Caught in a Dare

Dare: Kiss a tree

Dare: Kiss a tree

(Photo from Zen Me)

Chrissy and I used to play truth or dare quite frequently as young children. We were the best of friends, and told each other everything, so mostly it was a test of who could make the other friend do the most outrageous things.

We lived three houses down from each other in a suburban neighborhood in Charleston, West Virginia. We practically lived at each other's houses, especially in the summer. I particularly remember the summer afternoon when her family was not home and we just got done making a batch of rice crispy treats.

Bored and now on a sugar rush, we decide to play truth or dare. She dared me to pretend to make out with a tree in her front yard. Even though at age 10 my inhibitions were high, I still didn't want to risk someone seeing me. Nonetheless, I ran out there.

I wrapped my arms around the thick tree, placed my lips on the dry bark, and raised my leg as if being kissed by a true gentleman. When she announced my time was up, I quickly ran back in.

Knowing I had to get one up on her, I dared her back something unthinkable! "Tara!", she screamed, "I can't do that!". Truth or dare! You chose dare and I dared you, you have to," I replied.

Chrissy reluctantly removed her clothes down to her Underoos and ran to the mailbox and back. Just as she was approaching the door to come back in, her parents pulled up.

We laughed so hard for so long! After that incident, Chrissy and I played a new Truth or Dare. It was called, "Truth, Dare, Promise, Repeat, or Think". It was more fun and had more choices. We could make promises, sworn by the pinky swear, forced to repeat anything the other said, great fun for phone conversations with the boys, and a "what do you think" question.

I miss those days.

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Truth or Dare At the Fair

by Caleb Cosby
(Texas, USA)

(Photo from rogerbarker2)

It was back in 1974 at the Gillespie County Fair in Fredericksburg, Texas that we boys made the mistake of starting a game of Truth or Dare. I say mistake because there were definitely some consequences. But, we didn't started playing that game at first.

The first thing we did at the fair was hit the food booths. There was cotton candy to consume. We consumed it alright. It was pink and pillowing and one hundred per cent sugar. Anyone who knows Fredericksburg knows it is famous for several foodstuffs. First there is the sausage.

We had more than our share. It came on sticks. It came on buns. We ate it all. Then came time for the famous hill country peaches and cream. Peaches are good but when you mix them with fresh cream they are really tasty.

The Gillespie County Fair means German food. We were too young for the beer but we sure could down the sauerkraut. Having eaten our fill and then some it was time to wander around the animal exhibits. Being just thirteen we thought we were big time stuff and we started horsing around in the pig barn.

Things got worse. We were real pigs in the horse barn. It was then that Leroy, my only best friend cousin Leroy decided that we should play Truth or Dare right there on the fairgrounds. I do not know if he had an ulterior motive to this very day.

But sure enough we did the old chooser game the Wing Wong Willy and I was chosen to go first. The way we played we got to know what the truth was first. Well Leroy said to me, ?Truth or dare! Caleb have you stolen any money recently??

I just about fell over because he looked right through me as he said it. Quick as a gnat I said, ?Dare!? I had to say it because just the week before in anticipation of the fair I had ?borrowed? five dollars from Leroy's mamma's purse.

I couldn't let that out. Leroy said for the dare I'd have to ride the Whizzer blindfolded. I could barely ride it with my eyes wide open but I had no choice. Over to the ride we went. We boarded and Leroy secured my eyes with my red bandana.

The ride took off spinning and so did my head. Round and round I went. Then I started to have very vivid memories of all that food we ate. I tried to hold it in but with that blindfold on I was just too dizzy. Before you knew it everything I had eaten and I mean everything was out of my tummy and into the air.

But it wasn't in the air for long. The centrifugal force put at least half of it on Leroy. Needless to say that was the end of that day's truth or dare.

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Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

You guys are getting too wild w/your truth or dares. What happened to the good ole dasys of asking who your crush was or a dare for a kisss? ah, the simple times...

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

I can’t imagine someone puked while riding the rides in the park. It is worse if they hit me while I am enjoying the thrills.

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Sliding Into Cold Water!

(Photo from Nat Tarbox via flickr)

When I was eight years old, living on a lake in Massachusetts. My best friend Meredith and I was bored as usual on a fall day decided it would be fun to jump onto a floating platform that was attached to a dock.

On this platform was a slide. Now, during the summer this platform would be out in the lake, anchored to the bottom so when you went down the slide you slid into deeper water. Keep in mind this is in the fall, the lake is cold and I am young and stupid.

My friend Meredith dares to me go to the top of the slide. Well, sure I say no big deal. Then I get dared to go down the slide, now remember at the bottom of the slide is cold water and I am fully clothed. Well in my young mind this seems easy enough to stop yourself at the bottom and not end up in the "drink".

Yeah, I was adventurous and "stupid! I remember now 30+ years later that I really thought that I would be able to stop myself at the bottom of the slide and just slip off the edge back onto the platform. I did, really! Well as you can probably guess I didn't stop at the bottom and into the water I went, good thing I could swim.

I got out and Meredith ran home in fear of getting into trouble and I ran toward my trusted neighbor's house for help. Sylvia my neighbor had children a little older than me, but she always helped me in my times of need and never told my parents. I remember that her washer and dryer were in her basement that you could only access from the outside of the house.

So in the basement I stood for what seemed like forever waiting for my clothes to dry. I went home and my parents never found out what a stupid thing I had done. Not until many years later did I finally tell my mom what had happened, she did not laugh.

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Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

THAT WAS A BONEHEAD MOVE, FRIEND. I seriously wouldd have ripped you one--even years later--if I were your mom

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

That is really dangerous! You could be drowned by the water stream!

