Worst. Night. Ever.

by Emily

This happened when I was 13, so last year. It was summer, and my friends and I decided to have some fun at Carly's house.

There were five of us there, and Liz was the one who decided we should play truth or dare.

My turn came, and I picked dare because I knew they would ask me which guy I liked from school, and I didnt know my friends could come up with a dare like what Im about to say!

They ended up daring me to run naked into the woods behind Carly's house, down a dirt path all the way, and back.

It was night, so I thought it wouldn't be that bad, so I undressed outside, and my friends laughed at me as I ran off.

As I ran, I suddenly remembered I had my period.
Big deal, I thought, I won't take that long. My friends watched me as I ran to the end of the path, and turned back.

I was almost out of the woods to Carly's house when they all walked inside and locked the door.

They even took my clothes with them!!

They were laughing at me through the window and said they would come back in 30 minutes. I was gonna get them back for this!!!!!

They left the porch lights on so I went to stay in the woods so I wouldn't be seen.

By this time my period was getting messy, and out of my stupidy before, I failed to realize I had to pee!!!

I waited, and waited, for what seemed like forever, when I just had to pee. I just leaned against a tree and went.

A moment later I realized I was being watched - by my crush!!! Apparently he had been walking through the woods.

I tried to cover myself but he was so nice he gave me his shirt. Even though I would get blood on it.

I told him what happened and he got my friends to let me inside.

I still like him to this day! And he even likes me!

My friends are NEVER going to let me live this down.

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Dec 27, 2014
Had to tone the story down for Richard's friend
by: Francis

Dear anonymous poster, thanks for writing your story to us!

I had to tone down the "details" a bit in the story. But getting a kick in the nuts is pretty much no dare any more, that's just plain cruel!

Next time, just say No!

Dec 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

My friend Richard and I were sleeping over to Jordan's house. Jordan was our best friend. We decided to sleep in the basement. That way we could make noise and not get in trouble.

At the time I was fourteen and Richard and Jordan were thirteen. We decided to play dare games around 11:00. It was easy at first but quickly intensified.

I dared Jordan to strip to his underwear and go into his sister Kaite's room. Kaite who was twelve was watching TV when we all marched in. Kaite's room was in the ladder part of the basement so we were not afraid of getting caught.

In walked Jordan with a pair of soaking wet white briefs on. (We drenched him before we left his room)
You could totally see through the sheer underwear giving Kaite a glimpse of Her brothers privates.

She was stunned and giggled at little then covering her mouth. She wanted in on the fun and asked if she could join us for a while. Jordan was hesitant because of his continuous exposure.

She was making jokes about him being "in view". Finally he let her join.

The next dare was for me! Both Rich and Jordan decided that my dare was to strip nude and let Kaite kick me in the balls!

I was terrified. I'd never ever seen Kaite nude and didn't want her to flaunt that over me. But Jordan reminded me that I made him get laughed at so now it was my turn.

I gave it some thought and stood up. Back to Kaite I pulled my shirt over my head and my shorts down. I knew I would have no cover at all unlike Jordan so I stopped and asked if I had to go further. I was told YEA!

There I was with my hands on my black boxers and then.... DROP! I exposed my white butt to Kaite. I turned around and covered my (child-like) privates and watched Kaite cover her mouth once more in absolute laughter!! She giggled hysterically as I was on show.

Then she wheeled on and nailed me in my balls. In pain, I fell to my knees...

After what felt like hours, I stood up and allowed Kaite to give me a hug. When she did, her soft leg made me feel all excited again.

Now she just glanced down and with a swift movement she me down there and looked at me with a evil grin. I never ever saw her in her underwear or nude, but to this day she still grins at me when ever she sees me!!!

May 12, 2012
Nice dare story!
by: Francis

Hi Emily, thanks for sending us this cool story! I really like how you took the time to write out details.

At least, there was a happy ending :) So it didn't turn out too bad for you!

My advice: get some good inspiration here on this site, there are hundreds of dare ideas around. Remember the worst ideas, and innocently ask for a game of Truth or Dare sometimes in the future with your friends.

Then let them have hell :D

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