Lana's (my) Lesbian Leisure

by Lana
(Saint George, Utah)

(Photo from LesMedia via flickr)

At the time, I was 14, still in that in-between awkward stage, trying to figure out who I was. Living in Saint George, Utah (a fairly small, crime free town) my friend's houses were easily within walking distance.

My best friend at the time, Breeana, lived the closest and so we hung out nearly every day. She was more experienced, we'll call it.. “in the department of kissing.”

Kissing in general, she wasn't exclusive to just boys. She kissed anyone and everyone and had involved in kissing the same sex.

So it was always interesting to listen to her stories and hang around her friends. I myself had never kissed anyone other than my parents or my little brother. I was the "virgin" of the group.

One of Breeana's close kissing buddies, Jordana, was hosting a party at her house. A typical my-parents-aren't-home-after-school-party.

What are a couple of kids to do at a party but play truth or dare, and hope it gets a little wild? Jordana was the one who suggested it since there was a boy she liked there (in hopes that Bree or I would catch on and "dare" her to kiss).

However, when it was Jordana's turn, she asked ME the fatal question: truth, or dare? Feeling a little ballsy, I said, "dare".

My heart skipped a beat.

She dared me to kiss Bree.

I wasn't sure how to feel. I had butterflies in my stomach.

Was my best friend really going to be my first kiss? I felt the heat rise to my face and looked timidly up at Bree from behind my eyelashes.

She pulled my face up and pursed her lips to mine. I had only expected a brief moment on the lips, but Bree ran her tongue against my lower lip, gently nibbling at it.

I kissed her back, trusting only my instinct since I lacked experience.

It felt... good.

That night of truth or dare opened up a whole new doorway for me. The first of many future lesbian experiences.

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A Crazy Kiss Growing up

by Bob Dobalina
(Bethlehem, PA in USA )

I always hung out with my neighbor and was attracted to his sister. I was about 13 at the time and my neighbor was the same age. One time I was over and his sister had a friend over as well.

We ended up playing truth or dare. After an hour or so of crazy truths and odd dares, such as asking his Mom if we can order a pizza with fried fish scales on it, things got interesting. My neighbor dared his sister to kiss her friend (a female friend).

We thought she would turn it down, but was all for the idea. They exchanged nervous glances, and then proceeded to make out for at least a minute, while we watched with our jaws dropped. It was the first time I had seen a girl kissing another girl and it blew my mind.

The game ended after that, as no one wanted to continue playing. We then watched a movie and acted like it never happened. To this day I can remember the whole kiss, but no one is willing to acknowledge that it actually happened.

I talked to my neighbor about it a few years ago (I'm 22 now) and he said he couldn't believe they did it either, but I definitely was not dreaming.

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