Winter Dare

by Tina

(Photo from goodmami)

Years ago, when I was in my twenties, my friends and I were sitting around watching movies and talking. We were having a few drinks at my house in Denver Colorado. We were laughing and just having a good time.

As the night wore on and the drinking continued, my friend said, "Tina lets all play truth or dare."

We all laughed and I said, “why not.”

So we played. I was first, I truth or dared Susan.

She said “truth”,

I said, “you dated Tim in high school?”

She said, “yes”, we all laughed.

Tim was a strange guy everyone avoided.

Susan went next. She choose Diana.

"Truth or Dare?"

Diana choose truth. She asked," You have to change your clothes ten times before you go on a date?"

Diana laughed and turned beet red.

"I can't believe you told that!"

Then it was Diana's turn, she choose me.

"Truth or dare?” she declared.

Being the host, I choose dare.

She said, "I dare you to strip down to your underwear and put on your running shoes and run around the house outside three times."

I just looked at her like she was crazy.

It was winter, snowing and freezing outside.

Plus I would have to turn the outside lights on so I would not trip on anything in the yard.

Being a good sport I said, "Since I choose dare, okay and I hate you."

I striped down to my underwear, put on my shoes and got the courage up to do this crazy dare.

My friends all put on their warm coats, laughing and stumbling over each other. I was feeling good but not drunk.

I opened the front door and started running.

The first lap was terrible, I was so cold. I came into their view and they cheered me on.

The girls were not quiet.

The second lap I saw my neighbors light come on.

Oh no I thought. I rounded the corner and there stood my neighbors.

The wife was shaking her head and her husband was grinning. They thought I was insane.
I was so embarrassed.

I ran faster.

On the third lap the girls were really loud and when I rounded the corner, there stood about 3 more of my neighbors cheering me on and my boyfriend.

I was horrified.

What was I thinking, oh no I am in trouble.

He looked at me, at my giggling friends, shrugged and went into the house. My friends were laughing and my neighbors were clapping.

The girls had explained everything to the neighbors but not my boyfriend. He had just gotten home.

I looked at everyone and thought "What am I doing."

I wanted to die then move out that night.

I waved to my fans, and ran into the house, my friends behind me.

My boyfriend put a blanket around my shoulders and said, "Do you want to tell me what is going on?

I told him, "it was a dare what could I do."

He laughed, hugged me and went up to our room. The party ended soon after.

The consequences for my "Dare" were to this day, my neighbors call me Blue Tina.

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