Lick and Stick

by Rachael Gatwood
(Ohio, USA)

Licking Dares always bring fun to the Game

Licking Dares always bring fun to the Game

(Photo from Photo4jenifer)

I and my best friend Marie were both fourteen. She had a Christmas Party every year where we all toasted marshmallows on her family's fireplace and played games like Truth or Dare. One girl dared Marie to lick the front window and see if her tongue would stick.

It was snowing outside and there were frost patterns on the edge of the glass because it was so cold. Well, Marie didn't think the glass was cold enough to stick, so she stuck her tongue way out and made a silly face as she pressed it to the window.

We all laughed, Marie was always goofing around. Then she looked upset. Her eyes got really big. We thought she was still goofing around so we just laughed. She made a sound like "Uhhnnh!!" We said: "Come on Marie, we don't believe for a minute you're tongue is stuck, stop faking."

Marie started to cry a little and that was when we realized she was actually stuck. She had her lips pulled way back because she didn't want them to touch the glass and get stuck too, so it looked like she was smiling, but she also had tears running down her cheeks and messing up her mascara.

It made her look like a scary clown. We were all scared. We wondered if we should ask Marie's dad for help, but we were embarrassed. Luckily another girl, Katie, had a cup of hot chocolate that was piping hot. She dipped a tissue in the chocolate and patted it on the glass right over Marie's tongue.

Marie was able to pull away a little bit. They kept putting on hotter beverage and finally Marie was free. There was hot chocolate dribbling all the way down the window, it was gross. But before they finished un-sticking Marie, her little brother and his friend came by and saw.

They were outside building a snowman and when they saw Marie stuck to the window they laughed and made faces. It was awful, but we all laughed about it afterwards. Marie made some weird faces while she felt her tongue to make sure it was okay.

She said she didn't want to play Truth Or Dare again for a long long time!!!

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Haven't you seen A Christmas Story? This never ends well. Ridiculous!

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Disgusting Pig Licking Dare - A Yucky Story

(Penn State, (PA, Main Campus.))

Licking a statue is one of the easiest dares... Maybe not.

Licking a statue is one of the easiest dares... Maybe not.

(Photo from Marc_Smith)

Almost everyone has played truth or dare at some point in their lifetime, but not everyone plays like my friends and I do. It was a chilly winter night and it was almost time for winter break, so my friends and I headed down to a bar on College Ave, so that we could have one last party before the holidays.

After consuming a fair amount of alcohol, we started to get ready to leave. My buddy Jeff wanted one last round for the group, so I reluctantly obliged and downed another shot before we headed out.

On the walk back, we passed a familiar bronzed pig statue that sits between two shop windows. I had passed it hundreds of times before, and never gave it much of a thought. Jeff, however, was thinking about it.

He looked at me, stopped our group, and announced “I’ll give $20 to the first person to lick that pig! I dare you!” Now, $20 might not seem that much to you, but to a college kid, $20 is a lot. And I had just spent my last pennies at the pub.

So as 2 other friends lunged for the pig, I pulled them back by the back by their jacket hoods, and I flung myself at the pig. I licked it the whole way from the nose to the top of the head, and turned to Jeff triumphantly for my $20. Jeff looked astonished, and reached into his pocket for my winnings.

Then it hit me.

The most putrid taste in the world.

The alcohol and cold must have numbed my taste buds, but they were now alive and burning with a horrid flavor.

I turned and puked onto the sidewalk, and my friends all hollered and tried to get out of the way.

I threw up again and again, and the whole time Jeff was howling with laughter. I learned that day that playing dare games was not a good idea for me.

I also learned that the pig statue was the #1 spot on campus for drunk people to pee.

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Jul 02, 2012
by: Francis

Any chance Jeff knew about that?

This is probably one of the top most disgusting dare stories I have read (that are not too over the top - there is of course worse...)

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Embarrassment and Licking a Tree

(Photo from Zen Me)

I was at a birthday party in Lilburn, GA at the tender age of fourteen.

I was young, sheltered, and didn't have many life experiences under my belt beyond kissing a sixteen-year-old once at a party and holding hands with a male friend once during a movie.

Needless to say, truth or dare was a game that made me about uncomfortable but was nonetheless alluring for a group of young high school freshman.

After opening presents, my friends and I escaped the adults at the party and made our way to the woods. Someone suggested that we play truth or dare.

I personally prefer a good truth to a dare. Anybody can do a dare, but it takes someone gutsy and honest to truthfully answer an embarrassing question.

Anyways, when my turn came up in the game I chose "dare" to mix things up a bit.

My dare was to lick a nearby tree.

A tree! Who knows how many dirt particles and microbes were on that thing!

I hesitantly approached the tree. “Is this safe?

Will I regret this in ten years?

Is this really worth my friends thinking I'm cool?" I pondered.

Oh well. There was backing out at this point. I quickly touched the tree's bark with my tongue and it was over with.

I'm still alive today, five years later, so apparently it wasn't too unsafe.

My next turn, I decided to go for a truth question. This was the question that really got me. My friend Amelia asked me if I masturbated. I did not, and I was so mortified by the question!

This led to Amelia asking all the other girls in our group if they masturbated, and every single one said yes. One even admitted masturbating to a poster in her room! That is my craziest truth or dare story!

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Awkward Dare at a Party

(Photo from Lifes Windows)

At this one party I attended approximately three years ago, I was put into a very awkward situation with a truth or dare. When I was sixteen and I was going to a going away party for this one German exchange student, with a bunch of other students I do not particularly know.

We sat down and had a good time. There was no drinking involved with this situation. The truth or dare started really normal, nothing too serious.

But as usual with the most high school parties, things got a little racy. The racy part didn't get too dirty or too sexual, but it got a little racy.

One of the dares was to have my face licked by another dude, all the way around the circumference of my face. The guy did actually lick all the way around my face. The following dare for us was that we should kiss on the face, lips to lips. We did chicken out on that Dare.

Also, there were some truths on the sexual orientation of the guy that the previous two dares were. He responded with being unsure, which started to worry me a little because I am not homosexual. Also there were some truths on the virginity of the group.

The guy that I was involved with said that he was not a virgin, unlike everyone else who was in the group. This lead to even a more awkward situation since I was a virgin and he was doing things to me. The reason for this being awkward was because he had experience with doing these sorts of things where I did not.

After the kiss that did not happen, things kind of died down since everyone realized it was getting a little too awkward for their comfort levels.

The party continued on until about eleven at night is when I decided that I was going to leave for home.

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