The Funny Pickle Dare - A Short Story

by Christina
(Rushford, MN, USA)

(Photo from jessica mullen)

I was only twelve years old, and I was at my very first real sleepover. I had stayed overnight at friends’ houses before this, but this was an actual slumber party. All of my friends were there, all of us girls.

We played board games and watched movies all night long. My friend Stacy came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. I love this game, and always pick dare, I am a very daring person. My friend’s loved playing truth or dare with me because I always chose dare, and I always went through with my dare no matter what.

There was never a dare that I wouldn’t do. My dare, I had to put on my friends moms dress (which was extremely big on me), her red high heels, and put make up all over my face, and then walk next door and tell them that I was addicted to pickles and I needed one really bad! I looked ridiculous.

I had bright red lip stick on, and when they put it on me, they brought it out way farther than where my lips were. I did it! I walked myself right over there, rang the doorbell, and told them how badly I needed a pickle.

I said:

“Please can you give me a pickle, I am so addicted to them, and if I don’t have one right now, I just might die right here in front of your house!”

The neighbors laughed at me so hard, and they actually gave me three pickles.

After I was done, I told them it was just a dare, and they already knew. They said they won’t ever forget this story and that I had made their night! I will never forget this story as long as I live. I will tell my kids this story, and they will tell their kids this story!

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I was humiliated!

by Christian

I was twelve at the time when me (I'm a boy) and 4 other kids were playing truth or dare. We were playing in a clubhouse type place by the condos we lived next to.

It had a small movie theater in it.

One of my best friends dared me to take off all my clothes (except my boxers) and kiss one of the girls that I like.

She had to do the same.

We all hit puberty really early so she had her boobs and I was into girls' looks now.

Apparently, there was a sort of field trip from the daycare center next door filled with 5 and 6 year olds.

They were coming to watch a movie.

They came in with a teacher and we got into serious trouble with the security guards their.

Luckily, they didn't tell our parents.

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