Truth or Dare story: we played only dares

by Sandra

Never agree to a dare with dogs and pee!

Never agree to a dare with dogs and pee!

My friends and me played truth or dare every Saturday night when I was around 12-13 years old. Normally, I mostly choose "truth", especially at the beginning of the game. But this Saturday was special.

They insisted that I should do dares from the beginning. That got me really nervous, but I went for it.

So the first dare was for me to go outside to a phone pole and act like a dog, I mean humping the pole, making noises and eating dog treats and stuff like that!!

I was shocked but excited at the same time. My condition to do this dare was to have them promise me that after me, they would do dares of the same level.

When I wanted to do my dare, I saw that the telephone pole was covered in stinking dog pee! I was like ewww... but I did my dare as good as I could. It was horrible though. At least the dog treats were not as disgusting as I thought.

I had my revenge later when I dared my best friend to go over to the guy she liked and pretend to be a hooker called Angel! That was even worse than my dare...

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Jun 02, 2011
Truth or Dare story: we played only dares
by: DareDevil

Every thing is Fair in
And Truth or Dare

Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hah... a hooker named Angel. You should give her a more creative name than that. How about Candy?

Mar 08, 2012
they were young and just fooling around
by: Francis

what do you expect from 13-year old girls playing truth or dare...?

And in my opinion, they shouldn't even be playing hooker, they are way too young to do that.

That reminds me of this other story where a teen pretended to be a pole dancer...

Jun 04, 2014
Twist of Fate
by: Sansa

It is always sweet once you get your revenge, right? But, that is still fine--just have fun while you are still young. You know, it's always nice to look back and talk about your memories. It only happens once in a lifetime.

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So Embarrassing Dares for Me Only

by Sarah

I will make a long story short I will only tell you dares this story is all about.

My friends and I were having a sleep over when I was 13, anyway we were playing truth or dare and I was the only one picking dare... bad idea!

It was my turn and here was my dare.

  • I had to go across the street take off my shirt and scream I am a cowgirl!!!

  • Then I was dared to take off my pants outside and scream I lost my pants for 3 minutes!

  • Then to pee myself then I had to change panties and pants I front of everyone. Then to put the sink hose in my pants, turn it on, and make it look like I peed! Then changing again.

  • Then to dare someone to pull the "hand in warm water prank" on me.

  • Then I had to wear my little pony diapers and go walk around the block!

  • Then I had to go outside and have someone wedgie me and put me on a tree branch until my next turn.

  • Then to do it for the next round while trying to pee my pants so I hung there a whole round with my own pee stain and they would not let me change until the game was over!

I woke up the next morning with a pee stain on my pants and bed, my hand in now cool water, and drawing on my face.

Then when I got up to change my friend Anna Pantsed me and I found out they had also changed my panties to cars diapers!

Then I found out they recorded the truth or dare, the pranks, the pantsing, and they post it online!

I was so embarrassed!

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Mar 04, 2013
You’ve had a hard time with all those dares
by: Francis

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story with everyone here. I can only imagine how extremely embarrassing this must have been for you :(

On the other hand embarrassing stories are what Truth or Dare is all about… Right?

I only hope that you could get a little bit back at your friends and that you were not the only person to do dares.

Keep sending us those great Dare Stories of yours :)

Apr 24, 2013
My Bad
by: Anonymous

Got expelled for peeing in teacher's tea :(

Jan 27, 2015
link please
by: Anonymous

Can I have a link to the video

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Pee Dare!

by Sarah

So I’m in grade 11 right? Well one Saturday I decided to have a sleepover. We decided to play Truth or Dare.
Here’s what happened...

We had been going a while mostly truth but when it was my turn I picked dare... not the right choice.

it was Anna`s turn to dare me, after thinking and talking it over with other girls she turned to me and said it, "We dare you to pee yourself right NOW! an-"

Me not knowing I was interrupting said I would do it because I didn’t want to seem like a wimp. Then she said "I’m not done yet. You also have to let us record you and post it on YouTube.