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Undies in Vegas Baby

by Jerry Elephant
(Nevada City: Las Vegas)

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, then I’m sure you’re fully aware of all the various activities that go on inside the casinos, and bars.

You've probably gambled and drank a few good beers too. Well, have you ever wondered about what goes on inside the local residents’ homes?

My name is Jerry, and I've been living in the glitzy city of Las Vegas, Nevada ever since I was little and boy do I have a funny story for you!

When I was in middle school, a classmate of mine was having a birthday party. He passed out invitations to everyone in class like any normal kid.

His invitations were a little strange though. They had pink elephants on it and I seriously thought this kid was eccentric.

Anyway, I show up at his house on a Saturday and the party is fine – all my friends are there. As the night went on, we eventually started to play, "Truth or Dare."

A few kids were dared to run around quacking and flapping their arms like ducks, but things got really interesting when it was the birthday boy’s turn!

We ended up tying him up and somehow stripped down to his underwear. He was seriously wearing pink elephants! We made so much noise that night that it alerted his parents.

They would periodically, "check-in," on us, like any parents would. So, yeah, you can only imagine their dismay when they saw their son all tied-up.

The dad even shouted, "Pink Elephants?!" and muttered, "freakin’ pansy." It was so funny. Everyone laughed so hard and one kid threw up cake!

It was one of the funniest childhood memories of mine. Oh, and once we were all back at school, naturally I brought the kid a stuffed elephant and said, "Happy Birthday!"

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Truth or Dare: Ode to a Park Bench

How far can you jump?

How far can you jump?

(Photo from wsilver)

Truth or Dare, a game for children, I think not. What I am about to tell you is not something I am proud of, but something that did happen to me and I give this as a cautionary tale.

It started out as any other day, birds singing, sun shining, children playing in the park. On that fateful day I happened to be one of those children that were playing.

I was with my little brother and we were both pretty bored, it was one of those days where your parents kick you out of the house and say don't come back until dinner.

On that day because of the boredom we decided to play some games to keep ourselves busy. Now truth or dare is an interesting game, I say that because when it comes to little boys it might as well be called Dare or Dare where one kid tries to up the other.

We were no different in our playing, Nathan would dare me to do something stupid like jump off the slide and I would dare him to hang upside for ten minutes on the monkey bars. Everything was going great, we were having a grand time and then Nathan decided to take our game to the swing set. He started by daring me to run out of a swing while going which was not a problem.

I followed up by daring him to parachute out of the swing that is a maneuver in which your legs fall free, but you hold on to the chains with your arms. After that was complete we were out of options, until Nathan asked me to do something that was a little more dangerous than what I was used to.

He dared me to swing as high as I could as fast as I could and at the last moment jump out of the swing.

Looking back I probably should have called the game there, but being the older brother I couldn't exactly let him win. I started swinging, higher and higher. Finally at the highest point I let go!

At that point I can't tell you what happened, but I know when I came to I was lying over the seat of a metal park bench with my head stuck between the back and the bench part of the seat.

I was 12 so obviously I started to panic and yell at Nathan. He ran back to our house and got my Dad who ran (very quickly for his age) over to me to try and help.

After pulling and boxing my ears for almost half an hour, it was clear that I was not coming out. I remember that somewhere in the middle of everything someone got the bright idea to put butter on my head and try to slide it out.

After everything failed, the only thing left to do was call the fire department and have they cut the bench. After another half hour of waiting the fire department finally arrived. After using what I assume is the Jaws of Life, they freed me from the park bench.

My father was so relieved that he didn't even punish me for being stupid saying simply the humiliation was punishment enough.

After all these years I still can't play truth or dare without my head killing me.

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Mar 28, 2012
Great tale!
by: Sprinterboi

I've seen and done some pretty embarrassing dares, but this is one of the best I've heard of. Thanks for sharing.

Apr 07, 2012
the butter!!!
by: Anonymous

Haha :D I really laughed about the butter-part!!

In my childhood my father built an climbing frame with two swings in our garden. My sister and I also used to swing high and jump. We just speeded up a little and - oooooh, how I loved this moment when you just FLY!! Well and then the landing was sometimes a bit rough, but we never drove it too far. =) There also where no benches to get stuck...^^

Apr 08, 2012
fearless youngsters
by: Francis

You sure don't care about what could happen when you are a child. I miss these times sometimes.

Must get that inner child out once again. I think I'll go look for a swing ;)

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Cute Confession as a Dare

Thirteen year old Mandy was seated in the hot tub in Phoenix with a small group of friends. Her crush was seated directly across from her, and she was trying not to blush or seem too nervous.

The suggestion to play truth or dare came from the girl seated next to her, her best friend Jane. The kids all got excited, but Mandy just hoped the hot water disguised her red face.

She was a shy girl, not wanting to do anything crazy, but desperately wanting to fit in. A few rounds of the game went by, full of laughter and excitement. One girl had to make out with her hand for a full minute.

A boy had to admit to sleeping with a blankie. But then it was Mandy’s turn. She sat in shock for a second, wishing they would have skipped over her. She was torn between choosing truth or dare, either way she knew she would embarrass herself.

Mandy barely whispered “truth” before she wished she could take it back. “Who do you have a crush on in school?” They asked. Mandy bit her lip and gulped. He was sitting right across from her.

He was waiting expectantly for some answer, but would he care that it was him? Mandy didn't know what to do. Jane put her hand on Mandy’s shoulder encouragingly. Mandy barely coughed out his name, but no one had heard.

They made her say it louder. She was tomato red and so embarrassed, and when she finally looked across the hot tub into his face, she saw a shocked expression.

Bursting into tears, she ran out of the party and down the street. Back at the party, the kids were laughing and enjoying themselves, but one boy was still quiet. And he was smiling at the fact that Mandy liked him.

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