Good Truth or Dare Application for Android Phones

truth or dare android application screenshot

Here is one truth or dare application for the android phone I have used myself. It is simply called "Truth or Dare" and I installed the free version. It has some advertisements on the bottom but works fine.

Take a look at the icon in the photo to see how the application looks like.

By the way, "SpecTrek" is also a very fun Ghost-Buster-like application; perhaps I will do a review about it later.

After you start the application, it has some really simple settings. One interesting feature of this application is that you can choose to play "Truths Only," "Dares Only" or both of them.

That is very useful in case you have many players who are "Chicken" and don't want to do Dares.

So you can play a "Truth" only game or for example if you have a group of only girls or only guys and you don't want to do any kissing dares with your own sex.

To start the game, you simply put in the names and genders of each player. 

Truth or dare android application screenshot

I have tested it up to five players but I don't know what the limit is. The application automatically takes care of giving appropriate dares to guys and girls.

If you want to really mix it up and make it fun you can also give people the wrong sex. For example if you select a girl symbol for a guy, then he has to do a lot of girl dares.

Truth or Dare App Game Modes

One big limitation for the free version of the truth or dare application for the android phone is the most adult dares modus is de-activated. It is called "Dare Devil." The "Safe modus" and the "Naughty modus" are free to use.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to add you own Dares so here is another limitation of the application. I personally liked the "Naughty" modus most since the safe modus is a little bit boring.

Tord App Naughty Mode

I cannot really imagine how much more adult the "Dare Devil" mode will be if in the Naughty modes already has in some cases such adult questions as you can see in the Picture. But it's only a Truth question and you don't have to actually do it.

Its also pretty interested to find out who is interested to whom. Look out with whom you are playing because people would easily get jealous and throw a tantrum from such suggestive questions.

Truth or Dare app naughty question

Many Dares are challenging to do. But I can imagine then being one hell of a lot of fun if you do them in a big group which is pretty open minded. Make sure to clear up any confusion after the game before people really get crazy.

One very fun little detail I really love about this android phone App is that every time you choose a new round and a new person to chose "Truth or Dare" there's a little comment written below the name of each person.

Truth or dare app super chicken option

When one person holds their android phone in the hand you can always read it out like "Hey [Player Name]! Grow a pair boy"

and then the next person "Sexy Girl! C'mon stop playing truth" or something like that.

This little details show really how much love the developers of this android phone App have put in this little game. I would really like to see a feature like that for other Truth or Dare applications for the Android phone.

Permissions of the Truth or Dare Application

For completion sake, you have to know:

  1. To use this App you have to allow it to determine your geographical location via GPS and this might drain your phone power. I guess they use them for targeted advertisements or something like that.

  2. On the same token, this App also requests unlimited internet access and also to be able to read the status of your phone.

Before purchasing this App or using the free version, make sure you really are OK with the permissions this android App asks of you.

Bottom Line

I can really recommend this Truth or Dare application:

  • Its fun
  • Its small
  • Its easy to use
  • It has nice Dares
  • And it is appropriate for most parties.

What more could you ask for! How do you find this App? Let us know in the comments!

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