Naked Dare Story in the Park

Naked Dares in Public, Always funny to Perform

Naked Dares in Public, Always funny to Perform

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One time, back when I was in high school I was hanging out with my close friends Shelly, Anna, and Donald. We were hanging out at a neighborhood park in our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. As usual we were all bored and loitering about the park. So, one of us suggested truth or dare.

Truth or Dare Stories Inspiration for Naked Dare
Inspiration for a Naked Dare
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We all thought, "Sure why not, we have nothing better to do!". I can't remember who made the dare, but one of us dared Donald to strip completely naked and walk a portion of the park in the nude. He agreed and did it without hesitation.

Next thing I know I'm being dared to do the same thing! At first I was a little hesitant, but figured there was no one else at the park and thought Donald did it so could I???

I was a little nervous about getting caught because there were a row of two story homes on one end over looking the park. Anyone could have seen us if they looked out their windows. Who knows, maybe somebody did see us? It was exhilarating and scary at the same time.

After my turn, Shelly was dared to do it as well! She was a bit hesitant like me but did it anyway! Anna was dared to do it too, but couldn't do it.

It was a fun time and will always remember that experience.

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Naked dare in front of a car

by Rose

Me, three of my best girl friends and our boyfriends had a sleepover party when we all were about 16 years old. Still, we drank a little too much and had the "great" idea to play truth or dare.

My jerk of a boyfriend dared me to strip outside down to my underwear! I was wearing a thong and a really cute bra, but I was so drunk that I did not care.

We all went outside, me almost naked, and jumped around on the street, waving to cars and such. At one point, they all asked me to jump in front of cars at a red light and wave. Since I was so buzzed, I gladly agreed...

On the next day though, I did not only have a bad headache, I also was in deep trouble...

It turned out that one of the cars that stopped at the red light and where I was dancing in my underwear was a taxi with my grandparents in it! They told the story to my parents, with all the details, like how I did this sexy dance in front of the car and such...

I could have died from embarrassment!! Needless to say that I got grounded for quite some time.

That would not have been so bad, if my grandparents would not tease me, years later, with comments like "how is it going, sexy lady...?"

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Naked in the woods

by Lars

I was dared to act like a dog for 30 minutes and my owner was a girl. I had to walk around on hands and feet. Naked. I also had to sniff all around.

She took me with her in the woods and made me go to the toilet (nuber one AND number two!) like a dog there.

Sounds really... degrading and humiliating. You wouldn't do that if you weren't into her.

Do you think you might have any chance at this girl, now that you did you-know-what right in front of her...?

Good luck with the next dare! Who knows what she will have you do.

Oh, by the way, Lars, I can imagine that you would be interested in our ultimate dare discussion! ;)

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Feb 02, 2015
my woods dare
by: Anonymous

Yes, I went to the park with my husband where I was dared to get loose a piece of clothing everytime we passed someone. It wasn't long before I lost my bra and thong. We passed these two guys, I lost my shirt.

Now topless walking, when we came upon a couple walking they smiled as we came close looking at my tits. My husband said hi and started talking to them, then looked at me and said: you know?

So I lost my skirt in front of them.

Now standing there totally naked and very wet...

My husband told them about the dare and they smiled as they stared at my naked body.

As they left, my husband went with them, leaving me naked and all alone to get back to the car.

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Naked dare in public

by Brooke
(Miami, florida)

I was 19 girl, and me and my besties were having a sleepover in the summer. And we got bored so we decided to play truth or dare.

And I chose dare, and they dared me to go outside take all my clothes off and wave by every car that went by me on my street. It was embarrassing but it was fun.

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Farming Nude for A Day

by Biil

We had a little bet on who would do the farm work naked for the day. That meant everything from feeding animals to tractor (open cab) work in the field. It was down two men over women. Now, we do have help, but they’re all male so I didn't care, but I didn't lose.

Sue was mad she lost, but a bet is a bet. We started out about 5:30am going to the barn with her wearing only work shoes and a hat. Me and the help were fully dressed.

As soon as we got in the barn, the lights went on and cell phones came out snapping from the two men. Sue was mortified but just started chores like any other day, more than I could say for the men.

We finished about 9:00am in the barn then had breakfast at the house; Sue, me and the two men. They stopped making fun of her until she was getting on the tractor, then told her it was her turn to mow the lawn, which was by the road and she had to use a string trim also! Sue turned red as a beet, but didn't back down. It was a good day for her because only seven or eight cars went by, all slowly.

Night milking was different. Her good friends called all their friends and more people were showing up, not to help, but rather to look. Some were men but most were woman, all taking pictures. Sue didn't seem to mind, but I think she liked it.

That night, cell phones were ringing all night and all she would say is “A bet is A BET!”

