Wrong Number: Evil Pregnancy Prank?

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When I was in high school, the game of "Truth or Dare" used to keep us busy and entertained for hours. There was nothing my friends and I wouldn't do. Sometimes things would be very stupid and other times they were just down right ugly.

Competition was a big thing between us so we were always trying to upstage one another. When I was about sixteen years old, that completely changed. I am not proud to admit it, but we liked to pick on this one girl from our school.

It was senseless teasing, and believe you me...she deserved it. She was always sticking her nose in everyone's business and spreading rumors so we gave her a taste of her own medicine. One night a few girlfriends and I were sitting around bored when we decided to play truth or dare.

Truth or dare stories pregnancy test
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After a few dumb stunts, my friend dared me to call the girl's house and pretend to be Planned Parenthood. It got me very excited as I called and explained to her mother that we had her pregnancy results and needed to speak with her immediately. Instantly her mother went nuts and demanded to know the news since she was under eighteen.

I let her know that she was "in fact" pregnant. The next day at school we found out that her mother pulled her from the school. What I thought was funny now made me feel guilty. When I got home my mother was waiting very upset for me?

She explained that the girl's mother called and let her know that if we intend to call people we should really use *67 and the reason she really pulled her daughter from school was because she didn't want her somewhere where girls were so stupid.

The joke was definitely flipped on us!

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Feb 09, 2012
most evil prank ever
by: Francis

Whoa that prank was totally mean. Make sure they don't get you back!

still can't believe it...

Dec 31, 2013
took a weekend trip down the river in a canoe
by: Anonymous

I was at college school for two years and I was going through the Special Population program for special people to do stuff.

We went canoe for a weekend and we left Friday morning. But we didn't get to the place until Friday night.

Before we left we had one car and a van. A couple of boys and girls were on this trip so we did this dare going to this one state.

Before we left someone had to keep their pants down in the van and car to show their seat of the pants all the way.

As they passed they were mooning each other.

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Dared To Do It!

We were in our 30's and had just installed a hot tub on our back patio. We had two other couples over to christen the new tub.

There was no problem getting everyone naked in the tub, but things started to get hot and my gf was rubbing her huge tits in my face, when one of the guys said, "Get a room!"

We were horny as hell and got out of the tub and headed for the house, when her best friend yelled,

"I DARE you to do it right there!"

A dare is a dare, so we proceded to have sex on the patio deck in front of 4 people.

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Pre-season football game Truth or Dare Team Builder

(Photo from RonAlmog)

Sophomore year of high school, we had a number of talented underclassmen. Our coach decided to give the underclassmen a chance to compete for spots.

Because of this, some of the seniors' parents gave them excuses to miss a week's worth of practices. The remainder of us practiced. Our coach decided that he would do a team builder: truth or dare.

We all groaned. He told us to keep it appropriate, but "real". We went around and had mostly truths. We learned that some of us were afraid of different things, some were still scared of the dark, some were afraid of spiders. One of us didn't know who his real dad was (his parents had been married for over 20 years).

The couple dares we had were silly and stupid; one of us had to dance the Macarena for 5 full verses. Our coach even participated and he took dare, so we made him try a break dance on the 50 yard line. We spent half of that practice getting know each other in that game.

Our coach told us, "I don't care what beefs you have with each other off the field, but no matter what truths you heard, they don't leave this field." When most of the seniors came back, we worked hard to beat them out for the open spots.

In the end, only two seniors started, one lineman and corner (this one had stayed with us). We were a good team; we went to the playoffs (first time in 13 years.) We got creamed in the playoffs by the eventual state champs.

But, we played well, and were good friends. I can't say it was all the truth or dare we play, but I know it wouldn't have been as deep a connection if we hadn't.

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Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

KINDA WEIRD that your coach would suggest playing truth or dare. Seems very Penn State to me.

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

I can understand your coach. Games like truth or dare if it is being played honestly and innocently, it could really bring people closer. He wanted you guys to share something in common and have trust with each other.

