Slipped in a split

by Bill Popper

Slipped from Stairs

Slipped from Stairs

(Photo from .A.A.)

My name is Bill Popper from The Dallas, OR. Perhaps I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but the other day I was attending a party when someone suggested, as the crowd began to thin that we play one big game of "truth or dare".

I thought this idea to be a recipe for disaster, not to mention that the last time I played truth or dare was back in elementary school.

I didn't like the idea, but I went along with it anyways. Seeing as how I joined the game last, all volunteered me to be first to get asked "truth" or "dare". I chose dare.

It was only then that I realized, I was no longer a minor. I could go to jail for something illegal if someone dared me to do.

The crowd considered the mischievous activities they could dare me to do with maniacal glee, and I began to wonder if I should have left for home right then and there.

They finally decided that I would find a way on the roof, strip and re-cloth myself, and then find a way down from the roof from a different route that I had ascended. They would be watching outside the whole time to make sure I perform every action as laid out.

I accepted the dare, thinking the worst part might be the stripping on a rooftop part, but as I started to climb out of the second story window, I realized that my worries were unfounded since I didn't even make it to the rooftop.

My foot slipped off of the metal window ledge and I proceeded to tumble headlong into the yucca plant below. A trip to the hospital and 18 stitches latter made me a firm believer that adults have no business playing kid's games.

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Oct 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

How old were you at the time? Too old to do something as ridiculous as this, indeed!

Nov 11, 2011
good story
by: Anonymous

Not a bad story. You made it out in one piece at least!

Dec 24, 2011
by: Nirmal

If you really slipped like the one in the picture, I would really snap a picture of it and upload it on my Facebook if I was there. That is a hilarious pose!

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

Auch! That looks really hurt and awful. I don’t know whether I should laugh of pity you. I’ll be laughing out loud if I am there.

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Epic Faceplant instead of Romantic Dare

(Photo from Helga Weber)

When I was 12 years old, I got together with a bunch of my friends from my soccer team. We had been pigging out on cake and ice cream because it was a teammate's birthday when someone suggested a good old fashioned game of Truth or Dare.

I was rather reluctant, considering how shy I was at that age, but a boy I had a crush on nudged me and told me that it would be tons of fun. I gave in. The game started out in a very boring way-I dare you to go knock on the neighbor's door, things of that nature.

Then when it was my crush's turn, he got dare. He dared me to go down into the basement with him for ten minutes. I was delighted. Of course I would! We walked down the stairs and as soon as I opened the door, I tripped over my own two feet and tumbled down the stairs.

Down and down I fell, until I finally landed on my face! To make things worse, when I finally had reached the bottom I landed in a nest of baby mice. I screamed and screamed until Tommy, my crush, made it to the bottom and fumbled for the light switch.

I was mortified, and worse, I found out that I had sprained my wrist. I could not believe this had happened in front of Tommy, of all people! He grabbed my good wrist and helped me up. All the kids at the party were staring at me when I came up from the basement, but they all withheld their laughter, at least until I had left. Anyway, the parents took me to the emergency room and got me all fixed up.

Tommy never said much to me again. I still recall that story today and laugh!

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Mar 09, 2012
falling on your face
by: Anonymous

...makes the word "crush" appear in a whole new light...

Seriously, if that had happened to my when I was that young, I would be so embarrassed I would hide under my bed for at least a year!

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Truth, Dare or Death by Embarrassment

by Mahlie Malone

(Photo from DigitalArtBerlin)

My Name really is Mahlie Malone and I really do live in Boston and I really wish this never happened to me.

It was around the time when I was 12 years old and it was the first sleepover my mother let me host. I was really excited but had never had a sleep over before so I didn't really know what to do.

Fortunately I was able to get Ariel Mchale to come to my party. She was pretty popular and had gone to a dozen or so. At least that was what she claimed.

We ate a lot of pizza and watched a few soppy movies. My best friend Jenny Catright carried through most of the film and we all laughed at her for it.

The other girls with us were Carol Olden and Janice Careen. Ariel and Janice were best friends and knew each other’s secrets.

I knew Carol pretty well. She loved learning secrets, but she was not good at keeping them. So I was a little bit apprehensive when Janice suggested Truth or Dare. But everyone was for it.

They asked some really embarrassing questions and got me to admit I was madly in love with my next door neighbor, Tobias Jones. Ariel admitted she had a poster of a boy band in her room and kissed it regularly.

After an hour of everyone spilling her guts (and popcorn) I finally chose Dare.

It was kind of late, so we were all in our pajamas. Even though it was cold out, I slept in shorts and tee shirt.

