Brainstorming for the Most Extreme Dares for the Ultimate Dare Challenge (Part 2)

by Francis

I sort of am not sure any more in which direction this dare should go... It has been a while since I posted some ideas of mine (just click to see the comments).

Do we gather ideas? Do we develop one idea that we like? Do we create ONE dare or several of them?

Please don't say: yes to all of those questions ;) It's either-or :)


  • You could bathe with open windows (where you can be seen) while singing aloud

  • You can print a live poster of yourself wearing embarrassing stuff (diapers, crossdressing, naked) and hang it in a busy place (school, near where people could recognize you) and stay near the poster.

  • You could even prepare visit cards that say "I must do any dare you write on these cards" and try to get strangers to give you dares...

Now you must let me know, Ben, if there are any ideas we want to pick.

When we have it, we'll create a new post and discuss there how to make this ONE dare even more cruel ;)

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Oct 06, 2014
naked drive thru dare
by: Lynn

We dared our friends wife to strip and go get us food at McDonald's drive through on a Saturday night at about 6:30pm.

She was told she could not try to hide herself being nude unless it was a cop or child that could see her.

We gave her money and followed her in a different car. Her breast were easy to see at every stoplight.

We were behind her and many people were pointing and looking at her large exposed breasts.

She did not try to shield them at all and just acted normal. At the drive through there must have been 5 employees come to the window and talk to her.

She said they could see everything looking down at her from the window. They were asking her why she was nude and she explained.

Two guys even snapped her picture and being a good sport she let them only covering her face with her hand.

I think this could be worked into your ultimate dare story somehow.

Oct 07, 2014
Your wife has LOTS of courage!
by: Francis

Naked drive-through driving.

That is DEFINTIVELY a good candidate for the ultimate dare!

Is your wife also giving you such hard dares or do you get to watch her doing the dares more?

Dec 01, 2014
A varient on your poster idea
by: Anonymous

Take your average guy. Take a photo of him. Then assemble three girlie outfits that would fit him (say, "Prom Dress and heels," "Cheerleader," and "School Girl"). Take photos of the outfits (lying on a bed or on a hangar). Make a poster with the guy's face saying "Pick which outfit I'll be wearing when I'm tied to this pole for an hour," with pictures of the 3 outfits and some way to vote. Don't put a time (that's where the "luck" factor comes in). Put the poster up somewhere near enough that the boy might be recognized.

After a day or so, give him a thorough makeover, dress him in the winning outfit, and tie him to the pole as promised. Leave him for the hour. Maybe nobody will come by. Maybe they will. Maybe no one will associate him with the poster. Maybe they will. He'll have to find out.

Aug 04, 2019
The Absolute Pinnacle
by: Anonymous

I fucked my roommate doggy-style on our front lawn to fulfill a dare from his girlfriend.

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