I, Britney, Felt Like Such a Boob

by Britney

(Photo from Scott Sandars)

It wasn't what I would have thought of as a party, but I guess it did kind of become one.

She was much younger than me. I had known her since she was born, little Kelsey. It all started as an innocent sleepover and she could bring a friend.

Well here in the city of Lake Charles, LA, we're pretty conservative, but I was even more prudish than many. Kelsey and her friend wanted to play truth or dare.

I kept asking for truth, and that which they could come up with I could answer honestly without any embarrassment. My answers were in fact, rather boring.

One of the girls insisted that I do a dare. I do seem to recall it being Kelsey herself. She was trying to come up with something good, and I could tell.

She told me to flash my boobs outside. I looked at front door. My mother was sitting in the living room. She heard the whole thing. I knew she wouldn't let me do it if I went to that door.

I did look at the door... I didn't say I wouldn't do it, even though I was trying to figure out a way around it. I ultimately decided to go to the back door, and flash my boobs out back, after making sure that no one was around.

My mother groaned at me, but it thrilled these two girls that I had actually done it, and not just outright refused. I had played silly games of Truth or Dare before, but had never had to do something so embarrassing.

I figured, it was dark, the screen door would only be open briefly, and what consequences would I really suffer?

I was after all, officially still inside my house. What consequences did I suffer.

None, except for maybe a little embarrassment.

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Hot Strip Poker in a Cold Snowy Night

(Photo from calebdrostphoto)

Living in Michigan it is important to remember that the winter months can bring about a change in people. What was once a friendly weekly poker game between friends turned into one of the craziest nights in my life? I think it was the 12 inches of snow that we were supposed to get that made me and a few co workers decide to play poker. We decided to meet up at Joe’s house when everyone got out of work. We all work at a restaurant together.

The night started out normal except there was more girls than guys. This has never happened and a note was made of it and quickly dismissed. At the poker game that night was Jen, a perfect breasted blonde server that fits the part all too well.

There was also Kylee who I liked at the time who was a smart looking girl with glasses. The last girl was Jess, who I had a fling with years ago but we are just friends now she is the picture of MILF. The only guys were me and Joe, My name is Tim.

On a routine outside smoke break we decided that with the snow still coming down hard and only being half done with the poker game that we would just decide to stay the night.

The game went on and people got eliminated, once eliminated people would just watch or play video games. The game ended in a heads up match between me and Kylee and I called all in on Jack-5. She flipped her cards over and had pocket queens.

Before any cards could be laid I said to her “I am calling against all better judgment because it will make you smile and I love to see your smile” This got an instant smile and a kiss on the cheek. She won the game and since everyone was staying over we decided to start taking shots.

After round 4 everyone was starting to feel in and the atmosphere of the room changed. Jokes got more suggestive, and touches turned into pinches. Joe was the one with the idea for strip poker and as soon as Jen and Jess said they were in I agreed. Kylee was a little reluctant but decided it would be fun.

We started the game off with another shot. The way it worked was you had 600 chips and every time you lost 100 you had to take off a piece of clothing. Fully knowing these girls are horrible at poker most of the time I figured this would be fun. And to no surprise Jenn went all-in with a crap hand the first hand and Kylee won all of Jenn’s chips.

This is where it got fun.

Technically, she should get instantly naked and stay that way for the rest of the game but we all talked about it and decided that she could wear a pair of panties.

She was sitting on the couch topless flipping through the channels and the whole time in thinking I’m in heaven but need to concentrate on the game.

I lost two pieces of clothing a few hands down the line and was sitting in t-shirt and boxers, and my two socks.

The next to go out was Joe once again by Kylee.

He was so drunk by that point in the night that he didn’t care and stripped right down and joined Jenn on the couch.

Jess was down to bra and panties and Kylee was sitting there fully clothed with a huge stack of chips and a big smile on her face.

By this point in the night it was obvious that we were hitting it off.

I lost my socks next to Jess who then dumped those chips and the rest of hers to Kylee. Jen gets fully naked and sits on the couch as well. This gives Jenn the courage to take off her panties and as they sit there watching music videos and drinking they seem to forget about the intense poker game that I must try and concentrate on. I tried my best to win that game or at least get her to take something off but she just kept winning. I was down to a pair of boxers when I went all-in with pocket ACES.

I was sure I was going to win and she calls with 4-9 and says the same line I gave to her earlier in the money game. This made us both laugh. It turned out that she got two pair and joked about how she was going to claim her winnings. I looked over and there on the couch was my best friend Joe sandwiched in between the two hottest servers at work completely naked.