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Horrible Night - Talk About the Worst Dare in the World

Jessica went to a friends house to party. This was in Colorado Springs CO. People were just acting straight out weird at this party. It was just a ton of friends having fun and not caring what they did.

Later on this teenager from Japan was hanging out with his cousin there. Everyone was just going crazy.

Finally it was time to play TRUTH OR DARE!!! With all these crazy people at the party it lasted forever.

Finally since a lot of people were only doing Truth it got boring. It was Jessica's turn and she picked Dare. The person that got to pick here dare was the kid from Japan. The dare was for them to go out and trick the cops about a call.

She could not back down from the dare since the guy she liked was there. She was worried that he would not think she was cool if she did not do the dare. Jessica and a few friends went out and bought a quick cheap Walmart brand phone.

Once they had it working, they were trying to think of what to tell the cops. They all went and had one kid start his car and make it do some weird sounds like as if it was spinning out of contol.

While he was doin this, Jessica called the police and started screaming in the phone. The police picked up and she was just screaming like crazy. She said that a crazy man was chasing her in his car, and she was running for her life.

She said that it was going on at an old wear house; she gave them the area up in Widefield. Once she hung up all of the teens were laughing like crazy. They ran to where she told the cops to go and destroyed the phone and wrote a note that said, "Ha su**ers you cannot smart out the greatest drivers in town."

Finally when the cops got there they were all mad. The cops went and looked at security footage from a light pole. They later busted all the kids for doing something sooooo stupid.

The kids were charged to where they could only go home and go to school. They did not have many freedoms for the next year. Finally when the year was over, they had to work one hundred and eighty hours of community service.

Talk about the worst dare in the world.

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Cruel Birthday Dare with a Revenge

Growing up, truth or dare was a game that we played to pass the time at slumber parties after everyone had eaten too many chips and drank too much soda.

It was a game for right before bed, when we would sometimes tell scary stories to keep each other awake throughout the night.

One night, a game of truth or dare went horribly awry for myself and four of my friends. We were nine years old at the time, celebrating my youngest friend, Brie, finally turning nine herself.

She had received all sorts of presents, a new cherry red stereo, a copy of Destiny's Child's CD, and a bunch of little things from her friends.

I had bought her a hairbrush and wrote a poem. After eating cake and listening to the CD twice there wasn't much left for us to do. We lived in a small city beside Akron, Ohio, and all of our parents worked long days.

Brie's mom was in the kitchen cleaning up the mess, and we were sprawled across the floor, waiting for something exciting to happen. I was almost wishing that I had brought a book to read.

Finally I got up and said, "I'm bored. Let's do something else."

"Lori, don't be mean. This is okay. We can just lay here and take a nap." My best friend, Hollie, said to me.

"Lori's right," Brie said, "This is boring and it's my birthday. We should do what I want to do. And I want to play truth or dare!"

"You can go first then." I told her.

Brie looked around the room, taking in myself, Hollie, Becca, and Jen. Finally she chose Jen. "Truth or dare?" She asked her.

"Truth" Jen said.

She was the quietest, and never picked "dare."

Brie said, "Is it true that you have a crush on Michael and held his hand at recess the other day?"

Jen turned bright red. She stuttered out a quick yes, to which everyone shouted that he was gross. Michael was a short redheaded boy who tended to waddle when he walked.

Some of the other boys even called him The Penguin.

"Shut up!" Jen told us, angrily pointing back at Brie.

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Brie said, bouncing on the tips of her toes.

"Fine. I dare you to...."

She looked around the house for a dare, ignoring our suggestions of kissing the pet hamster on the mouth or tackling her mother.

"Alright, I dare you to crawl under the deck, get a night crawler and eat it!"

We were all in shock. Brie wouldn't do something like that.

"You don't have to do it Brie, it's your birthday." I told her.

"No, I'm doing it. You don't think I won't? I'm not a pansy!" She shouted to her mom that we were going into the back yard as we all rushed out the door and climbed down the stairs of her deck so we could watch her crawl under.

Brie was a skinny girl, which was good because there was only a foot of space between the deck and the ground. She managed to squeeze under and find that fattest, most disgusting worm I'd ever seen.