Jenny dared me to run next door and stick my tongue to the flag pole outside of Tobias' house. I wanted to back out since it is well known that you can't stick your tongue to a pole in the dead of winter.

Jenny, Carol and Ariel said it was safe and none of us had ever known anyone to actually get stuck to a pole.

It was very cold and I was shivering in five seconds. The temperature was affecting my body. I inched up to the pole and pressed my tongue lightly to the pole hoping to pull right off again but I was stuck within moments.

In a panic I called for help. The other girls screamed and ran back into my house, calling for my mother. While waiting there, fighting tears of fear and embarrassment, I heard the worst thing I could hear.

The back door of my neighbor’s house and Tobias voice asking what was going on.

In that moment I began to cry as the cutest guy I ever knew walked up to me in my exposed pajamas with my tongue stuck to a flag pole.

He was really sweet, he took my hand and stood with me while I shivered and cried and waited for my parents to come free me from the pole.

I was so relieved when dad poured hot water on the pole and got me off. I thought I would die of embarrassment then and there. I was able to smile and nod before wishing Tobias good night.

I was almost at the door to my house when I heard Carol scream at the top of her voice that I was madly in love with Tobias.

I turned back in time to see him hide his face in his hands before I sprinted back to my room.

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Extremely Dangerous Dare – Do Not Try This at Home

(Photo from SamuelSchultzbergBagge)

One time there was this party my friends and I were going to one night. The directions where 607 spoke Dr. Killeen Texas U.S.A.

It was my friend Sam Hamton. I got off work and I was driving home. I was thinking about what I should wear to the party. I was single at the time so it meant a lot to look nice.

I got home and pulled up in my driveway, parked my car and locked the doors. Went into my house and my parents were making dinner. I told them that I would not be having dinner but yet going out with some friends.

They didn't care so much so I took a shower. I got all ready and left the house. I was jamming to my favorite song all the way there. So excited and so pumped about going to Sam's party, I stopped and picked up a really cute girl I have known a really long time and went through school together.

She and I talked the rest of the way. I turned down the street where Sam lived. About 50 cars were lined up and it was so hard to find a parking spot. I finally drove the next street and said screw it.

We walked about a block and got to Sam's house, and just walked in the house. As we walked in, everyone screamed my name. I guess I would say I’m a pretty cool kid in school.

Music blasting and everyone dancing, beer flying through the air and the house was so loud you would think that there was a live famous band playing their greatest hits.

I finally seen and shook hands with my friend Sam. He is a pretty cool guy in school also. We were best friends.

As he was talking to me he came up with the idea of someone jumping from the roof top to the trampoline to the pool.

Well no one would do it, so Sam dared me to do the unthank about at the time. Drinking and stupid boys to not mix. So I wanted to look really cool in front of my girl, I had brought to the party so I said whatever let’s do this.

I went to Sam’s bedroom and climbed out the window onto the roof. A couple of guys moved the trampoline closer to the house so I would not miss it when I jumped.

Everyone pilled outside, and my heart was pounding at this point. Drunk and fast heart rate really sucked. Then out of nowhere some cops pulled up and yelled for me to come down.

I was dared to do this, so I said screw it and just leaped and flying to the ground off of a 3 story house to a trampoline. I hit face planting and, bouncing up and hitting my face again.

Not knowing I just broke my nose from the hitting of the trampoline I jump again and into the pool.

The cops got a hold of me and handcuffed me for not listening to what they had told me.

With a broken nose I sat the back of the cop car and everyone rushed home.

The next day at school, everyone cheered me on about the dare that had happen that night!

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Koala-ing: A Climbing Dare Story

by Kate

A Tree Climbing Dare Story

A Tree Climbing Dare Story

(Photo from dichohecho)

My name is Kate. I am from Chicago, but one summer, my friends and I decided to go camping in Northern Wisconsin. We were all in college at the time, and so we had our whole summer off.

We went to Door County, a beautiful little get away from the big city. We were sitting around the campfire when one girl decided we should play truth or dare. As we were all good friends, and knew everything about each other, it really was a game of ‘Dare or Dare’.

One girl dared another girl to climb a tree like a koala. She had to run straight into the tree and use her arms and legs to climb up the trunk, and she couldn’t use branches to help her climb. Muscle was key for this to ever be successful.

The girl ran directly at the tree, got pretty high off the ground on her jump, but didn’t have the leg strength to keep her up in the tree, and she slowly, while still hanging on, fell down the tree. Her thighs were bleeding from scraping the tree, and the next morning she woke up with terrible bruises.

The worst (and funniest) part was, after her epic fail, we all decided we could do better. So one by one, all 15 of us tried to Koala the tree. Our Truth or Dare game turned into a tree climbing game, and then into a first aid station.

