Unzipped Pants Dare Prank

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We were in the 10th grade. I was studying in boarding school in a hill station in the Himalayas, a region well known for its educational institutions, left behind a century later by the British. It was a small town, and the main place to hang out was the mall, a 2 km stretch of eclectic shops.

We would try to make our way to the mall every evening after school, to gossip, flirt with the boys from the neighboring schools and just have a good time with friends. Also since it was a small place almost everybody knew everybody. We once decided to play truth or dare.

I dared my friend Deepa to walk up to this guy we both knew and whom she intensely disliked and tell him his jeans were unzipped. Deepa was a bravo. She's one girl I know who loves taking challenges. Without hesitating she simply walked over to him and said "Hey, your pants are unzipped".

He was stoic, but pleasant. He said "Thank you" and bent down to zip his pants, and realized it was a joke. She laughed at him for considerable period before walking off. The next week we spotted the same person again. He passed us, smiled at me, but curtly nodded to her before passing us.

A few minutes later he walks up to Deepa and tells her she has her pants unzipped. She shot back "Oh really?!" but didn't bother to check and walked off. An hour later when she finally did look at her pants, they truly were unzipped. For a considerable period thereafter she would go red in the face every time she would see this person.

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