Great Dares for Guys and Girls

  • Tie him/her up and blindfold him/her. Then do whatever you want to.
    (by Anonymous Visitor)

  • Dare your friend to go to a neighbors house and ask for their plunger
    (by Alex from Idaho)

  • Role play a naughty teacher, nurse/doctor, or police officer. (60 sec)
    (by Kathy from New Rochelle, NY, USA)

  • Call a random person and ask them if they have a extra pair of socks
    (by Gracie from LA, USA)

  • You and another player of the opposite gender must eat a banana with each of you at one end working your way to the middle.
    (by Anonymous Visitor)

  • Have a girl and boy put on the same clothes - YES be in the same clothes (for under 16 not the underwear)
    (by Joschka from Kohmas)

  • Being duct taped in heaven for 20 seconds
    (by Joschka from Kohmas)

  • Sit on laps (on each turn move one lap) to avoid having a turn till your at your old place.
    (by Joschka from Kohmas)

  • Blindfolded stick your tongue out for 2 minutes and you have to lick whatever is put on it ;)
    (by Chris from Cloverdale, Indiana)

  • Pour a bottle of water on a partner wherever you want then they have to take off that article of clothing.
    (by Chris from Cloverdale, Indiana)

  • If it’s rainy, run out in the rain naked and dance to a full song, not if there's lightning.
    (by Chris from Cloverdale, Indiana)

  • Give a person of your choice a hickey on their left chest
    (by Anonymous Visitor)

  • Dare the other person to say Blub 100 times.
    (by Anonymous Visitor)

  • Put an ice cube in your pants
    (by Somer from Virginia)

  • French kiss a dog....well my friend did it it was hilarious.
    (by Faith from Washington)

  • Change all clothes with a person of the groups choice (even underwear).
    (by Steven from the USA)

  • Lick another players cheek.
    (by Meagan from Canada)

  • Carry another player bridal style for 1 minute.
    (by Meagan from Canada)

  • Give the person of your choice a lap dance.
    (by Lianna from Canada)

  • Go over to your Girlfriend's house, and get naked together. Snuggle on the couch. Stay naked ALL afternoon. Lots of touchings
    (by Daniel Battles from Felton, PA. York County)

  • Find a guy and try to butterfly kiss. It's nearly impossible.
    (by Mac from Arvada, Colorado)

  • I Dare someone kiss you in your most tender spots and not get HARD!
    (by Gass from Japan)

  • Call your crush and ask them to marry you or at least a one night stand with you.
    (by Maria from Arkansas)

  • Run through a park at midnight while singing twinkle twinkle little star
    (by Anonymous)

  • For boys: Try on a black lacy thong and ask the person at the counter whether or not it looks good and if you should get a tighter fit.
    For girls: pole dance on a lamppost randomly in front of a large crowd
    (by Anonymous)

  • Chug a bottle of hot sauce in 30 seconds.

  • Do a handstand for as long as possible, if needed use a wall for support.

  • Be given a wedgie by someone else until your underwear rips off

  • Do as many sit-ups in a row as possible then when you can't do anymore wait 30 seconds and do one more.
    (by Alex Wright from the USA)

  • Prank call a distant family member and pretend you got arrested and need to be picked up from jail.
    (by Elena Finch)

  • Guy and girl in a closet covered by a sheet both get naked and throw clothes out of the closet, keeping sheet.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Take off your pants in public and wait for 1 min to go by.
    (by Norma from the USA)

  • Go to a stranger crying. tell the stranger this: I need a hospital! There's something wrong with my butt. There's a crack in it.
    (by Norma from the USA)

  • Pick a silly name to be called for the rest of the night.
    (by Jay from the USA)

  • Pick a silly name to be called for the rest of the night.
    (by Jay from the USA)

  • Dare to trade clothes with a random person of their choice! Clothes underwear and all.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Go outside a kiss the ground if you don`t then make mud then roll around in it like a pig and make sure to snort.
    (by Millie from the USA)

  • Put two ice cubes down your pants and count to 5. Then let your partner (or the person to your right) retrieve them.
    (by Ella from Minneapolis USA)

  • Stimulate two parts of my body at once. Use your hands on one part and lips on the other.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Your girlfriend/wife must go to an adult toy store by herself and buy a sex toy she would like to use. Ask the sales clerk to demonstrate how to use the toy. On her way home have her send you a selfie of her using the sex toy.
    (by SouthernGent from Florida)

  • Make someone of the opposite sex sit on your legs for three rounds.
    (by Emmanuel from Greece)

  • Dare your friend to go up to a person she/he hates and tell them that she/he has a crush on them.
    (by Siggle)

  • I dare u to pick dare. Now this is one of my favorites if u want to torture someone with dares if u think about it. It's kinda simple dare them to pick a dare for the next 10 rounds but if they don't let u get away with it.
    (by Julia )

  • My idea is that u get waxed by someone of ur choice but the group chooses where to wax u and the whole group will vote.
    (by Julia)

  • Break some eggs and pour them on your hair and rub them.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Put your head inside the toilet and video record.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Pee in a glass and try to drink it.
    (by Anonymous)

  • For Guys: Dress up in a mini-skirt, with all wig and make-up, and well--waxed legs, and pole dance in a way to seduce guys.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Go up to your parents naked saying I need the toilet.
    (by Sophie from Milton Keynes)

  • I dare you to peel and eat a banana with your feet.
    (by Henry from Texas)

  • Give yourself a wedgie.