So me and Kylee decided to take pictures for later. Lol. We left them alone and went into the kitchen where I went to get something to drink and said “can I put my cloths” back on now” she slipped into the dining room right next to the kitchen when I wasn’t looking and I heard her say “that would be counterproductive”.

I grabbed my drink and walked into the dining room where she was standing there completely naked holding a deck of cards. The rest is for another story my friend. If you enjoyed it give me a bonus and give me more assignments.

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Apr 22, 2018
Strip down
by: L. Miller

That is a nice game. I can't wait to hear the rest of it.

Apr 22, 2018
Strip down
by: L. Miller

That is a nice game. I can't wait to hear the rest of it.

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Love Octagon – The Human Buffet

by Richard Pragtige
(United States, Kansas, Topeka )

(Photo from TalhofFestival)

As a rule, I try not to get too involved with people who have crushes on me -- especially two sisters who have crushes on me; but my friend Josh's cousins somehow became an exception to that through my good friendship with him, which opened me up to one crazy night of Truth or Dare...

The "party" group in attendance consisted of myself, two gay men, two straight men, Josh's cousins, and one lesbian.

truth or dare stories girl removing her clothes off
(Photo from Helga Weber)
I quickly figured out that the homosexual individuals and I were the only ones coming up with anything creative for dares, which I used to my advantage by aiming them at the ones who continued to come up with lame obstacles such as calling ex-flames and the like.

The lesbian challenges me to strip race, of which the rules were that we had to get everything off without the use of our thumbs...

Of course, good tactics being my forte, I made it a point to lose as she was hot.

Sometime after that I am dared to give one of the gay men a lap dance. Everyone assumes and jokes that I'm not going to do so, or that I am going to back out of it with a joke Which were wrong assumptions.

I pick up a beer bottle his crush had been drinking out of and sort of use it as an instrument, like a feather, drawing it down his face in an enticing way while I gyrated and danced around him. Then, the second gay man who has a thing for the guy who just got lap dance, challenges the one I danced for to suck my toes. He does just that, and there are pictures to prove it.

In revenge, the one who sucked my toes challenges his offender to suck my fingers. By this time I'm starting to feel like a buffet and say that I will make this interesting by flavoring my fingers with turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy.

Following that insanity, one of Josh's cousins (who has a crush on me, but is not my type) gets to be dared by me. Now, the rules so far have been that if you would like to opt out of a truth or dare, you take a shot of the alcohol involved... I haven't opted out yet, and therefore am sober.

She, on the other hand, has opted out 3 out of 4 times she is asked anything and is quite inebriated. So I propose that she instead strip off an article of clothing each time she opts out. Within the hour she is naked under a blanket.

Directly after Girl w/ Crush #1 is her sister, Girl w/ Crush #2. Her dare is up to the lesbian, who says she has to perform a pole dance on a tall cat scratching post that's there...

She breaks it.

She breaks it while the cat is on top.

The entire thing comes crashing down just as her parents walk in...

One of their daughters is naked, another is doing a broken cat pole dance and the gay guys are mid sentence talking about sucking on my fingers and toes.

Meanwhile, I'm in the background (someone they've never met), sitting in the closest thing to a throne in the living room like I own the place, my shirt slightly open because I didn't finish buttoning it after the strip race, completely sober in a room of drunkards, with two cats sitting like guard sphinxes at my feet.

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Go to the Laundromat, strip naked and wash the clothes you wore. I have done this dare and it is quite a rush. The other patrons had fun with it as well.

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A Bit of Wind

by Sarah
(Orlando Flordia )

strip poker stories an embarrassed girl
An Embarrassing Strip Poker Story
Photo from Sarebear:)

OK so I was 18 years old and we were partying at my older sister's house. We had a few drinks and were thinking of ways we could make the night better and a bit more fun. We thought of spin the bottle or truth or dare since it was a game from when we were kids.

Well my crush was there and he decided that we were gonna play strip poker! I am a shy girl anyways but that night I was all for it for the sake of seeing him with his shirt off :) we were all playing and of course we got to the point where all the girls had some clothes off.

I am a bad card player so I was down to my bra and underwear and a tea shirt. There was a twist to the game, after you take off a piece of clothing you have to take a shot and run around your chair three times. My turn came and that's when it happened.

As I was running around my chair I fell right over the chair on my face with my, but in the air! I got back up finished the 3rd time around and sat down really quickly and I farted!!! It was loud and I was so embarrassed! Let's just say I couldn't face my crush.

Everyone started laughing at me. It was funny because not only did I fall on my face in front of all my friends and my crush I farted as well... lol! It was a fun night and a fun experience with the game and everything.