"Do you want me to wipe it off for you?" I asked.

She was covered in dirt, and looked like she was near tears herself. I took it before she could answer, wiping it against my shirt as it squirmed around, it was a little slimy and dirt still clung to it in places when I passed it back.

"Go on eat it!" Jen yelled.

Brie looked at her and put the worm half in her mouth; you could see it wiggling against her lips. She made a gagging sound.

"Eat it!" Jen shouted again.

Brie bit down, and slurped the rest like a piece of spaghetti and started chewing. At first she looked okay, but then her face turned white and she stopped chewing.

She looked toward me, then around at the rest of our friends. She ran toward the deck stairs, but before she made it past Jen, she threw up all over both of them.

To this day, I think Brie did it on purpose, and of course Jen deserved it. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me during a game of truth or dare.

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Cake, Death, or Whipped Cream?

by Catherine
(USA/NJ/Piscataway )

Cake or Death?

Cake or Death?

(Photo from Generalnoir)

So there we all were, crammed into the basement for some reason or another. I guess we were trying to hide our antics from our friend's parents, but there was no reason to. We never got in trouble for our cursing or "inappropriate" conversations. Nonetheless, we were in the basement.

There wasn't enough room for all eight of us, but we made it work. We had a couch and a futon, and we were all friends, so we just squished together. When that didn't work, we sat on each other. You know how we are, I was lying on Oliver, who was leaning on Adam, and I think Brooke was stretched across her boyfriend and Ed.

Our plan for the evening was a simple game of Cake or Death. Most people call it Truth or Dare, but we were all really fond of the Eddie Izzard skit where he asks people, "Cake or death?" and had decided to rename the classic party game after it.

Truths were now cake, and dares were now death. Which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. I mean, who can honestly say that they've never wanted to die just a little bit after being presented with a dare? We started off innocently enough, just like we always did.

The dares were easy, like singing "I'm a little teapot," or daring someone to go upstairs to get you cake. The cakes, as we called them, were pretty tame as well. I can't even remember any of them, it was that boring. Okay, it wasn't boring at the time, but I still can't remember any of it.

The problems started after it got late, when our filters started to wear down. That's where the whipped cream came in. Seth's younger brother was with us, and he was super cute. And when I say younger, it was only by something like two years.

Not enough to be creepy or anything. But we were all eating whipped cream and giggling our way through the game when Brooke noticed that Oliver was making goo-goo eyes at Danny. So she did the only thing appropriate for two in the morning when you feel like tormenting friends: she dared Oliver to lick whipped cream off of Danny.

When ensued was a contest to see which pair of friends could be the most seductive while eating the dessert topping off each other. I don't remember who won, but it was really hot. And that's saying something because Oliver is like my brother. But that, my friends, is the story of why we're no longer allowed to have whipped cream around newbies.

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Dressed in Nothing but My Longhorn Pride

by Freddie

My entertaining truth or dare story happened in my moderately wild times in college when I was hanging out with my liberal, non-judgmental & open-minded friends. I was conceived Catholic, so when I attended The University of Texas I started to experiment quite a bit.

One way that I tested the waters was by slowly breaking away from the conservative, devout upbringing I had whilst growing up in Corpus Christi, TX. As a college sophomore, I took a course in Communication and Culture.

We had to do research for a paper in which we had to write of our first time participating in an activity that is normal for a certain group of people. In essence, we had to delve into a culture that was different from our own.

The first ideas that I had in mind were about participating in another religion or attending a fraternity party, but I heard that my classmates were choosing those topics for their assignments. Even though there were no rules that said that we each had to pick separate topics from each other, I wanted to do something that both no one else picked and was considered taboo.

I thought about attending a strip club, but I heard that my professor already had a previous student who wrote of that. I couldn't think of anything until I mentioned it to my lunch friends….. There is a part in the northwest area of The Colorado River known as Hippie Hollow, and it is a clothing-optional park.