  • Have someone give you a messy wedgie with 5 items.
    (by Anonymous)

  • A friend of mine had to run laps around the room with her pants on her head.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Take a walk out doors, every 10 steps you walk drop an item of clothing till u are naked. Then run back and gather your clothes.
    (by Anonymous)

  • Ask someone working at a local store to teach you how to do a back flip and when they can't insist they owe you for not providing gymnastics lessons.
    (by Rachel from MN)

  • Let a dog lick peanut butter off every sensitive area of your body
    (by James from Nashville Tennessee)

  • Snapchat Dare - Go the next *insert number of your choice* rounds shirtless/bra less/naked/etc.
    (by Rachel from Canada)

  • Go bottomless and straddle someone the group decides for 5 min.
    (by Arthur from Britain)

  • Put ice cubes down there shirt and leave them there to melt :)
    (by Kaitlyn from Virginia)

  • Have the person next to you put lipstick all over your face (RED LIPSTICK) and then a child piece of clothing, go up to your neighbors and tell them you had a nightmare in a childish voice and then start a conversation about Donald trump as a kangaroo.
    (by Anonymous)

  • -1- Do pushups while you talk for the next 5 rounds if you don't talk the group picks how many you do.

    -2- Read 2 chapters of a book of the groups choice while doing the splits, or something else of the groups choice.

    -3- do 40 situps 40 pushups 40 crunches then make someone else do the same.
    (by Abby from Virginia)

  • Call your grandma and ask if this is the number for the whore house
    (by Cayley from Destin, Florida)

  • Every weekend for two weeks, go ask an older brother or sister. If you don't have one then a friend and tell them that they can do any wedgie they want to do to you for the whole weekend. You will have to listen to them or else... You are their wedgie slave for the whole weekend.
    (by Ethan Minkow from Northridge, California)

  • Prank call Wendy's and tell them you're pregnant and it's because they put too much chocolate in your frosty.
    (by Allie)

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Oct 24, 2015
Awesome collection of dares!
by: Francis

Love this list made up of YOUR dares. Thanks to each and every visitor that leaves his dare ideas here. Let's grow this list with even more and cooler dares!

I really like the duct tape in heaven dare. Why not tape both players before shoving them in a closet? Makes it more fun for the others and more difficult for the players.

Some of the dares in this list are a bit more naughty, so make sure you are all OK with this.

Jul 14, 2016
Baby Dare
by: Anonymous

One time my friend dared me to wear nothing but a diaper and a bra. Then she puts some ice cubes under the diaper and kept calling me a baby.

I couldn't make it and lost the game. My punishment dare was to pee let my friend change my diaper like like a baby. She of course, made fun of me and I was feeling so humiliated.

Next day, she spread out the story to the whole campus and everybody was calling me a baby.

Jul 14, 2016
Walking Naked in A Church
by: Geg

A Favorite dare I was given was to walk completely naked around the inside hallways of a church building, not knowing if anyone else was around. I went into one of the side rooms took off all my clothes and then went out to the hallway that went around the chapel, gym, and classrooms.

Jul 14, 2016
Punch Your Coach
by: John Cena

I was once dared to punch my couch in the face. I was in big trouble but thankfully not suspended from boxing.

Apr 12, 2017
11-year-olds gone wild

Girls only - Everyone in the room gives you a bare bottom spanking.

Girls only - Lie on the floor fully naked on your back and let everyone in the room do as they please for 2 minutes each, then roll over and repeat. For more extreme, stay in a position for the rest of the game and let everyone touch you whenever they want.

Girls only - Get the weakest person in the room to massage your left boob, and the strongest your right.

Apr 12, 2017
Some sexy dares :)
by: Mateusz

  • Choose a person of opposite sex who will tickle you for 2 minutes. You can't laugh if you can't stand it but you must moan passionately instead.

  • Fill 2 glasses (or 1 very large glass) with water. You have 10 seconds to drink all the water. If you fail you must pour the remaining water under your shirt.

  • You get blindfolded. The group picks 2 girls (if you're a boy) / boys (if you're a girl) (Maybe the ones that didn't do the last dare?). They both comes close to you and you must put off your hands under their shirts (one hand for each person)and start touching their chests simultaneously for a while (but let's say no longer than 2 minutes). Finally If you cannot guess which chest is whom you must pay the price (strip, flash the group...)

Apr 12, 2017
Banana Toilet Paper Dare
by: Good dog

Tie toilet paper on your "banana", and another has to pull the paper to walk you around the room playing Rock Paper Scissors with others in the room. If the one pulling loses, the winner can flick your banana.

Sep 10, 2017
Beg to get slapped
by: Saurabh Sharma

Once I and my 3 sisters were playing truth and dare and one of them dared me to get slapped hard.

My first sister slapped me softly and quickly. But the 2nd one asked me to get on my knees and beg, so as I was begging and she slapped me outta nowhere, I was almost in tears.

Now the last sis didn't ask me to beg, she pulled my one ear hard and gave me 5 hard slaps. I ran off and cried in the bathroom. I had those hand marks on my cheeks for next 5 days.

Aug 07, 2020
Some fun dares I tried NEW
by: P

1.Flip a coin and every round to see if you need to strip a piece of clothes if you are completely naked every time you get a tails your friends can tie one of your limbs to a corner of the bed

2. Undress and only wear a towel for the rest of the game

3. Soak your pants

4. Let a female friend grab your banana inside of your pants

5. Takeoff all your clothes in each row and you will get one piece of clothing back

6. Stand in front of a front facing window fully naked for one minute


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