Crazy 16th birthday

by Connor
(Plain City, Utah, USA)

(Photo from you mee)

It was the weekend after my birthday (My b-day was in the middle of the week). My parents went to Wendover for the weekend, so my sister is like:

"you haven't had a birthday party for a while, let’s have one tonight"

So we invited a few friends (my girlfriend as well)

So when everyone gets to my house, we watch a movie, have a fire in the backyard, and then we are bored. So while we are around the fire, my friend Colton says, let’s play truth or dare.

So at first, it was silly and boring. Then I pick dare, and my friend is like, put your hand down your girlfriends pants (not telling you her name). Colton starts to argue with Taylor over the dare, but I put my hand down her pants anyways.
After a while, my GF is naked, and I'm not far off, and my GF asks me Truth or Dare?

and I pick dare,

and she is like, put on this blindfold, and stand up.

So I stand up, and she strips me down, and then she tells me to lie in the grass, and then she rode me.

It was one of the best nights of my life.

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How the truth came out

I was 15 when this all happened. I really liked a boy named David in my biology class, but was too shy to tell him. I had been thinking about him for weeks, but only my closest friends knew because I would talk to them about him.

They all said I should go for it and tell him, but I was petrified at the thought. What if he rejected me or flat out laughed at me? I wouldn't have been able to deal with the humiliation.

It was a small school, and everyone would've found out. Shelly, who was one of my best friends at the time, invited me to a party at her house. There were about 10 people there altogether including David. When someone suggested a game of truth or dare, I knew I was in trouble. I knew one of my friends was going to dare me to kiss him or something equally embarrassing.

After all, wasn't that the whole point of that game for kids our age? I figured I could get out of it by going to the bathroom at the start of the game and staying in there for a few minutes, so that's what I did. I just stood there and did nothing.

I could hear giggling from the other room and wanted to know what was going on, but I wasn't giving my friends any opportunity to put my crush on David out there on public display. I was just getting ready to bite the bullet and go out anyway because I didn't want anyone thinking I had the runs or something when I heard a timid knock on the door.

I opened it to see David standing there with a half smile on his face. He immediately grabbed me and kissed me. He also whispered in my ear that he had been dared to do that and to tell me how he felt about me. He said he'd always liked me ever since seventh grade, but had been too shy to tell me.

It was a great night.

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Truth or Dare Gone Wrong But We Had a Good Laugh

(Austin, TX)

When I was in college, my best friends Kenny and Elizabeth loved to play truth or dare.
Truth or Dare Stories Girls laughing hysterically
(Photo from Marlie Kanoi)
Unfortunately, we usually decided to play this after we had been drinking.

We usually started off doing truth, and we definitely learned some interesting things about each other (up to and including weird sexual preferences, shoplifting history, and a somewhat gross story about a little sister's infant belly button falling off during a babysitting session).

After each of us had a few drinks, though, it eventually started getting more into the dare territory. At this time we were all living in the dorms, and Elizabeth would always come over to Kenny and my room to hang out.

I don’t remember what started it, but someone started daring people to do things in the nude.It started off innocent enough, I suppose.

Kenny had to moon the campus from the dorm room window for 5 seconds. No one probably saw that anyway.

Elizabeth was dared to take off her bra and throw it out the window, though she refused to do it because she said her bra was too expensive. I can’t remember what she ended up getting to do instead.

When it was my turn, Elizabeth dared me to go streaking down the dorm hallway.

I had a few beers by this point, so I said sure why not.

I took off all my clothes, and with Kenny and Elizabeth cackling from the doorway of the room, I waited until there was no one in the hallway and sprinted off towards the end, where I had to touch the wall, then race back.

It seemed easy enough in theory, but by the time I had got back to the room they had shut the door behind me and I was left out in the hall while they were laughing from within.

Of course, right then the girl I had a crush on had to come walking down the hallway to see a friend of hers.