I felt like fainting but that was not the end of it........ Then Grace stood up and said "no you have to wait till morning and do it outside on the side walk!" now I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

That morning it was time. I was outside on the side walk with 3 water bottles and Anna recording. Everyone was watching me, so I started chugging down the water, camera going watching my crotch.

I was now on the 3rd water bottle and felt like I was going to burst, I got done and I still didn’t need to go so Chloe comes up and kicks me in the stomach, I couldn’t believe it I was peeing myself!

It got worst…

Grace then screamed at the top of her lungs "Sarah peed herself!" I was so embarrassed! I was about to run in to the house but when I stood up Anna pantsed me!!!

Worst moment ever by Monday everyone at school was talking about it I wanted to hide!

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Diaper Embarrassment

by Anna

So I was in high school, me and a group of friends were playing a game of what we call dare or we could only pick dare. It was my turn and of course I had to pick dare. Here is the story of my dare.

My friend, Lorelei, dared me to do anything my friends told me to do for a week starting with her the queen of embarrassment!!! I asked her what she wanted me to do and she told me to do what SHE said for two weeks and I was like WHAT!

Then at school the next day.......

She told me to go in the office, ask to call my mom, then use the mic and tell the whole school to go to the auditorium, and pee on stage, but luckily the principal over heard and wouldn't let me.

Then she dared me to wear a diaper to school and let her pants me! and of course I said yes because if I didn't I had to suffer THE CONSEQUENCES! Even though I thought she was lying about the consequences I didn't want to look like a wimp.

The next day I wore diapers of her choice (Dora) during lunch she told me I had to pee my diaper! I did. Then I thought she forgot but she didn't! In my third core she whispered to me to now. Go #2 in your diaper. because she must have seen me trying to hold it. So I did and peed while I was at it!

We were in my last core and she told me to ask to go to the restroom. I did and while I was in there she came in. I asked her what she wanted, then she PANTSED me, took out her phone took a picture, and then put it online! I was so embarrassed then I went to the toilet and emptied the diaper.
We were in the hall way going to home room and she tried to wedgie me! then she yelled, “hey every one Anna is wearing a Dora diaper!”, then she pantsed me!

But that’s not the end! Every day for two weeks she pantsed me! Then we had another sleepover and when I fell asleep first she made me pee my pants with the old warm water prank!
She then woke me up and showed me the pee stain she took a picture of. she then post it on the internet next the picture of me wearing the diaper and she put under it she should have stuck to diapers!

I’m now in college. And she still shows me the pictures every night. That makes me so mad, that every night we fight and she usually wins with her giving me an ultimate wedgie, me peeing myself, her putting a diaper on me, and then her emailing a picture of me to my boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, and all my friends, frienemies and everyone else in college.

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May 25, 2013
wish that was me
by: Anonymous

I liked this story. Please do that to me!
Wish to play dares to wear diapers for years

May 28, 2013
I Dare You to Buy a Pack of Diapers for Adults
by: Francis

Hey, if you wish to do diaper dares, you first have to get some diapers.

Buying them is embarrassing enough.

So I dare to get some ;)

The next time you play Truth or Dare, just point out you have them.

I promise you, the dares will come.

Feb 19, 2016
dared to show my diaper and plastic pants

I am catholic and finially recieved my sacrement of baptism on easter sunday last year when i was 15.
I was dressed in the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and had the cloth diaper and plastic pants on with a white under shirt as my top.After my party was over,i went to my besties house to show her my baptism out fit.

She was home alone,and i told her all about my baptism and showed her the diaper and plastic pants under my dress and she thought i looked like a baby.

She then asked me if my guy has seen me and i said no,so i texted him to come over.He was there in 10 minutes and saw me in my outfit and thought i looked cute.

Then bestie dared me to lift up the front of my dress and show him my underwear!I turned red and she teased me about being afraid and a chicken,so i took the dare,and lifted up the front of my baptism dress and showed my guy my cloth diaper and plastic pants.

I was very red and embarrassed as he saw them under my dress and he said i looked just like a real baby girl!

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