The following summer, we made the same road trip up to Door County, where we played yet another game of Truth or Dare, and the Koala made a comeback.

This time, with a twist…

The girl had to do it in her swimsuit. Bruises were much worse the second time around. My advice, do not try to Koala a tree. If you do, pants will be helpful.

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Jun 08, 2012
by: Francis

Sounds pretty painful!
Well, as long as you had fun it's fine. Make sure that you don't get any scars from this climbing dare.

Koala-ing... Nice word creation ;)

Jun 22, 2012
by: sean

Hated it sorry but not good

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Look Out Below!

by Tim Jacobson
(Amery, WI USA )

When I was in 5th grade, a friend of mine had a New Year’s Eve party at their house. The party included me and six other friends (both boys and girls).

Like typical young middle schoolers, we immediately decided (once my friends parents were somewhat asleep) to play truth or dare. The beginning portions of the game were very dull and boring (nothing to get excited about).

Realistically, the entire game was rather boring until it was my friend Tim’s turn.

Tim was a boy that, if encouraged enough, would do anything. He immediately took dare and made it seem as if nothing could prevent him from doing it.

A girl at the party named Stacy suggested that he put on a dress of hers (it was her house) and run around the neighborhood (she lived in a small subdivision).

It was the end of December, so it was very cold, but that didn't him. He put on the dress (way too small for him on a side note) and a pair of winter boots.

This wouldn't seem to be all that funny, expect Stacy forgot to mention that the people that live next to her had recently done some landscaping/remodeling and weren't quite finished yet.

He managed to steer clear of the newly planted saplings, but didn't see the whole they had dug for the in-ground pool. Much like Tim, we didn't think about it until he hadn't come back for about ten minutes.

When we went out to find him, we found him at the bottom of a 4 foot hole, cold, and embarrassed. To make matters worse, we had to wake up Stacy’s parents to take him to the hospital (broken arm).

They were very confused to find a boy at the bottom of the hole wearing one of their daughter’s dresses. Needless to say, we never had another party there. Also, Stacy’s parents never looked at Tim the same way again!

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Well That Ended Poorly

by Chuck
(Los Angeles/California/USA)

(Photo from Andrew Imanaka)

One Friday afternoon, my coworkers and I were all anticipating the end of the day. We had a pow-wow and decided it was best to go to a new club that was downtown.

As we got in to the festivities (on an empty-stomach no less) things got a little interesting. Ties came undone, top buttons unfastened. We were all loose with an excuse. Next thing we know, we’re in a private area – all 10 of us – of the bar.

So we decide to take advantage of the surroundings and play a friendly game of Truth or Dare. No big deal – a few truths were announced, and finally Stacey decided to open things up with a dare.

She dared me to do something I had never done before. Me being bold, I said I’ve already done everything there is to do.

She was not satisfied, so dared me to go outside of the bar and flip off the first person I laid eyes on.

At first, I was reluctant, as we were in an after-work event, and I was not in a condition to explain myself rationally. Finally, thinking back on what I would have done in college, I decided what the hell.

I walked out, and they followed. There were a couple of candidates – a tall, lanky guy, and a shorter, more robust college-aged guy. I made eye contact with the taller guy, since he was on my level.

I screamed, “Hey a$$hole! Eat this!” then proceeded to flip him off.

I turned back around in confidence to my group of rousers, and then turned back around to face the guy – when WHAM! Knuckle to face action ensued.

He knocked me out – so I was told. I woke up on the sidewalk confused, and Stacey recalled what happened.

To this day, I still do not know what prompted a stranger to punch me in the face over a middle finger, but then again, I am also not sure what prompted a professional such as myself to muster up the will to flip off a stranger for no good reason.

Oh wait, never mind, yeah, it was the alcohol.

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Don’t hurt yourself when doing a Dare!

by Sarah
(Greenbrier, TN, USA)

Back in my high school town of Greenbrier, I was having a girl's night with a bunch of my close friends. There was about five of us; Lindsey, Lauren N., Ashley, Lauren A., and me, Sarah. We had made some drinks and were sitting on the back porch of our friend Lauren N.'s house.

It was starting to get dark out, so we decided that we would play truth and dare because the darkness might make it a little more entertaining. Well we started out simple, asking stupid truth questions and doing simple dares. One of the first dares that came out ended badly.

It was my turn to ask Lindsey truth or dare and she picked dare. I wanted to go easy on her, so I told her to go kiss the fence that surrounded Lauren N.'s house. It was a simple wooden fence with about an inch to an inch and a half gap between each plank.

