“Duped?” Strip Poker Story

by Aiden Locke
(Boerne Texas USA)

(Photo from juicylucymamma)

A few years back a girl and her best friend had come out to a house I was watching for some friends. It was a way out of the city and I was always willing to watch this place for my friends when they went on vacation. It was a vacation for me of sorts and a way for me to impress the ladies. This house had a pool, a huge game room and a fully stocked bar.

It was the perfect place to hang out. After a lengthy day of drinking margaritas, swimming and lord knows what else the day ended with the standard drunken games of "Never Have I Ever" and "strip poker".

On a regular basis I would cheat at this game just to get the girls to take off their clothes, but it just so happens on this particular night lady luck was on my side and I didn't have to resort to cheating. Every card dealt ended up in my favor and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Before I knew it both girls were down to next to nothing, where clothing was concerned and trying to hide behind the tables and chairs while playing. In order to keep the fun alive we even made it so that if you won you could put clothes back on.

Still it didn't seem to help either of these girls so for penalties we came up with choices. Instead of them removing their panties or final articles of clothing they could do silly tasks like run around the house three times while chanting something annoying.

They were quick to agree since they did not want to lose the game. As luck would have it I was treated to many different bouncing body parts and views and I savored each glimpse of these bare breasted beauties doing things they were destined to blush about the next day. And as all of this occurred oddly enough I was still nearly fully dressed.

By the end of it all I had seen every ounce of flesh on these two girls and they only managed to remove my socks and T-shirt. I thought I was victorious. We ended up passed out in various rooms with nothing really happening due to tequila overload. I have always wondered if maybe they cheated to strip down and taunt me into something I never took advantage of or if it was all pure coincidence.

Flash forward about four years later and I am now married to one of these girls and they are still the best of friends with one another. Although nothing other than innuendo and full frontal nudity occurred that night I still feel awkward every once in a while when they allude to the events, especially when the other girl's husband or children around.

Yep, I thought I was taking advantage of them and being a real man's man, but it seems now they may still be playing the game with me and my head all these years later. Who actually won that game so long ago and are we still playing it? Time will only tell.

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