few of the war mongers wandered in as well. Ed and Ginger were making right asses of themselves. It was a sight that shouldn't be missed. Eventually, the whole party had migrated to either play or watch the spectacle happening in the living room.

The kicker came in the form of a dare on the part of Ginger, who was already sitting around in his skivvies thanks to a dare on the part of Ed himself. "Ed, I dare you to walk right up to that young lady in the chair, get down on one knee, and tell her exactly how you feel about her!" Valiantly, Ed arose from his place in the circle. Arms akimbo he strutted toward the chair.

Right at the moment he was about to go down on one knee before her the fire alarm sounded in the kitchen. In their distraction from their game the War-Machine players had left three large candles going in the kitchen. The alarm had caught the first billows of smoke just as they billowed their way into the living room. Everyone began to cough. Sasha screamed.

Two dozen drunken gamers scrambled to put out the fire, but it spread too fast with all the alcohol and cardboard to fuel it. The game was abandoned. The house was lost. Lovely Sasha was never heard from again.

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Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous


Dec 31, 2011
Drink And Play
by: Emily

Whoa…. Did you ask her cousin about Sasha? It is really a scary experience with the game. I will never drink and play Truth or Dare from now on.

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The Dark Night When I Met Her

(Photo from gphunk via flickr)

ME: I am stumbling down the cold street and Germany in the fall of 1980 was a cold ass place especially to a Kansas farm boy fresh from home but I don’t reflect on the 3 beers with a schnapps chaser that I guzzled earlier for I was more concerned to get to a certain bar where my friends and a couple of their German Girlfriends were waiting.

Granted I was a stranger to Berlin and it ‘Wasn't’ my idea to go there but the Military has its own rather strange ideas on where to send a 19 yr. old Corporal anyhow I suddenly fetch up in front of a sign and I read dim letters in the dusky gloom: “TURKKI BAR”.......

“Hey glad to see you made it man,” Now I smile at Vic who I know dimly but I’m really scanning the room for people I know as this is a rough place and except for Vic I don’t see any of my buddies from the barracks or even any of the few German Civilians I am friendly with not that I’d had any idea what I was looking for, though I hadn’t seen any of my friends yet then suddenly I saw: “HER!”...............

That’s right and I just seen -HER- the most beautiful and gorgeous blond I’d ever seen and compared to her ‘Marilyn” yeah the one who’d sang for the President was just a dog for this girl was really that good and was the hottest looking thing I’d ever seen and judging from the looks of half the other guys in the bar I wasn't the only one who thought the same way.

“Hey man Lets!”......... Now I didn’t mean to be crude but I just cut Vic off and ordered two excellent German Beers quickly pushing one in Vic’s hand.

To be polite I made small talk even though a game plan about me and the ‘Super Blond’ was quickly forming in my racing mind though I did at last mumble: “Hey man where’s the rest of the guys I thought they'd all be here?”.

VIC: Nah the Sarge was a stupid and made the guys stay over and Rivers got stuck on C.Q.

So I guess it’s just us........

Now I just got right down to business as I hadn’t come 3000 miles across the Atlantic just to Drink and Party with other American dudes.

ME: “What about Blondie you know Miss Hots,” And I motioned towards the girl.

“OH her well I don't really see her a lot in here but there’s a wager going around on 100 bucks for the first guy to take her home so are you interested?”, Vic tells me.

Now I was definitely interested but I decided that being in a strange place and a strange country maybe I’d better play it cool so I sipped my beer a bit to gain time before replying: “Now really but I am curious I mean what’s her story, Does she have a guy!”......

Vic laughs: “Heck half these German Broads got guys even if they don’t tell you but I don't really know her though I ran into her once down on the Kurfustendamer!”.....

Myself I’m very unsure though she’s the ideal of loveliness’ and I’m thinking about this as I sip on my beer as it seems kinda lame to just wander over and ask for a dance anyhow Vic stumbles off to the washroom and I order up another beer but forcing myself to speak.

I quietly ask the bartender: “Say what about Blondie does she come in here often!”.

The Bartender gives me a straight look before he grinned and tells me: “Yes once in awhile and she’s a looker and it helps the business too though she fools many!”.

“What do you mean fool!”. The Bartender smiles: “She’s pretty smooth and I’ve seen a lot of them and even she fooled me at first but the truth is she’s the best ‘Female Impersonator’ I’ve ever seen!”.

Me: Now this came as a sudden and horrible shock and suddenly I was instantly sober despite all the alcohol I'd been knocking back, In fact I was so stunned I didn't even notice the long cold walk back to the base and to be sure it’s been a long time since that dark night but once every five years or so I'm forced to smile and even chuckle a bit about the night that I met: “HER!”..........

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Want a date?

by Regina
(Hartford, CT)

(Photo from Seedfeeder)

When I was 21 years old and in college my friends and I were playing Truth or Dare one night. There were five us in all and all females.

We were a little bored and drinking and being silly. From the very beginning everyone was choosing “truths” but as we drank more were getting braver and braver.

