Snow Doesn’t Go There

One Christmas my friends and I were playing truth or dare in Ashland City, Tennessee. There was snow on the ground and it was very cold outside. It was a church Christmas party and the youth were trying to find some entertainment.

One of the youth, Samantha, suggested we play truth or dare. I was waiting for someone to ask me “truth or dare”? It would be a while before I had a turn.

One of the youth asked Samantha “truth or dare” and she chose to do a dare. She was dared to run around outside the house naked in the snow.

She decided to take the dare.

She stripped down on the porch and ran outside the house one time. She completed one lap and was knocking on the door to get back in. After she was dressed and in the house to get warm, the chaperones came into the room and asked why she looked so cold.

After a few moments of silence, someone admitted to the chaperone about our truth or dare game. We were all in a lot of trouble and received a big lecture on playing sinful games at a Christmas party.

Samantha received punishment for stripping down and running around outside. We were warned about the dangers of showing our bodies to friends and the dangers that can come from being outside in cold conditions without the proper winter attire.

It was a lesson we learned and vowed to never play truth or dare again. I for one never did again; the first time was traumatic enough after the first game. Being punished for playing a game that seemed innocent enough didn’t seem fair at the time.

Now I know different. I have two girls and I would me traumatized if I caught them running naked in the snow outside.

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