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May 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

Great bet! I have to give her kudos for going through with that one. How did she look out mowing the lawn. I'm surprised someone didn't crash... 😈

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Store flashing dare

by Tiffy

My fiance and I were playing Truth or Dare. As I have given him some humiliating dares in the past...he decided to get even. He dared me to flash in the dollar store down the street from our house and let him take pics of me doing it. Little did I know he positioned me directly under a security camera! The next time I went to a store employee told me I was brave. When I asked why...he said everyone in the store had seen the video of me flashing lol I thought I would die and know I was blushing on the way out of the door!!! You can Kik kinkydaregirl for proof of this dare pics. I have to send them to anyone who asks.

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Naked Campfire Dancing at Party

by Colby

I was invited to a New Year Eve's party at a friends house. After people started arriving my friend leaned over and said "you see that girl" if you dare her she will dance around the campfire naked. I said no way. My friend also told me that she was a middle school teacher. If I ever had a teacher like that when I was in middle school, I would have been in heaven.

Anyway, after a few hours and many drinks, her husband said to her "hey, you should dance naked around the fire". Come to find out this is something she has done on a few occasions. I don't know how many people she knew at that party but I'm sure there were some strangers.

She gave him this mischievous look and then started stripping off her clothes. I couldn't believe it. She danced around for about five minutes with everybody cheering. After she got tired she just hung out in her thong, which was see-through by the way.

Wish I had better pictures but it was dark and I was drunk.

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Stripped Naked by Clown

by John

This is a true story and happened many years ago when I was 12 yrs old.

A circus had come to town and my mother had a free ticket. Mum could not go as she was working so gave the ticket to me.

Mum told me to wear long trousers with a belt and DO NOT VOLUNTEER to ride the horse. Mum obviously knew something of the circus reputation.

I disobeyed Mum and wore shorts with elastic waistband and never wore underwear which was how I mostly dressed. I also had a T-shirt and slip on shoes.

I'm now at Circus and at the interval, several clowns call for volunteers to ride a horse around the ring. They called for kids under 10 years.

I was very small for my age and I volunteered along with lots of other kids both boys n girls.

The clowns ask us questions about our age and who we were with at the circus. I said I was nearly 10 and I was alone. One of the clowns was going along the line of kids pulling at their waistbands and those with elastic waist clown would pull the band out and look down inside the pants. When he saw I had no underwear, he pretended to by shock.

They chose just 2 boys and one girl and sent every other kid back to their seats. I was one of the chosen and I was so excited the 3 of us all had elastic waistbands. The other boy and I had shorts and the girl had long pants but with elastic waist.

In the ring, they had a safety harness that went around the chest just under the arms this had a rope attached that wend up to the top of the circus tent thru a pulley and back down to the ground. A clown held the end of the rope and could hold a person up in the air easily. this was to stop the rider from falling to the ground if they fell off.

They told us to take our shirts and shoes off and give them to our friends to hold. I said I was alone so they pointed to some girls in top back row n told me to give it them to look after.

The other boy was put in the harness first and put on the horse and clowns started to lead him around the ring. After one lap, the clown with the rope pulled on and the boy was hoisted into the air swinging around the ring.

another clown went to catch him but he pretended to trip n grabbed his trousers as he fell, the trouser came down to his knees and his underpants just lower enough his privates could just be seen... The crowd cheered and chanted OFF OFF OFF. but they lowered him to the ground and pulled his pants back up.

Next, as the girl, the same things happened but when they pulled her pants down her undies stayed up nothing could be seen.

Now it was my turn, I was petrified as I now knew they would try to pull my pants down. I was too afraid to stop, I was like in a trance of fear. But I had a plan, I decided that I would hold tight onto my waistband so they could not pull them down.

I now on the horse and very soon I was hoisted into the air I went to grab my waistband but the safety harness was wide and tight and under my arms, I could not lower my arms below my shoulders. Soon I felt my shorts being tugged at and the crowd cheering n chanting off.

I could not see but I could feel my shorts down to my thighs. Another clown tugged my shorts back up a little bit but not enough to cover me. The crowd still chanting off.

Then a clown just went yank down and my shorts were completely off and I'm fully naked and cant even get my hands down to cover myself. I was left swinging around naked for what felt like forever. The clowns pretended to try and put my shorts back on but never getting past my ankles.

When they lowered me to the ground and took the harness off they still not give me the shorts they played piggy in the middle with me making me run after my shorts as they threw them to each other. finally, they threw my shorts up to the back row where the girls had the other things. I then had to climb up thru the crowd still naked to get my clothes.

I know why they ask for under ten yrs was because then and I think even now kids under puberty are allowed to be naked in public like swimming etc.

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Lost a bet, Lost her clothes

by Ash
(The Deep South)

A long time ago, I met a very beautiful woman, who sadly, wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier. She seemed to be interested in me and we went out on a couple of dates.

