Embarrassing Truth or Dare College Ragging Story

by Sriddhesh
(Delhi, India)

Dare for Boys: go buy some tampons!

Dare for Boys: go buy some tampons!

This is a story when I had just entered college. We were called by some seniors and they were in the mood to rag us. Ragging here isn't too embarrassing, but sometimes it can get a bit degrading for someone who doesn't take it in the right spirit.

So, they decided to play the game of truth and dare. Only we juniors were made to play. The people in the beginning chose truth, but it started getting too personal. Later on people tended towards dare. After all how hard it could be, we thought.

When my friend's chance, he chose dare too. Let's call him Ramesh. The task he received was pretty gruesome. He was dared to buy a Stayfree tampon from the supermarket and gift it to one of his seniors!

Ramesh didn't believe the task in the end and thought that they were just kidding, but it turned out they were dead serious.

After a lot of thought, to the fact that the result won't be good if he tried and pu**y out of the task, he finally agreed to do it. Somehow, with his head buried in his chest, he went to the supermarket to buy the tampon. When he reached the cash counter, he was greeted with raised eyebrows, but he paid at the counter as fast as possible and ran out of the place.

But now came the hard part. He had to gift it to a senior. He selected a girl who was roaming alone in the campus and approached her. But as he did so, our seniors, who had given Ramesh the task rushed to the site and asked us to call Ramesh back.

It turned out that the girl that was about to get shocked was in the final year, even senior to the guys who had put us to the task. Fortunately, we were unable to call Ramesh back in time.

When the girl came to know who was actually behind the act, she was furious and reported the incident to the dean who in turn scolded the hell out of our seniors. It turned out to be a fun ragging session after all.

Photo from SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

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My freshman year of college

by Anonymous
(NC State University in Raleigh, NC (United States) )

A Naked Drinking Dare Story

A Naked Drinking Dare Story

(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

My friends and I got drunk one night and decided to play truth or dare outside in the dark. We were all a little tipsy, but my friend Mariah was a particular lightweight that night, and had gone a little over her limit.

Everybody asked her "Truth or Dare" and she never realized that she was the only one being asked.

She was also feeling very daring and had no sense of danger, so she answered "Dare" every time. My friend Shellie dared Mariah to go flash campus security as they drove by doing their nightly rounds.

She went to stand by the road and we all listened and snickered.

A few minutes later, we heard her yelling at a cop car and decided to go see what was going on.

We found her in a parking lot flashing her bra to an empty parked car. She was screaming at the "cop" that she thought was inside.

This was funny enough, but then she drunkenly stumbled into the car and fell on the ground, where she began to cry and scream that security had run her over. Shellie took a video because we knew she wouldn't believe us the next day.

My boyfriend Paul tried to help her sit and by saying he was giving her "medical attention" and promising she would live.

Mariah then confessed her love to Paul and thanked him for saving her life. We told her that it was okay and that they would not arrest her if she went to bed, so we took her back to her dorm and got her to go to sleep.

The next day, Mariah claimed that none of it had happened and tried to say she had only had a little to drink. We had the videos to prove her wrong.

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Apr 30, 2012
Epic Dare Night :D
by: Francis

Man that sounds like you had an AWESOME time doing dares. Must be fun to have such friends around!

Stories like these will make anyone wish to have joined YOUR college ;)

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Dry Humping in College

by Dina
(Normal, IL)

(Photo from Shawn Allen)

The resident assistants of our residence hall were on a staff retreat for team-building and skill development. After our evening session, several people decided to play truth or dare.

While I always chose truth because I had nothing to hide and because the group of friends were particularly dirty in making up dares, others always chose the dare. A friend of mine gave a particularly cruel dare to a fellow staff member that she didn't like.

She dared her to give one of the male resident assistants a lap dance and to dry hump him in front of all of us. To her credit, she took the dare and was going to do it, but the male resident assistant begged her not to because he wasn't wearing underwear and he was embarrassed about his "reaction."

Apparently, he had on silk boxers and couldn't handle the "attention." It was particularly cruel because these two staff members were friends and had considered a dating relationship in the past.

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A game of Truth or Dare ends in a big fight at the college canteen

by Moninder
(New Delhi, India)

Dramatic scenes in the canteen

Dramatic scenes in the canteen

This story is about two year's old incident when I was in college. On that day I was sitting with my friends in the canteen and bunking my class.

We were getting bored so we thought of playing Truth and Dare. So, we just took a bottle and started playing. I remember after two of my friends it was my chance to choose truth or dare. I was having a lot of unrevealed secrets and I knew that my friends will try to scratch those secrets therefore instead of choosing truth I took dare.

After thinking some time, my friends gave me a task to say: "Hello Aunty, Good morning" to a girl sitting with some guy in the canteen.

Now, it was my time to prove that I am daring guy. I just went near their table and said: "Hello Aunty"!

When I said only these two words, the guy just stood up and slapped me! Now, the whole canteen including the owner of the canteen was looking at the scene. I just saw that guy sitting with that girl was my senior. And he was belonging to some gangsters and had a really aggressive nature. He just started slapping me out of the blue.

I said "Sorry sir. We were just playing Truth and Dare and my intention is not to insult this girl."

Actually, when I really saw that girl. I found that she is my junior and they both were committed and that guy tried to impress her by fighting with me.

After a long fight, my friends and the canteen owner came near us and took my senior out of the canteen. But the senior was stupid: when I went out of the college he started fighting again, but at that time me and my friends beat the crap out of him.