She accepted the dare and went up to the fence and puckered up to it. Little did we know there was a dog on the other side of the fence that didn't like people? Since it was dark she couldn't really see where she was placing her lips and she placed them right on one of the gaps.

As soon as her lips touched the fence, the dog bit her. She pulled away screaming and we started laughing thinking she kissed something gross. It wasn't till she turned around, with blood on her face that we realized she had been bitten.

Luckily she didn't have to go to the hospital, but we didn't play truth or dare anymore that night. We ended up going inside and watching movies the rest of the night. To this day she still has the scar on her chin where the dog bit her.

Who knew that a simple dare such as: kissing a fence, would end so badly...

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Almost Deadly Dare – Poor Oliver Got Grilled

by Ale
(Austin, TX)

(Photo from I'm Fantastic)

Oliver was sort of the stuck up rich kid on the floor of campers at summer camp. He had his own room and all the latest trendy things for a 12 or so year old kid of the early 80's.

There were 6 of us kids to a floor, and a guidance counselor for each floor and then shared living space and a pair of bathrooms.

Our live in guidance counselor was an awesome and gigantic black boxer from some South American nation training and working during his summer break. I went to Atari camp at UCSD in San Diego way back when ET was in the theaters.

My parents had shipped me off because I was into skating and computers and they got to spend some time alone for a few months, and not deal with me hurting myself every few days applying for a Darwin award. Great deal for them...

A few months into camp, our counselor was "out" for the night, it was late and we were alone playing truth or dare.

There were a few kids from the other floors in our common area with us.

It gets to Oliver.

He chose Dare. (quite poorly in hindsight)

Most of us had grown to dislike him by then and we all settled to daring him to stick a fork in an electrical socket.

Which he did, with zero reluctance.

He picked the fork up, walked over to the wall, and jammed that fork as hard as a twelve year old boy could.

He made contact.

He shook like a grand mal seizure, it seemed cartoon-like at the time.

His hand smoked, burnt and created a stench that is hard to forget, like burnt hair and buttery bacon mixed with something metallic.

After a few very long seconds he was able to let go.

Who knows how long it really was, time wasn't working right then, but all of us were afraid to touch him until he finally fell over.

He was ok...?

His hand and shirt were smoking, I guess as ok as he could be given the circumstance.

His hand was a freak show.

A couple of fingers seemed melted together, you could see the bones, shit was dripping off it in parts from what I remember before we wrapped it up in towels.

I have no clue whatever happened to him.

The counselor's from the other floors noticed the commotion, sent us to our rooms, ambulance's came. His belongings left a few days later.

We went to the beach and had a BBQ or some shitload of silly distractions to forget about it, and finished our defender clones in basic.

I hope he ended up alright. We're pretty indestructible at that age, but that was one messed up hand.

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May 03, 2012
BAD idea
by: Francis

Very, very, oh so very bad idea.

I am sure I don't need to tell you now. I feel sorry about Oliver just by reading this.

This is about the most extreme thing I heard a 12 year old do as a dare...

But still - nice story! (If the results weren't so bad for the victim)

Jun 13, 2013
by: Oliver

Maybe i should do it again.

Jul 21, 2018
You all stupid
by: Anonymous

Oliver was stupid to do the dare everyone else was stupid for letting him do the dare. Everyone involded with this is a stupid, little bitchy, moron. Oliver is only stupid and a moron

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Truth or Dare Ends In Emergency Room Visit

(Photo from Jos Dielis)

Years ago, we were playing Truth or Dare, we were kids in our teens. The area that we usually played in was an undeveloped lot and very secluded and there were mound of dirt piled pretty high.

This day, a boy that I really liked, Johnny, was playing and I was extra nervous about it because I really, REALLY liked Johnny. I knew that if I selected the truth my friends were going to totally embarrass me ask me about him.

There was no way that I wanted him to know that I had a massive crush on him so I just knew that I'd have to take the dare. My friends were pretty creative back them but none of the dares would be as awful as this one.

Sure enough, it was my turn and I selected the dare. A few of my friends giggled and told me that they wanted me to jump from one pile of dirt to the other.

No problem. We were tomboys and that was easy. But I had to keep my hands behind my back. So I climbed up the first dirt mound, which was maybe 3 feet off the ground. It was a wide mound and was no problem.

The other mound was really, really close and I knew I could ace it. Well, I didn't. Somehow, with my hands behind my back, when I tried to jump to the other mound, I missed.

I ended up falling between the two mounds, with my hands still behind my back, right on my face. My nose was bleeding, my face was all puffy and I thought, for sure it was broken.

My friends rushed me to emergency, my parents were called and it was totally embarrassing. My nose was not broken thankfully but I was swollen for weeks. I would have been better of telling the truth!

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