My lunch friends dared me to go, and I went ahead and accepted the proposition. I ended up going with a girl who was more romantically interested in me than I was in her. For the research, I had to go fully nude while she only wanted to go topless.

Unfortunately, we went to the park on a morning that was colder than normal for spring in Texas. I walked down to stick my feet in the water while she sunbathed on the limestone rocks, and she observed me as I did so.

The water was cold, and, for some strange reason, I ended up falling on my bottom into the water. The first thing that popped into my head was that my genitals were going to shrink due to the water’s temperature. Sure enough, they did.

I couldn't cover my shriveled private parts since I had to use my hands to climb up the limestone rocks back to her. As the day progressed, I made sure that after I warmed genitals back up to their normal size & shape that she would see them again.

The best part of the whole story is that I decided to take photos of our excursion to prove to my professor that I did what I did, so there are nude photos of me out there in academia making the rounds.

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A Curious Concoction

by Katarina Esposito
(Miami, Florida )

Girls Sleepovers! Where no one usually sleeps

Girls Sleepovers! Where no one usually sleeps

(Photo from kerry111)

For myself, as for most girls, I'd imagine, Middle School was a golden age for sleepovers. Whenever any of my friends had a birthday, it was customary to invite between four and ten girls over to their house for an extreme, fun-filled sleepover party, complete with pizza, movies, and games.

One of the most popular games, of course, was Truth or Dare. I can remember a particularly fun time, in 6th grade, when I was over at my friend Sonya's house at the beginning of a sleepover. We were still waiting for one girl, Rachel, to arrive.

We thought of a hilarious idea- we could plan an excellent dare for her to complete, and ambush her with it as soon as she arrived! I came up with a perfect scheme; we combined every ingredient we could get our hands on in the kitchen into one cup.

I think we used a combination of soda, ketchup, pepper, mustard, cinnamon, Tabasco sauce, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and some gummy bears for good measure. When Rachel finally arrived, we told her that the drink was a traditional Indian beverage that Sonya's mother had made, and we had kindly saved her some. Rachel, eyeing the mess with suspicion, politely declined. So, we dared her.

It was our custom, that, in truth or dare, you had the power to command a dare. Choosing "truth" was looked down upon as a boring option, an option for sissies or wet blankets. So, Rachel, ever the trooper, took a large gulp of the soda-ketchup-mustard-cinnamon-etc. mix... and then took another!

"Hmmm!" She said: "That’s not bad at all!" Our dare had turned out to be a dud, but our drink had turned out to be a gem! We were all shocked. This may have been my least-successful dare to this date, but it certainly was a fun memory.

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Above and Beyond

by Jana Kane
(Santa Barbara, CA United States of America )

One night, my friends and I had a sleepover party. I, Jana and three of my girl friends were going to have an amazing night. We decided to play truth or dare.

What fun we were going to have. So, one of my friends had asked another friend to run down the street with a crazy sign for a dare. She decided not to do it. She decided just to do a regular truth question.

So she answered the question about whether she ever cheated on a test.

She said “No.”

Then, it was another friend’s turn.

She decided to do the dare!

How brave of her.

I think that it was so cool that she decided to do that. She wrote up a crazy sign on a cardboard that said, "I’m crazy!" Then she ran down the street and started ringing everyone’s doorbell.

She went above and beyond the dare. She did that for half an hour. We were laughing so hard. I could not believe that she just went crazy with it. Then an old lady came out screaming at her.

She called the cops on her! This went overboard. I couldn't believe it. Then the cops started asking us a bunch of questions and gave us a warning not to disturb the neighbors.

We were in so much trouble. I wondered if my parents were ever going to allow me to go on a sleepover again. I tried to think of some kind of excuse to tell my parents. I knew that they were not going to be happy.

I knew my neighbor was going to tell my parents about what happened. Everyone in Santa Barbara, California knew my parents. I didn't know what to do. I thought about sending all my neighbors cards.

I hoped that they would not tell my parents. I wondered what I could do. Well, there went the rest of our sleepover parties.

Oh well, we forgave our friend but couldn't believe she took the game so far.

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