After doing a bunch of random silly things we were trying to one up one another. Finally it was my turn and I chose a dare.

I had been talking a big game saying how bold I get when I am drinking and there was pretty much nothing I wouldn't do. I still have no clue why my friend decided to dare me to do it, I suppose she thought I wouldn't go through with it but she dared me to dress up like a hooker and stay on the street until I got an offer.

Our apartment was very close to a main drag and seeing hookers was not uncommon for us. So I said “fine, I’ll do it”! I grabbed my shortest skirt, halter top and high heels put on a lot of eyeliner and I was ready to go.

We were laughing and giggling and too stupid to be scared of what could happen. So I was ready to go, my friends got a seat in the coffee shop across the street in the front window so they could see me.

I was nervous but tried to act ballsy in front of my friends. I stood close to the street watching the cars go by and getting a lot of honks and whistles from men.

Finally a car pulled over, I couldn’t really see inside the car at the man but I said “want a date”?

He said “yes, how much for a date with you?”

I was about to say some random enormous amount so I could just be done and as the words “a thousand” came out of my mouth our eyes met and we both recognized each other, it was my Anthropology Professor!

Our jaws both dropped and I quickly said “this is not what you think” and he said “this never happened” and sped off.

As I crossed the street and entered the coffee shop I decided to never tell my friends who it was and I just said he was some random man who left after I said a thousand dollars.

We laughed and laughed all night as I embellished the story of my dare.

When I went back to class my professor and I could not make eye contact ever again! I went on to receive the highest possible grades in all of his classes throughout my college with little to no effort.

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The Lock Out

by Jennifer

Funny Girls at Slumber Party

Funny Girls at Slumber Party

(Photo from Mikeyloveswomen via flickr)

Back in Middle School every year for my birthday I would have a huge slumber party with all of my girl friends. My birthday was in January, so a lot of my parties involved indoor type party games.

Truth or dare was a big game for middle school aged girls at that time. We loved to play this game. Back in 1994 I turned 14 years old and my best friends were over for a party and the game of Truth or dare began soon after it got dark outside.

After a few people chickening out and taking truth over dare, my best friend in the world chose a dare. My friends and I came up with what we thought was a great dare! We sent her out to the backyards where it was all wooded in her pajamas to collect pine cones that were buried in the snow knowing full well that the boyz club at the Church next door would see her.

We were all soo excited to see her being spotted in her pajamas by all of the teenage boys next door that we all ran out after her not even noticing that the door to the house locked behind us and that my parents had long been asleep!

Watching her in her pajamas was the funniest thing we thought we had ever seen until returning to my home to notice we were all now in our pajamas out in the cold locked out of my house.

We knocked and knocked, but my parents never heard us. So with our heads hanging low, we all had to return to the boyz club at the local church in our pajamas to ask if we could use to the phone to call my parents and have them let us back in.

Turned out the joke we thought was going to be super funny played on my friend ended up being played on all of us!! Needless to say the game of Truth or dare did not continue that night!

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Feb 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

guess it was embarrassing as hell to show up in a church to ask for your parents huh

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Tinkle, Sprinkle, and A Little Bit of Dare Spoons

(Photo from felixtsao)
On the weekends at a small private college in Connecticut, Saturday nights can be quite boring if no plans have been made to go out.

Plus, when you're a freshman and aren't allowed to have a car your first year, it can feel like your trapped on campus, just waiting for any burst of excitement that comes your way.

Well, instead of waiting for excitement to come to us, a group of friends (Ally, Mark, Tim, Hannah, Joe, Elise, Andrew, and Addie) decided to make fun... they invented the game, Ultimate Dare Spoons. This game incorporated the card game, spoons, with the traditional truth or dare, to make one big game of fun.

Before the start of the game, every player makes up two dares, writes them on paper, and puts them in the pile. Then, the card game of spoons begins.

The player who doesn't grab a spoon (there are only enough for every person but one), must pick up a dare from the pile and complete it. If they don't, they get thrown into the nearby campus creek.

truth or dare stories girl sitting on the lap of a guy
(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)
Since this game included both guys and girls, you can bet there were some very interesting things going down.
  • Girls had to lick guys' toes

  • a girl had to bite someone's ear

  • someone had to eat raw protein powder

  • raunchy things were screamed out the window

  • girls were hit on by guys

  • guys were hit on by guys

  • the RA's room was raided and it went on and on from there.

The grand finale of the game came when Elise had to give Andrew a lap dance and was laughing so hard from embarrassment that she peed her pants right on his lap!

She was mortified, but eventually got over it because the group of friends was laughing the night away uncontrollably.

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Francis

that has to be the WORST lap dance story I ever heard

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Moonlit Lies: A Dare that Scared the Girls until they cried

When I was a child I lived in a very small town in the mountains of Wyoming. Summer was especially precious there as it was so very short. My next door neighbor lived in California and was rarely there.

However, they had an amazing porch that the neighborhood children liked to sneak onto and camp out. One such night we were playing truth or dare. We clearly were not supposed to do this so all dares had to be acted out with precision.