One evening we went out for dinner and as we were finishing up our conversation turned to the check. I surmised she had no idea how much dinner cost so I made a challenge. If she guessed within $5 either way (this was in the 80s when things were a lot cheaper), I'd lock all my clothes in the trunk and I'd stay naked until we got back inside my apartment.

If she wasn't within $5, I'd lock her clothes in the trunk, and she'd be naked. Though we'd played around a little, I'd yet to see her undressed, so if she took the bet, our relationship would be going to another level. With the appetizer, the first courses, the desserts and the drinks, I knew she wouldn't be anywhere close. So I cajoled, coaxed and finally coerced her into taking the bet, I even gave her $7.50 either way.

She thought about what we had and made her guess. When the check arrived, I let her look at it first. Her expression was priceless, a combination of surprise, confusion, and dread. I smiled, I figured you'd be too low, I told her. I quickly paid the bill and we headed back to the car.

I opened the door for her, and told her how much I was going to enjoy the drive home. I hopped in the driver's side and waited, watching her. She sighed, then lifted her sweater up, revealing a pretty lace bra, then pulled the sweater over her head and handed it to me. She took another deep breath and unbuttoned her pants. She lifted her hips up, then slid her pants off, again, handing them to me.

Her panties apparently were a matched set with the bra. Through the lace, I could see a small patch of dark hair underneath. I told her she was incredibly sexy.

She looked around to see if anyone was watching inside the car. Satisfied that no one was there, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She maneuvered her arms through the straps managing to keep the lace over her breasts. Finally, she removed the bra, tossed it to me, then quickly covered her breasts with her arms. That's not fair, I told her. Too bad, she answered.vI was patient. I knew there would be plenty of opportunities to look at her body. Time for the panties, I told her.

After another deep breath and a quick glance around, she hooked her thumbs into the straps of the g-string and lifted her hips. Of course, that revealed her chest to me for the first time. She caught me staring and quickly covered herself up and sat back down.

How can I not look? I asked, you look fabulous. Delaying the inevitable just makes it harder, I said.

She lifted her hips again, and slid off the panties, indeed revealing a small patch of jet black hair just above the folds of her... She handed me the panties and tried to cover up as best as possible. I grabbed the clothes and got out of the car, making sure to leave the door open. I tossed her clothes in the truck and hopped back in. I took the long way back to my apartment and turned on the inside light.

She was not pleased with that, and even less pleased when I stopped for gas, again, leaving the door open. Unfortunately, not many people were around and no one seemed to notice. That changed when we got to the apartment complex.

I parked the car not too far from the door, I wasn't that mean. Time to go inside, I told her. She looked around and no one was in sight. I got out, and walked to her side and opened the door for her. She hopped out quickly, not really able to cover herself at all. As we walked through the garage, a car turned in, its headlights bathing her in light for an instant, clearly showing her nudity.

She ran to the door before we could tell if the driver had seen anything. I unlocked the door and we hurried in. I checked the mail and we headed to the elevator. I hit the button and she was relieved when the doors opened and the car was empty. We got in, I hit five, the doors closed and we started up. Surprisingly, the car quickly stopped its ascent, the doors opened at "L", and three guys were there, waiting to get in. Their jaws dropped when they realized a naked woman was inside the elevator. They walked in, staring at her, but too shocked to say a word.

She lost a bet, I told them. Great bet one of them answered. She turned bright red, but didn't try to hide herself. I reached out for her hand. We got out at five, and as the doors closed I could hear the guys laughing. Holy shit! She was hot! What a body!

We walked down the hall to my apartment, I unlocked the door and we went inside. They were right. You are hot and your body is amazing. I'm glad I finally got to see you naked. I told her. My turn to see you naked, she said as she unhooked my belt and unzipped my khakis.

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Locked naked outside

by Cameron

It was a hot summer day and I was 14 at the time. I was home alone in my undies (that were 3 sizes to big) just chilling on the bed. Before my mum left in the morning, she asked if I could hang the washing out, so I decided to go out and do it.

After finishing hanging the washing up I went to play some basketball out the in the front yard (still in my undies). I took a few shots some went in some didn't, then I tried a long-range shot and the balls bounces of the house and rolls down the street then I chased after it.

When I bent down to pick it up my undies came completely off, so there I was standing outside naked, I was so embarrassed. Without realizing I ran back to the house without my undies and when I got to the front door it was locked, so I was standing outside my house completely naked.

I tried to cover myself with my hands but that didn't really help, then I see my sister driving down the road with all of her friends in the car. They were laughing and taking photos, it was so embarrassing. My sister and her friends let themselves inside the house but left me out naked.

I waited outside and a breeze started to pick up so I got shrunk, then my friends arrive at my house because I offered to take us to cricket training. About an hour later my sister opens the door and lets me and my friends in.

Probably the most embarrassing moment in my life, my sister, and my friends remind me of it every day and I am 17 now.

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