He did call me about a week later asking me if I felt much relief and wanted to have a night like that again so I guess it was a good thing, but I'm still scared to be around him.

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Apr 02, 2012
A little fart is not that big a deal ;)
by: Francis

With my friends, you would only have to fear some compliments for the successful fart.

Or some comments of how much butterflies are flying around indoors.

Or the guys would just want to compete :D

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Strip Truth or Dare

by Donny Haptler
(Chicago, IL)

This version of the game has the same rules as the original, but a few exceptions.

One, players are not allowed to dare someone to remove an article of clothing or ask them what their underwear looks like.

Two, most people when playing truth or dare will use the idea of "chicken" (players are given three chickens to use if they do not want to carry out a truth or a dare, and if a player runs out, the group decides a punishment for that person), but in this version, if a player has been given a truth or dare they do not want to do, they have to remove a piece of clothing and place it in the middle of the group.

Warning, this game is for the daring type of people of a mature level and should not be played under the age of 18.

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The Wild One

by Jackson
(Ontario Canada)

When I was 15 I and my two best friends (Jessica and Hailey) were doing some drinking. When it was suggested to play truth or dare.

No parents were home so we all agreed. When I started with picking dare we got going strong. I had to run outside in January in nothing but a bikini bottom. Well I did it successfully.

Than Jessica picked dare, and I dared her to sit in her bra and panties for the rest of the game. She did and dared Hailey the same thing.

My next turn is where it got bad. I was dared to go commando, and had to take my boxers off in front of them both. Well I did it bravely!

I followed up with a dare for them to grab ice and sit it in both their panties!

Well they got their revenge by daring me to be a slave. My first job was to strip nude and run to store and run back. I refused of course so they changed it to strip nude for the rest of the night. I accepted. Well soon after we all went to be, me nude and them with wet undies.

When I woke up was when the dare got mean. In the night they had snuck my clothes outside and left them on the front yard! So I was stuck nude all day until it was dark enough for me to grab them.

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The Indoor Hot Spa Dare at our HOA Club House

After dropping our five year old off at school, I suggested to Sally, my wife, we soak in the hot spa for awhile.
She agreed.

After soaking for awhile and noticing there was no one at the pool or spa but us, and probably the security guard doing rounds about the community and the club house routinely, I began fondling and then groping her. She accepted it and we became aroused.

I then began sliding her one-piece suit off her shoulders, then her waist and then completely off.
It was a first time doing something like that for her.

But then I upped the bet.

I put her swimsuit into my trucks and left the spa leaving her naked.
I came back after five or so minutes.

After we dressed and went home she came searching through the house looking for me to eat her, she was so turned on.

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Feb 07, 2016
spa treat
by: Diane

Your wife allowing you to remove her suit was likely something she was ready for but embarrassed to tell you. The fact that she let u leave with it tells me she is ready for more. Her hunting you down for oral should tell you to talk over fantasies u both have

Dec 05, 2015
Nice and hot dare!
by: Francis

Great dare to do with your significant other! And it sure sounds hot. Thanks for writing this.

Was there any chance that someone else could have joined the spa when you went out with her swimsuit?

And if yes, what would you two have done...?

Keep doing such hot dares with Sally (and be sure to share the stories here!)

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Mom and dad pulled a fast one

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas USA )

When I was about 10, I dare my sister Betty to go skinney dipping with me. My dad was a part-time rancher. He had a regular job, he owned about 25 head of cattle to make some extra money. And about 300 acres of land.

There's was a place we called the old swimming hole. What I didn't know was dad overhead me making the dare to my sister. And he told mom. Betty and I got on our swimsuit and began the walk to the swimming hole. When we arrived at the swimming hole. Betty and I stripped off our swimsuit and went swimming.

That when dad slipped up and took our swimsuits and towels. When Betty and I get out, we can't find our swimsuits. Mom and dad are hiding in the woods watching the show. Having a great time. And recording it all on tape with the video camera.

It was about a mile and a half walk back home. Betty and I are hoping nobody sees us. We get home and all the doors are locked. Then we know we been had.

We find our swimsuits on a tree branch in our backyard. But they were out of reach for us. Then there mom and dad. "Did you girls have a good skinny dip. Betty and I standing there naked trying to cover ourselves with just our hands and arms.

Mom tells us "girls you can't come in the house naked. You need to find a way to get your swimsuits down". It took an hour or more. We found a pole and got our swimsuits down. Back then we were red-faced. Today Betty and I enjoy a nude walk in the open countryside.

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The Fraggle Rock Skinny Dip

by Andrew
(Jacksonville Florida)

In 2016, I had my 30th high school reunion. There were two girls that I was really delighted to see. When we were in high school and we were fans of the kids show Fraggle Rock.