Across the street lived a single woman who we all swore was a drug lady and we called the house a drug house and whether it was true or not we all lived in fear of the place. My brother dared me and my friend, Carrie, to go look in the car up on blocks in the side yard.

This was terrifying, but had to be done. We crept across the quiet street and pinched each other to motivate movement when we got too scared. Finally we were there. Of course the car only had some garbage and tools in the back seat, but Carrie and I were filled with our bravery from crossing the street and came up with a plan to get back at my brother for making us do it.

We ran back to the illicit porch and told everyone that there was plastic wrapped something in the back seat and we were sure that it was a body. At first they didn't believe us, but soon the moonlight and our unreasonable fear of the woman had its intended effect and they became very scared.

As some of the girls began to cry, I felt a little bad for making it up. Then my big and tough brother got too scared and had to go home. It was worth it.

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The Christmas Candy Necklace Dare

by Sara
(Easton, MD, USA)

(Photo from Sarah Korf via flickr)

One Christmas my friend Angela and I had purchased a candy necklace thong for men from a novelty gift store for a friend of ours, Daniel, as a gag Christmas gift.

On the actual night of Christmas, Angela and I were really bored after opening gifts with our families and decided we were going to go out to a movie. We called our friend Daniel up and he agreed to pick us up and all three of us were going to see a late showing of "Fun with Dick and Jane" because everyone else was away.

After going to the movie Daniel took us back to his house as all of his family was away for the holiday and no one was home but him.

Angela decided it was the perfect opportunity for us to give Daniel his candy necklace thong. She gave him the gift, he unwrapped it and laughed.

Somehow Angela and I managed to dare him to try it on and give us a little show. He went downstairs to his bedroom and we followed him down and stood in the hallway as he changed.

I had gotten a video camcorder for Christmas and had it pointed at the door for the moment he came out because I wanted to get it on tape.

Daniel had problems getting the candy necklace thong on as it was too big and he had to make some adjustments and tie some knots for it to fit properly.

While me and Angela stood giggling in the hallway, we must not have heard his mom's car pull in the driveway. The moment Daniel reached for the doorknob to come out, his mom walked in the door and called out for him.

Daniel, obviously terrified of his mom seeing him that way ran back into his bedroom and Angela ran into the laundry room. I ran into the laundry room after her and we hid in there until she left again.

She had come home early because one of his grandmother's had been hospitalized. Luckily she never saw him in the candy necklace thong or knew we were there.

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Everyone in Belgium is Nuts

by Sara
(Belgium, Germany)

Dared make out with a window

Dared make out with a window

(Photo from Donovan Henneberg-Verity)

My name is Sara. And I really don't like men. Well, okay, let me rephrase. I used to not like men. And I've got a damn good reason why? It all started with a bus trip and a wild game of truth or dare.

Where we were headed, I couldn't tell you. Somewhere in Germany, I think. I remember where I was living at the time and what we were doing; Belgium and headed to a track meet. Well, sometimes those trips could get just a little out of hand. So you could imagine the pandemonium that ensured when someone said the words 'truth or dare'.

truth or dare stories a handsome guy at party
Handsome guy at party
(Photo from austinanomic)

Pretty soon, it got really... let's just say 'weird'. "Truth or dare! Scott?" I really liked Scott. He was a cool guy, not to mention a bit of a daredevil. So you can imagine what answer he gave. ...? For those of you who are Completely oblivious, he said: "Dare!" Now, I thought Scott was somewhat sane.

So the fact he went through with the dare he was given me reason to question what was left of his sanity? He was dared to make out with the bus window. And he did it. Eeew. Now, I'm not so rational myself. So when it came time for my dare and I did it, I was beginning to question my own head.

"Truth or dare? Sara!" I looked over at my friend, whom we will call 'Jill'. I sighed and decided to take the one-way ticket to hell. "Dare. Just please... nothing too sexual." Well, I probably shouldn't have said anything because their dirty little minds when straight to the gutter and were probably having fun there.

truth or dare stories a girl sitting on the lap of a guy
Dare: Sit on a Guy's lap
(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

'Jill' smirked over at Scott, who was completely oblivious, turned back to me and said: "I dare you to sit on Scott's lap, run your fingers through his hair, and say, 'I really like your hair, Scotty-poo'!" ... Great friends, right? Well, I guess I'm the idiot here because I ACTUALLY DID IT!

The look at Scott's face was priceless to the others, but I was mortified. And when that trip was over, it went around the school like wildfire. BAS is a school of only 200 kids from K-12, you must realize.

They never let me live it down. Especially not the boys. I only just recently got over my fear of being ridiculed by boys. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should always pick truth in truth or dare.

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Oct 31, 2011
oh well
by: Anonymous

If you go to a school of 200 people, then I'm sure the TRUTH can spread just as quickly as the heat from this truth or dare charade. Lame. Next!

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

I think the dare is not that bad. It sounds fun if you did the dare sexily.

May 10, 2012
Truth can suck too
by: Anonymous

With the right secret exposed you would be just as embarrassed, believe me!

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