Actually, I thought that the fault was of that girl: if she wants, then she can stop that senior.
But she was just watching the scene. After that moment, me and my friends started laughing on the scene and on the game that we were just playing a game and how the funny scene was transformed into some serious moment.

I felt that I would never choose dare, but I choose truth. After six months, from that day that senior was passed out, but that girl who was my junior was still in the college and I along with my friends all the time call her "AUNTY".

This story was interesting because I think that this is different from other incidents of this game.

Photos from Andrew Imanaka and Mike Burns

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Mar 11, 2012
man up!
by: Anonymous

Dude, stand up for yourself. It doesn't matter why, if you get slapped with no reason, you could as well get your balls taken off.

That was in public right? I'm not so sure if you get any girls anymore at this place...

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Truth or Dare College Story

by Hassan
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Dare: borrow some umbrellas and sing a funny song!

Dare: borrow some umbrellas and sing a funny song!

My name is Hassan Abbasand I am twenty. It was a bright sunny day of April when my friends insisted me to play truth and dare game spin the bottle version.

When we rolled the bottle, the first person got pointed was Abdullah. We asked him whether truth or dare. He chose to dare. A group of girl was sitting on the front lawn of our campus. He was dared to borrow all their umbrellas and sing a song after that.

He went there, bent a little and said something we could not hear him as we were sitting far. All those girls laughed at him first, but they agreed to give him their umbrellas. After collecting those umbrellas he started singing the song "my heart is beating, it's only feeling for you....." And those girls again started laughing madly upon his act.

Now he got free and it was time to roll the bottle again. This time the aim was on me. They asked me whether truth or dare. I was very confused: "what should I choose?" After thinking a while I chose dare again.

All of my friends were quiet and thinking for my dare job. After some time my friend Erqem spoke. He pointed to a fat girl and asked me to go to her and ask her that what is secret behind her awesome physique??? I was very confused because this dare could cost me very much. But I wanted to at least try it.

I went to her and asked her very politely: "may I know some of you secrets?"

she replied "who the hell are you?"

I replied "I am Hassan and I study here in Software department..."

She was a bit angry, but still she asked me "why do you want to know my secrets?"

I was confused and I said: "will you tell me, please?"

I don't know how she agreed and told me "OK, go ahead."

So I asked her "what is secret behind your beautiful physique...?"

She replied with a taunting tone "which beautiful physique?! I am not beautiful."

I still insisted her saying that she is beautiful. She thought that I am interested in her so she suddenly changed her tone and asked me "what do you want? Tell me clearly."

I repeated the question again: "just tell me. I need to know." She said very innocently:

"Actually I eat a lot. (With sadness on her face)" Then I thanked her.

I was really very embarrassed to hurt her feelings by asking such a question. This game taught me a big lesson.

Photos from VirtualErn and Chellbie

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My first year of college was a blur!

I was a member of the band and we arrived at school before all other students so we could practice for opening day of the football season.

Our hallway was made of slick stone and my friends and I invited girls over for a "wet party". We made the hallway slippery with soap and used a few buckets in the community bathroom to soak the floors.

We decided that this wasn't enough fun and quickly turned it to a truth or dare game. Everyone decided we would slide down the hall naked and so we did.

We also tried sliding while kissing our favorite girl or grabbing body parts. I decided to up the ante and slide down faster than everyone else. So I took the dare to slide with no pants on. What I didn't know was that friend has a tube of icy-hot ready to go!

As I was sliding he squirted the contents on my body and I felt the worst burn I've ever felt! It burned enough that I lost control of the slide and hit the wall. I jumped up full sprint and ran to the bathroom and slipped again.

After washing it off the area outside the door got really quiet. As I walked out the door back to my room not a person was around. Then I heard the band director say Mr.Graham I'm hoping you have a good reason for walking bare assed down this dorm.

Later on that evening at practice my director asked for all the people who were involved and since no one spoke up. I took the punishment alone. 20 laps! Every time I passed in front of the group I had to yell BARE BOTTOM!

It was definitely the start to a crazy semester.

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A Simpler Time

(Photo: b@nfy)

I remember at my friend's graduation party over the summer, we had... Lord, it had to be at least 20 people celebrating all in one house.

We played video games, made pizza, all that good stuff, but it wore out quickly. Then someone had the bright idea for truth or dare.

I was a much more innocent person back then, and I led a very sheltered life. Only one person was more sheltered than me in that group. We refused to do Dares and only said truths, so it wasn't very interesting anymore.

So someone had the even brighter (note the sarcasm) idea to play Dirty Never Have I Ever instead.

Once again it was the same two of us, and our friends were throwing everything they could to get us to lose. Someone tried to turn that game into a Truth or Dare of all the things we said we hadn't done, but that was quickly thrown aside due to the extreme sexual nature of the game.

I finally lost, which amazed me, and the party continued, everyone gossiping about the things they had lost because of.

Looking back now, it was a much more innocent time. It was during that same summer, and the following year, that I experienced just about every single thing that had made me lose before.

I wonder if the other players got less sheltered. It would surely shock and amaze all of those friends how quickly I would lose that game now. How much more candid my truths in truth or dare would be.

I'd wager a guess that some would even request I stop informing them of my truths, and just drop out of the game for everyone's sake... my friends are quite squeamish.

Either way, I'd like to go back and play again, just to see how people react.

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