A teenage sleepover story with of a boy with two hot girls

How about an adult sleepover with two hot girls...?

How about an adult sleepover with two hot girls...?

When I was in my teen years, the games we played were so much fun. They were a variety of games we played including, Red Light Green Light, Freeze Tag, Hide-&-Seek, Spin the Bottle and, of course, the well-known game of Truth or Dare.

I liked this game in particular because you had to use your brains a little bit. It's almost like saying would you rather do this or do that, out of two terrible outcomes. I remember a particular night that I was staying over my cousin's place and we were so bored.

The problem was that we had to go to sleep, but we were not sleepy. In addition, my cousin's friend Lisa was staying over as well. So it was two girls and me (boy), doing kids stuff in this NYC apartment.

Now, more than once had my uncle come in to warn us that if we all do not go to sleep that there would be repercussions!!! Every time it happened we appeased him saying that there is no problem; we are not going to cause any problems.

Far from it - we started playing and the first task was for me to lift up the bedroom window and, right when someone was passing by, to shout at the top of my lungs that I was gay.

Although I do not consider myself gay, I easily took care of that situation. Lisa was next and she had to flash someone with her unusually large chest. She debated that it was just too embarrassing to go through such a task because she wasn't exactly a flasher.

My cousin and I finally convinced her to do it or we would call her ex-boyfriend and lie about her wanting to get back together with him.

Considering both bad outcomes, she decided to take on the exposure dare. Specifically, she had to flash my uncle.

My uncle was a 50 plus year old man that has been retired for a number of years and his mind and heart are not in the status of seeing naked little girls. We called my uncle to the bedroom.

When Lisa flashed her chest at him, to my surprise, he just shrugged it off and slammed the door. When did not get in trouble, but we certainly became surprised at his reaction.

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Dec 10, 2015
Good Teen Sleepover Dares!
by: Emilee

  • Carry the person to your right around the room once.

  • Take a Ketchup/Mustard shot

  • Talk British or Chinese for the rest of the game

  • Receive a wedgie with help from the whole group

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