The Crush

by Julie Rose
(New Jersey)

So, one birthday party at my friend's went bad. The grownups were outside so we decided to play 7 minutes here in heaven, except for one minute. The people inside the closet will have no warning when or how the door would open. We all decided that the two would be put in the closet under the stairs.

It was empty at the time. A bunch of people went. Nobody was allowed phones or watches. They were all in a box on the table. So it landed on me and my crush eventually, my friends decided to be sneaky and change the rules up a bit. Anybody who went on had to have a thick layer of lipstick on. If we came out with smeared, or in a different spot or worn away the two people would be sent to the room of la la land. They called it that because it was a bedroom that had no windows, just one light, and a bed and dresser, that was it.

If two were sent to the la la land they would get to do anything for the next 7 turns of the game .a.k.a. 7 minutes. If another group was sent into the la la land while another group was in there, whatever they wanted to do with the other person had to be done with someone else in the room.

I had lipstick in my bag so when my crush and I went in, we kissed, we didn't want to be sent to the la la land of being teased so I wiped off both our smeared, worn away lipstick, and reapplied a new, heavy layer to both of us. When they opened the door so had put away the lipstick just in time. We came out and weren't teased.

Neither were we went to the la la land. One kid got suspicious and asked what happened in the closet, I told him nothing besides talk. They said they hadn't heard any words from the closet. So he was even more suspicious and my crush and I were even more nervous. I confessed after a long peer pressure interrogation to confess. We were sent to la la land for the next 7 minutes, and do you know what happened, we made out. Best party ever.

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