I stood there with one hand over my junk, blushing like crazy, and managed to squeak out a “Hi!”

She looked me up and down, laughed, shook her head, and went on in her friend’s room.

It ended up being a good thing because the next time I saw her we had something to laugh about, and we ended up going out on several dates!

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Party All Day, Party All Night!

Party Lovers

Party Lovers

(Photo from db Photography | Demi-Brooke)

I remember when I was a teenager, probably 16 or 17 years old, having a party at my house and inviting a bunch of my friends. There were at least fifty people there, and my parents were out of town on business trips. Usually there's a lot of booze in the house anyways so I didn't bother to buy any.

I didn't realize until an hour in that all we had was five bottles of Smirnoff vodka. At this time, only thirty people were there, and most of them were just dancing anyways. So after I had downed 3/4th of an entire bottle, I was stoned beyond belief. I suggested playing Truth or Dare (probably the worst decision of my life).

Of course I chose a dare and everyone decided I had to break into my neighbors' house and steal some alcohol. I, in my drunken stupor, enthusiastically agreed. I ran over to the house adjacent mine and walked right into the front door. I knew the old woman there was deaf anyways, so I didn't bother even trying to be quiet.

Old Mrs. Jenkens was sleeping on the couch, with QVC still on the TV. I looked underneath her cabinets and after a good 10 minutes of so I found her stash in a secluded cabinet towards the back of the kitchen. A couple more bottles of vodka, three full bottles of Captain Morgan, and 6x24 packs of beer.

I loaded them onto her wagon that her grandchildren played with and carted them across the street. On the way over, I saw headlights pulling into the driveway and figured I would greet them. So when the door opened I screamed at the top of my lungs "I'VE GOT BOOOOOOOOOOOZE!" And then I realized it was my mother.

I was grounded for six months and didn't host another party for the rest of my high school days.

(Check out the Gameguide for some tips about drinking)

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm surprise you'r still alive with downing that much vodka... in high school. You probbably neede a wake-up call... or if anything, to NOT host a party like that ever again.

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You Need a Damn Ashtray Rob!

by Janxy P
(Ellensburg, Washington, United States)

(Photo from Sean Biehle)

I was 21, drunk, and hanging out with two of my best friends at one of their apartments. We were a horrible mash up of misfits who in a fit of drunken ennui, decided to call each other’s bluff on some truth or dare.

Sitting in Rob's apartment, smoking, drinking our cheap beer, and of course partaking in my favorite pass time, blowing off studying, our fun suddenly took a dangerous but thrilling turn.

Rob, trying to out me as a pretend tough guy, asked if I'd ever stolen anything. I said yes, but then decided to up the ante.

"Hey Rob," I said.

"You never have an empty ashtray whenever I come over here." As usual, his tiny circular ash tray was overflowing with ash and butts.

"I got an idea. I dare you to run across the street with me and steal one of those giant ash trays they have sitting there outside of the grocery store." I dared.

After some back and forth prodding, we both ran across the street while our third friend acted as lookout, and we grabbed the giant ash tray/garbage can combo from in front of the closed grocery store and carried it back to his apartment.

For the next several weeks it was still there whenever I came to visit, and as far as I know, nobody ever connected it back to us.

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Nude Sleeping Blackmail

My brother’s friend was over and it was a really hot night so I shut my door and went to bed naked.

During the night my brother and his friend (who are 14) came in and were taking pictures of me naked! (Btw I'm 16)

I woke up and they threatened to post the pics on Instagram if I didn't go in the pool naked with my brother’s friend so I did because they had so many pictures.

While that was happening my brother stole my towel.

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Nov 25, 2013
Learn to Say 'NO' in Truth or Dare
by: DareMaster

Thanks for sharing your story. You have become a victim of little bit more than a prank.

This was actually more of a blackmail than anything having to do with Truth or Dare. Even more so than with truth or dare, you have to learn say ‘NO’ to things like this.

With a story like this, please also talk to your parents.

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