18th Birthday Party Getting Dirty

by Lia

My 3 brothers Oliver, Eddy and Jake were partying as usual. But tonight was big: Oliver's 18th b-day.

We are rich/wealthy so we are growing up pretty quickly. Jake is only 13 and has already had sex!!

They invited my boyfriend Archie. He is in the same year as me (yr 8) And we'd been datin for bout 3yrs.

Anyway, at the party it was getting pretty boring for us. The only thing that was happening was that boys and girls were makin out!

Sooo... Eddward Aka Eddy decided we play Truth or dare with a twist (as they were in there teens they had the 18+ version but they still let me and Archie play).

Not that we wanted to but we had to.

It was gross we had to look away for most of the dares. It were teenagers doing things I am not gonna explain or describe.

There were about 300 ppl at this party, so we thought that the game would not last till our go.

We thought wrong.

It did come to us.

Oliver said that we had to have sex - we were definitely not going to do this.

We thought Jake would say something. He did. But not against the idea for it!

We got into bed and we pushed our hands together so it looked like we were doing it.

But then we each went through the see-through sliding doors and I jumped into the swimming pool...

But then it hit me: The parents were in here!

It was too late, I was already in mid-air!

When I was under I opened my eyes and realized the parents were also nude...

Whatta day!!!

Then the dog splashed into the pool - this could not get any worse!

I climbed out and ran into the house dripping wet. Where is my dress?

I ran into my room and grabbed some other clothes. Out of the window, I spotted Archie, threw him some of Jake's old trackies and hoodie.

I greeted him at the door!

We were too scared to go back down so we hid in the built-in closet in my room for the rest of the night.

We fell asleep.

They couldn't find us and had to call the police.

Everything turned out allrite!!

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Mar 21, 2013
Sounds Like an Absolute Crazy Party
by: Francis


Thanks for having the courage to share such a crazy Dare night story :)

It must have been a HUGE party. With 300 guest? … And they all play Truth or Dare?... Really?

I mean I said that any number of players is possible when playing Truth or Dare before, but that is taking it to the limits.

Personally, the most I've played with was about 15 people and that was crazy enough to take care of.

Anyways, when you have to do an adult dare and you don’t want to, you know that you can [Say 'NO']

Right, Lia?

I really love the part about the swimming pool though. How did your parents react when you jumped there and they were naked in the pool?

Also what were the parents thinking, sounds really kinky in my opinion.

But it everything turned out "allrite" then all is fine:)

Mar 21, 2013
by: Lia

Well that's Olly for you if you have a party
A:It has to be an Essex one!
B:You have to invite everyone you know!

Also this dare well I am a bit of a daredevil and Well I had to do it for Ol's If I didn't then it'd be a laughing stock towards Me, Olly, Jake, Eddy. We'd be known for the girl who could not have sex!

I think the adult's were a bit shocked When I jumped in It must've ben embarrassing for us all!

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