Let’s Create the Ultimate Sexy Embarrassing Dare Ever!

by Ben the Dare-Master and Francis

My friend Ben wrote me with this great Idea:

Let us try to think up the ultimate sexy embarrassing dare!

This is the ULTIMATE dare, so it has to be

  • fun
  • dirty
  • embarrassing

for the daree and hilarious for the darer.

You have to be able to do it
  • alone or with a friend
  • young or old
  • boy or girl
  • superwimp or daredevil.

It has to be able to be done inside or out (or maybe a little of both) and in a place where you can get caught or get lucky.

It’ll take the participation of everyone reading this to live up to the name of "the ULTIMATE dare". Let us know your ideas in the comments!

The requirements for this dare are many, so I don't know if we won't end up with mutliple ultimate dares. ;)

At the end of our dare, the daree has to be naked at least. That's a classic, it has to be part of the dare.

I would try to think of the dare as a modular "brick by brick" package, that you can upgrade if needed.


Put a big cucumber in your mouth and hold it and...
  1. run down the street
  2. while wearing only underwear
  3. or even naked
  4. making loud noises with an air horn you're holding in your hand
  5. While your friends follow you and record you on video camera
  6. And they put it up on Facebook afterwards
  7. And send the link to your crush via email
  8. Under your name, with profanities in this email...

See? It gets worse and worse

I'd like our ultimate dare to sort of look like this.

Well it was only an example, but how do you like it?

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Jan 28, 2012
Now let's discuss some variations for our dare ideas
by: Francis

The example above was just from the top of my head. I am sure we can come up with better variations.

Where does the daree run?

1. To the neighbors and he has to ask for something (can I have some "cream on my cucumber"?) with a totally straight poker face.

2. To his crush

3. Around the block

4. From the darer: he could run after the player doing the dare and if he catches him, it gets worse (get a spanking, publish the video, you can scribble stuff on him...)

Jan 30, 2012
Let's have fun
by: Ben, daredevil and co-creator of the idea of the ultimate dare

You know, when I told Francis the idea that we should make an ultimate dare, I new it would get popular, but I totally forgot about his website! This is better than I thought, and me and Francis are going to need help to make this dare as ultimate...excuse me...ULTIMATE...as it can be. All ideas are acceptable.

Jan 31, 2012
by: Ben, the daredevil and co-creator of the ULTIMATE dare

I can't wait for this ULTIMATE dare to really get going. I want this to truely be the worlds most embarrassing, sexy, hilarious, ULTIMATE dare this world has ever seen. I really appreciate Francis putting this up on his website. If you have any ideas that you think will make this dare that much better, email me at DoubleDogDareDevilDude[at]gmail.com, or just post it here on the webpage. All additional dare ideas are acceptable and appreciated. Thank you for coming together with us to help this ULTIMATE dare live up to it's name.

-Ben, the daredevil, and co-creator of the ULTIMATE dare.

Jan 31, 2012
Brainstorming ultimate dare ideas
by: Francis

Ben, while we wait for others to jump on this project, let's start brainstorming, OK?

Just let us throw in whatever we think is cool, embarrassing or useful, we'll order it later.

What's embarrassing?

Having the dare recorded on cam and posted on Facebook would be my personal number one fear.

Having photos of the dare printed out and scatterered around in school is almost a crime, I'd say, so let's leave this out as a punishment for chickening out ;)

Doing the dare naked is too simple.

Doing the dare in the nude wearing only a sign saying "You get 10$ if you succeed in stealing me this sign" is just as embarrassing, but way funnier :D

Balancing something that could hurt/sting/stink when you are breaking the bottle it's in - while you are running for this dare is another idea...

Let us brainstorm!!

Feb 01, 2012
Email Ideas To Me
by: Ben, the daredevil

To everyone who wishes to add to the ULTIMATE dare...

If you have any ideas that you think will contribute to helping the ULTIMATE dare live up to it's name, just email them to me. My email address is located at the bottom of this comment. After I have received ideas, I will post them up on this website, along with any previous ideas. This way I can keep an organized list of all the ideas that are going towards the ULTIMATE dare, and everyone here still gets to see the ideas of everyone else. Dont think that your ideas won't be added. Every time I get ideas to help me and Francis out, the ULTIMATE dare will be updated here on the website.

Thank you for reading this comment, and thank you in advance for all additions and contributions.

-Ben, the daredevil
co-creator of the ULTIMATE dare

Feb 01, 2012
by: Ben, the daredevil

If anyone has any contributions for the ULTIMATE dare, email the ideas to me at the above address, and they WILL end up back here on the website. I just need to get an organized list of every idea for the ULTIMATE dare. I also promise you'll get a response from either Francis or myself.

Thank you in advance for all contributions.

-Ben, the daredevil

co-creator of the ULTIMATE dare.

Feb 06, 2012
little spoiler
by: Francis

Just that you know, the dare we plan on giving you guys will be so hardcore that I won't be able to tell the results directly on this site.

Don't worry though. I'll be sure to publish it somewhere else and send you the link!

Is there anyone with a lot (a LOT) of gutts out there? :)

Feb 13, 2012
Let's continue in the next post!
by: Francis

I have made a new post for us to continue discussions in the comments. Just post your comments under this post!

(I'll merge both posts together later!)

Dec 03, 2012
This should be interesting...
by: Anonymous

This is a good dare that occured to me:
"Tell us about the time you watched 2 girls 1 cup. If you haven't watched it, do so."
Hilarity ensues.

Jul 22, 2013
The dare
by: Anonymous

I've been dared to go outside up to random strangers and hit on them or you can say" ...$ for the night and try to get them to buy or go up to the same sex and say ur gay or les and ask if they want to make out if so they HAVE to do it

Jul 26, 2013
Re: The dare
by: Francis

Nice idea for timid people!

Since we are looking for really extreme dares, I would say this dare passes if you are very shy by nature.

For everyone else, this is a great idea for getting some hot action.

Be it wanted or not :)

Jan 08, 2014
For those about to rock...
by: Anonymous

A insane dare;
The daree must be blindfolded while all the other players pile up all the clothing removed thus far. The daree must than pull out with their teeth a set number of items selected by the darer. the daree must than dress in only those clothes and run down the street being as loud as possible, the darer may decide whether the person keeps the clothes on at the end of the dare.

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