After the party was over the three of us went to my motel room and talked for an hour. Soon we became bored and the girls wanted to leave. Then I had an idea. The pool was deserted how bout we skinny dip.

Before we could stop ourselves we tossed off our shoes, socks, pants, shirts and underwear. We ran quietly to the pool but instead of slipping in, we did cannonballs. We splashed and yelled and made a ruckus. All the lights went on in the hotel.

The night guard ordered us out. We walked ashamedly back to my room. But as soon as I closed the door we all started laughing.
Now we have a pact to skinny dip when we meet again.

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Naked All Day

by Curt
(San Berdino, CA. USA)

When I was around 10 years old, my uncle and some of his friends told me and John, my uncle's son that they wanted to play truth or dare with us. We never played before so we said OK.

To make a long story short we both ended up naked, and were told to get our clothes back we would have to take a dare. We had to let the men touch us all over and we had to play with each other.

We said we would do it, but it kept going on and we forgot the game and were played with the rest of the day. I think that my uncle and his friends sucked us a dozen times.

I know I should be mad over this but we had so much fun we both have kept the secret to this day. Recently I have received an old 8mm film from my ante and got a close friend to put it on a disk. It shows a full hour of the men playing with us boys. I still get excited watching it. John and I are still friends and he has watched the movie as well. We both loved what happened that day.

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Truth and Dare with Wife and Mother-in-law

by Sid
(Penang malaysia)

I am a 28-year-old guy, married for 1 year. No kids. I am about to share a true story that happened just before the night of my wedding.

My wife and her mother had come to visit me in my apartment the night before our wedding. We had to go through all the final plans for the big day.

Her mother also brought some gifts for me. We were having a glass of champagne when my wife said she wanted to play truth and Dare...

It was fine to play with my wife and mother-in-law, so I agreed. We started one by one. And it soon turned out to be very very difficult. My mother in law was a very tricky person and made me do some pretty embarrassing things in front of her.

She made me take off my shirt and dance too. But it was okay till then. When suddenly my wife dared me to strip naked in front of my mother in law.

I was shocked. I refused to do it at first but then agreed again. It was so embarrassing as I removed my underwear finally. There I was standing butt naked in front of my wife and mother in law on the night before my wedding.

They couldn't control their laughter and my mother in law clicked some pics on her phone and she still has them with her till today. I always feel embarrassed and my face turns red whenever I think about that night.

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Peeping Tom Next Door.

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas )

My boyfriend and I have put a wooden privacy fence around our backyard. I do work 2 to 3 days a week for a local department store. On my days off I like to lay out in my swimsuit or nude.

One day I was laying out in my 2 peace micro mini swimsuit what there is of it. It covers only 6 squares inches of skin if that. That when I noticed movement in the second-floor window next doors.

I am the type person that I don’t care if someone looking at me in my swimsuit or nude. I have been to nude beaches, I been in small swimsuit and miss the nude contest. I even posed for a nude central fold in a men’s magazine. I did not tell John about the man next door watching me.

The next time, I went to lay out in the backyard. I was going to give him a show. I put on my little swimsuit and a pair sunglasses so he can’t tell I am looking back at him. I laid there about 15 minutes then I noticed the peeping Tom looking out the window. I was laying there like I was reading a book.

Then I took off my top and began placing suntan spray on my body. I then took off my bottoms. I laid back down and noticed a second person in the window. This was a woman.

I don’t know if she is his wife or girlfriend. And she was taking photos. I did turn over so she can get some great shots of my backside.

A few days later, I sent them a note by mail, did you enjoy the show and I hope you got some good photos. I got a note back from the woman, Anna. (Not her real name.) Anna came over a few days later. She brought over the photos she took and would give them back if I wanted them.

Anna was an art student at a local jr. college. I show Anna photos John has taken nude of me. Somewhat we call “Hit and run” like in a public area. I get out of his vehicle nude. John would take a few photos then get the heck out of there. I still work some as a nude model. Anna asked me if I would pose nude for her. I told her why not.

Anna wanted to do a drawing of me like in the movie Titanic. I jumped at that job. Over about 3 days Anna drew me posed in the movie. Over the next few weeks. Anna used computer screen grabs from the movie to draw in the background.

When Anna was done. It looked almost like a black and white photo. Anna made a copy for John and I. John framed it and placed it on the living room wall. Also wanted to see what its like to be a model. So she has model nude for my boyfriend John. She wants to get more about being naked in front of people. So she has been suntan nude with me. And she and I did go to a nude beach.

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