Wife's and Friends Truth Or Dare Game

by Marcus
(Greenville, SC)

So my wife was having a get together with about 13 of her friends from work. And I retreated to my man cave to avoid the cackling and carrying on. They are all on their God know what number bottle of wine for the night. So anyway I needed a drink but in order to get to the kitchen, I would have to walk past the family room.

So I get to the kitchen to grab my drink and my wife says your turn. I ignored them but then she yells at me and says "babe, it's your turn."

So I said "My turn for what?"

They all yell "Truth Or Dare"

I am thinking good God what hell did I just stumble into. So I said, ok what the hell. When asked, Truth or Dare, I said "Truth".

My wife interrupts and says nope..you get a dare.

Ok fine, whatever I will take the dare.

She said I dare you to get a spanking from everyone in this room.

At first, I did not want to but then I did the math and there were at least 7 ladies that were pretty hot out of the group so yeah I am game why not.

So I stand in the middle of the room facing away from them and the first lady swats my butt. Not hard, but ok. The next woman says "shouldn't we be spanking his bare bottom?"

I look at my wife with WTF look on my face. She said, "Ladies there is no way he is going to pull his pants down and let us spank him."

Phew "..so we will have to do it for him!!!"

The next thing I remember is my wife grabbing my one arm and another woman grabbing the other while some of them pull my pants and underwear completely down and off while the rest cheered on.

So now the spankings begin again. To say I am very turned on right now would be an understatement. And it is noticed. My wife points out that I am twitching and I am about to pop.

One of the women had a moment of clarity and asked: "Oh no I am sorry, should we stop?"

To which my wife said, "No no no, don't stop, make him come right here."

Well, when she said that, I was right there ready to. One of her co-workers grabbed me and it was all over. I erupted all over her had. The towel fell off and I saw it was one of the older ladies and I didn't care, it felt great.

So right now, I am a huge fan of wine and will keep it in the house all the time.

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